Monday, July 21, 2014

V/H/S 1 and 2

V/H/S (2012) and V/H/S/2 (2013)
film reviews by Wmpyr

So I recently got to see V/H/S 1 and 2. I really wish I could see part 3, so yeah I have enjoyed these films over all. Do I think they are as good as The Phantasm series, no, but I still enjoyed them anyhow, I think they have the potential to be really awesome, but the problem is that they are filmed poorly, and that's not because the director or cinematographer didn't know what they were doing, it's the pseudo mockumentary style made famous by Blair Witch, to make things look more realistic, 99% of the time, all that does for me is give me a movie with crappy filming. Part 1 was better than part 2 simply because of the stories, I enjoyed the stories in part 1 more than the ones in part 2. I really like how these films are done anthology style.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Incident Talk

Incident talk by Wmpyr

I had a rough day today. I wasn't being as alert as I could have been, and I almost hit a person while backing out of the grocery store today. So this guy responds by hitting my car, in a "Hey asshole watch it!" kind of way. I got furious, I almost jumped out of the car and beat the snot out of him in front of his girlfriend. Luckily I didn't. There's a lot of lessons to be learned here. First of all I admit that I made a mistake by not being more cautious, but why does this guy have to respond like that? Does it have to be like NYC? Why can't we respond and communicate like adults. What if this guy banged on the car of a 300 pound felon, biker, or gang member? Would he have done it if he had known that a deadly psychotic mofo was in the car? The bottom line is, you never know who your dealing with, so you shouldn't act like him. Another thing is that part of the reason why this happened was because he decided to hold his ground, and walk right behind my vehicle because he had the right of way. Legally this maybe the case, but one of the problems today is that people think that if they are "right", then that is good enough. And the truth is, it isn't. If you drive around in your daily life, going to work, grocery, etc, and all you do is follow the law that may not be good enough. You have to go the extra mile and anticipate and avoid danger too. Having the attitude of being so self-righteous, where your like, I'm right your wrong, means nothing, because at the end of the day if you get into an accident even if they are at the wrong, you still lose. If you get your face caved in, even if your right, you still lose. Violence is scary and doesn't care if your right or wrong. The lesson that I learned for myself was that of course I need to be more careful, distractions are the worst things by the way, and that I need to not get so heated up, I don't need this drama in my life and I was acting so dramatical by getting so pissed. Who am I? The problem is that in my mind I am a martial arts badass who can whip most of the population, and I'm such a nice guy that when I think I'm being violated I want to come down on you like I'm the law, I want to be your judge, jury, and executioner, and in my mind I'm doing a good thing. In reality, the truly strong warrior is strong so that he/she can take things that normal people can't. Verbal or even physical. If someone slapped me right now I would say it's on like Donkey Kong. But if you really think about it, did it hurt me? Was my life threatened? Is my family safe? Those are the things that are really important. So this I vow, I will end the drama in my life, and stop getting so angry so quickly. At the end of the day, I'm lucky to be alive, and I have the choice to focus on the positives in my life and be happy or choose not to let a little rudeness go, and potentially risk going to prison for beating up an idiot. Wise words from MMA legend Mirko Crocop, "If you decide to argue with a fool, people can't tell who is the fool".

Friday, July 18, 2014


2012 film review by Wmpyr

This is a very solid entry into the world horror films. I think overall the director did a great job and I can't complain about the actors, I think they are going to see some of these people in more films, bigger films in the future. There are some unique ideas here and I am glad that it also has a supernatural element to the story. The clown steals the show, I wish that some of the death scenes were more creative especially since we have a clown here! The human marionette was a nice homage to Killer Klowns From Outerspace. But the umbrella to the head and eye popping out wasn't impressive to me. I do like the clown nose that seeks out the victims. Much better than I was expecting, just like the film Storage 24, UK horror is really impressing me.


2009 film review by Wmpyr

I think it's obvious this is going to be a campy film, and it totally is, the type of comedy horror films that Full Moon Entertainment makes, however, let me just say that the budget does feel very low. It feels like a movie made by horror film fans rather than a new comer director. Now I sincerely hope that they get to make more films and improve as they go if that is what their goal is. If you can get around the low budget, then this film definitely has potential. I think it's pretty unique and funny, not as good as Jack Frost but I think Jack Frost is at the top for those kinds of films. I do recommend it, but keep your expectations way low, lower than most "it's so bad it's good films" even though this is totally in that category.


