Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wmpyr Classes

Hello this is Wmpyr,

I teach a hybrid form of martial arts with an emphasis on the Filipino martial arts of Eskrima/Kali/Arnis.

We will begin with developing good body mechanics. 
You will learn sticks, knives, improvised weapons, and empty hand. 
The purpose is for self-defense, but you will learn easy to remember exercises that you can take with you anywhere.   
Beginner friendly, for adults only.

For those of you near the Houston Texas area I offer private and semi private lessons.

I also offer Skype and Facebooktime video cam lessons for those that can't make it in person.

Payment is done in advance and then we will schedule a time for your lesson.
Thank you for your interest and support!

My rates:
Privates are $50 for 4 classes, 90 min each class.
Video cam lessons are $25 per class, 90 min each class.

Please make your payments to this link: 

Please email me before you pay so we can make sure my class is right for you.
my email:

Friday, December 22, 2017

Defenders of Space (1984) animated film review by Wmpyr

Defenders of Space stars Inferno, a firetruck/robot that is all too familiar to Transformers G1 fans.
The story has nothing to do with Transformers or even Diaclone since this is a Korean film that was probably made with copyright violations. 

The story begins with an alien army invading either Earth or an Earth like planet. 
The aliens send two giant super robots that wipe out cities and most of the human life.

The alien King has a sadistic daughter that is wanted for marriage by 2 competing generals.
This rivalry between the generals adds some moments.

In the mean time kids playing baseball on another planet are safe and clueless about what happened to Earth. They return home to see the devastation and they find a quirky robot running around the ruins. The robot takes them to his maker, a scientist hiding underground.
They also meet with the last remaining survivors that are hiding in the ruins and fighting back as a resistance force. 
The 2 main kids a boy and a girl leave the planet and go to another one where they find the legendary Phoenix Mt. and uncover the robot called the Phoenix King which is Transformers G1 Inferno. 
Inferno takes out the 2 evil robots and defeats the alien army, pretty much that's the end of the story.

Simple story but it feels pretty short, they dragged it out with very long scenes that had nothing to do with the story, just showing landscape of the Phoenix Mt. area and the Phoenix King just flying around in all it's glory.  

I found this film to be nostalgic because of the old anime style and the robot designs. It's quite fascinating to see Inferno as the leading robot. 
I enjoyed this film the way you would enjoy a low budget film or one of those so bad it's good films. 

I have 3 DVDs that are Korean imitations of the Japanese Super Robo style anime films. 
1. Defenders of Space
2. Space Transformers
3. Protectors of Universe

I got them for $1 each at either Walmart and or Walgreens like 7 years ago. 
These DVDs came in a cardboard sleeve rather than the typical plastic DVD case.