Scary or Die
The Theatre Bizarre
film reviews by Wmpyr

I saw a video review on Youtube about V/H/S, and the reviewers said that it wasn't all that it was hyped up to be. After that I wanted to see it and judge for myself. It has a good reputation, they even made two more, so it had to have been moderately successful at the least on some levels. I'm pretty sure I had seen some of it before and I just turned it off, so I was reluctant to watch it. Instead I watched Scary or Die, and then I watched The Theatre Bizarre, after enjoying both of those films I decided to give V/H/S a try. I have to say that I enjoyed all three films, one thing they have in common is that each film is comprised of multiple short stories like Heavy Metal The Movie. Probably what some reviewers completely miss the point, is that the great thing about these kinds of films, is that they give lesser known directors a chance to shine. That should be the most important aspect of these films. Out of the three films I felt that Scary or Die was the weakest, it's really just personal taste at this point. While the clown story in Scary or Die gets the cover treatment, it was only okay of a film for me, mainly because of the story although I did like the evil clown vs evil clown fight near the end. I felt like the stories in Theatre Bizarre were more creative and definitely the overall film feels the most artsy of the 3, with a european vibe, which can turn off some people who don't like artsy fartsy. I think Theatre Bizarre is the best of the 3, V/H/S did a great job and is a close second with some stand out stories and scenes that surpass Theatre Bizarre, but the reality cam corder type filming is too much of a negative for me. At the end of the day I know this is not real, and it does not make the film any scarier, all it does is create crappy footage, which is not very appealing to me, I want to see something visually interesting not visually annoying. However I am very much looking forward to seeing V/H/S 2 & 3.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil

2014 film review by Wmpyr

I saw this film in the movie theatre, which is something I normally don't like to do, because the last time I went to a movie theatre, my experience was ruined because of the young kids. I went to go see Insidious 2, and all the kids being overly scared or the two morons who sat next to me trying to act tough completely ruined it for me. And there's always that one idiot that likes to yell out and try to scare people during a suspenseful scene. This time fortunately I didn't encounter any of that nonsense, however there were still some young jerks that kept their brightly lit cellphones from time to time throughout the feature. I think that watching this film in the theatre definitely made it scarier. Visually it's not an impressive movie, it's suppose to look ugly, grainy, and dark, give you that very street feel, it captures the crime infested poverty areas of Brooklyn well in my opinion. Even though the film was scary, two things really made it less scary for me, the heavy emphasis on religion, and second was just Eric Bana being a badass actor. They could have toned down the religious aspect and basically you have some maniac cult followers that the cops have to put away. In a way it reminded me a little bit of the the hit TV show with Kevin Bacon, The Following. I thought all the actors in this film were good, Eric Bana is superb, but so is Sean Harris with the help of makeup and some cinema magic. I watched an interview with Eric Bana on this film, and some interviews with Ralph Sarchie the real life person that Eric Bana plays. It's definitely fascinating, even though science maybe the leading school of thought today, religion throughout the history of mankind not only existed, it served many purposes, and it functioned to who knows what extent. It's fascinating to think that there can be some of that left today, whether for good or evil, a few people who have devoted themselves to the craft are able to use religious beliefs to affect their reality and the reality of others.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Japanese Lessons by Wmpyr

Study sheet by Wmpyr

PART 1: sentence pattern (Noun and Adjective)

Watashi wa Erubisu desu.
I am Elvis.

Anata wa Maikeru-san desu.
You are Michael.

Kuruma wa takai desu.
The car is expensive.

Hon wa omoshiroi desu.
The book is entertaining/interesting.

Toshokan wa tooi desu.
The library is far.

Doresu wa midori desu.
The dress is green.

PART 2: sentence pattern (negative)

Anata wa Arisu-san de wa arimasen.
You are not Alice.

Beruto wa kuro de wa arimasen.
The belt is not black.

Tori wa Taka de wa arimasen.
The bird is not a hawk.

PART 3: sentence pattern (desuka? for a question)

Watashi wa kirei desuka?
Am I beautiful?

Nomimono wa oishii desuka?
Is the drink yummy?

Hoteru wa chikai desuka?
Is the hotel near?

Umi wa kirei desuka?
Is the ocean beautiful?

Yama wa abunai desuka?
Is the mountain dangerous?

PART 4: Third sentence pattern (possessive)

Watashi no hon wa kitanai desu.
My book is dirty

Kare no uchi wa ooki desu.
His house is big

Kanojo no kubi wa nagai desu.
Her neck is long.

PART 5: sentence pattern (possessive question)

Imoto no kutsu wa aka desuka?
Is the younger sister's shoe red?

Kanada no ryori wa oishii desuka?
Is Canadian cuisine yummy?

Natsu no eiga wa akushyon desuka?
Are summer movies action?

PART 6: sentence pattern (descriptive)

Aoi umi desu.
It's a blue ocean.

Samui yoru desu.
It's a cold night.

Amai tabemono desu.
It's a sweet food.

PART 7: sentence pattern (possessive combo)

Watashi no namae wa Erubisu desu.
My name is Elvis.

Anata no hana wa ao desu.
Your flower is blue.

Indo no ryori wa karai desu.
India's cuisine is spicey.

PART 8: sentence pattern (possessive description combo)

Indo no ryori wa karai tabemono desu.
India's cuisine is spicey food.

Watashi no kuruma wa hayai norimono desu.
My car is a fast ride.

Kare no osaifu wa furui osaifu desu.
His wallet is an old wallet.

Watashi no neko wa kawaii petto desu.
My cat is a cute pet.

Kanojo no uta wa urusai oto desu.
Her song is a loud sound.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Solarbabies film review

1986 film review by Wmpyr

I'm a big fan of the film The Lost Boys, so it was nice to see Jason Patric who was Michael the older brother and Jami Gertz who was Star reprise the leading guy and leading girl in this film. This film is interesting because it's post apocalyptic dystopian future, but it's not ultra violent like most films in the post apocalyptic future genre. It also combines a teen type film which is kind of unusual once again for this kind of genre. We have high speed roller skating which seems to be very predominant amongst the older and younger kids. It starts off with a roller ball type game between two "teen gangs" but then when a little boy finds a magical glowing sphere it seems like it's going to turn into a Disney film, but it actually gets better as you keep watching it, especially once they leave the penetentiary like orphanage. You really get to see the post apocalyptic world they live in. Definitely a movie for children but it's well done. Quite underrated in my opinion.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Coffin World Lego horror comic book by Wmpyr

Comic book series by Wmpyr

Coffin World 1: Casket Queen

Coffin World 2: Coffin Metal

Coffin World 3: Casket Lord

Coffin World is a comic book horror story told with Lego and other building block toys.
I used accessory pieces from:
After I recently purchased 32 Full Moon Entertainment movies and watched them all, I was inspired to write my own horror story.
The first story introduces the reader to coffin world which is an alternate realm that a person can enter by sleeping in the coffin. This realm is inhabited by many monsters but ruled by a vampire ghost named Priestess Basori.

I wanted to make the second story wilder, so I introduced a bunch of new characters including a paranormal investigator duo lead by the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsey, and a death metal band whose odd interests lead them to the supernatural coffin.

The third story briefly goes into an origins tale covering what exactly the coffin is for, and then we have the Nazi using the coffin for ghastly experiments.
I had a blast making these, I hope to make more in the near future, so stay tuned!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Space Adventure Cobra film review

1982 film review by Wmpyr

I'm an 80s kid, and when I was living in Japan, I was heavily into manga back then. My uncle and grandpa got me a manga one day and it was none other than Cobra! It was a little bit too mature for me back then, but my dad instantly took a liking to it, and soon after I was into it too. We had the entire 18 issues and I remember reading it over and over because it was that good. I finally just now got to see the movie on Hulu. This was great for me because I finally got to see this film which I thought would never happen. I really enjoyed the film, and all the nostalgic memories that it brought back. Do I think that the film captures the essence of the manga? It's hard to say because the manga consisted of many many memorable great stories. This movie is just one story, and it focuses heavily on romance. And that's a touchy subject for Cobra since he is very much like a James Bond type character, always single, every time you see him, there is a different gorgeous woman in his arms. So in some ways this is the "Her Majesty's Secret Service" of Cobra, so I don't think it truly captures the feel of what Cobra is about. Cobra in a nutshell is James Bond in outer space, he is actually like the Roger Moore style 007 because he is a silly fun loving guy but action is his middle name, he is a space pirate, wanted by the Pirate Guild which is a very powerful mafia type organization. Cobra travels space in his ship named the Turtle, with his trusty female android named Lady. His nemesis is a high ranking Pirate Guild member named Crystal Boy. Cobra is very much like 007 because he has so many gadgets, his lighter is actually like the lighter from the film In Like Flint, but he also has cigars and boots with hidden functions. In the space age of laser guns, his trusty weapon is a 44 Python revolver a la Dirty Harry, and his left arm which is a cybernetic shell that hides a Psycho-Gun, a powerful blaster that is triggered by his mind and blasts psychic energy. There were so many great sci-fi action adventure stories in the manga that were inspired by many famous films. I'm a big fan of the manga so it was great to finally get to see this film, and I really liked that they changed the story from the original which I believe was the Salamander Fuhrer story. Even though I find the film by itself lacking, because I'm a huge fan of the manga and I've read the manga many times, I have to say that this film ROCKS!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014


My Top 10 Full Moon Horror Films (that I own)
by Wmpyr

I have 44 films by Full Moon Entertainment.


Many people really like Puppet Master 4&5 (they go together), or Puppet Master 2, or even Puppet Master 3. Personally I like the first Puppet Master the best. The original Puppet Master is just something the likes I have never seen before and I still think it holds up great. Subspecies to me is great even if your not a Full Moon Entertainment fan, just as long as you like vampire films. It's a solid vampire film shot on location with an interesting story. The later Subspecies films are still enjoyable and I'm glad they made them, but they do feel more like a forced continuation, and while they need part 1, I don't think part 1 needs the rest if that even makes sense. Netherworld is a great surprise, shot in the beautiful Louisiana backdrop, with voodoo, and supernatural mystery, it's a great story and one I remember watching back in the 90s. Head of the Family is a strange movie, but Charles Band has done a similar kind of plot a few times such as Blood Dolls, and like Blood Dolls, Head of the Family definitely has a weird charm to it. Dollman VS The Demonic Toys is my favorite out of Dollman, Demonic Toys, Demonic Toys 2, and Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys. The first Dollman was good but at the end of the day he was facing a barrio gang, and that just felt a little out of place. Dollman fits perfectly against the Demonic Toys and it's a really good match up in my opinion. I really liked Killjoy 4 but I don't own it yet, so I couldn't include it in this list, but the entire Killjoy line has been very enjoyable for me. Each Killjoy film brought something unique and entertaining to me, especially since Killjoy 1, 2, and 3 are so different from each other. Doll Graveyard was a nice film that had elements of Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, and even Shrunken Heads in a sense that a kid has to face older bullies. Dangerous Worry Dolls is a bit extreme for me, but then again what do you expect from a film that takes place at a women's penitentiary? So I had to go with Decadent Evil II instead. Honorable mentions go to the Evil Bong series, including Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong, but I do not own that one.

How to NukoTools

How to Nuko Tools
by Wmpyr

Norman from NukoTools makes a plethora of nifty self-defense tools such as the NukoHead, Punchring, Tactical Butter Knife, and ACDT(Atomic Cranial Divot Tool).

These tools are compact and easy to carry. They are designed to go on your keychain so that every time you go out, you automatically arm yourself without having to remember to do so. Since they are on your keys, you can have them already in your hand without arousing suspicion. Compare that to some other self-defense tool that maybe stuck at the bottom of your rucksack or purse.

I am not against carrying more than one self-defense tool, so I won't say don't get pepper spray, or don't get a stun gun, but the ease of carrying these compact NukoTools combined with their quick accessibility make them a very good worthwhile choice.

A silly criticism I have heard: Those tools don't have stopping power, therefore striking the assailant with it will only make them mad. While it maybe true that many of the NukoTools do not have the stopping power of a Bowie knife, it is unwise to deem it useless. That would be like trying to win a boxing match without the use of a jab. The game of Chess teaches that if you know how to use the pawns well, then they can help you win.

A question I often get: Can one punch full power without hurting their hand with that thing? The answer is no, you will hurt your hand. However, before you feel let down, please keep in mind these facts, Boxers, Muay Thai fighters, and MMA competitors all wear soft padded gloves to protect their hands, but they still break their hands! If you want something to help you hit as hard as you can and not break your hand you need extensive wrist support, padded knuckle protection, and bone structure support. It would probably look like a medieval gauntlet mixed with the Tempur-Pedic mattress.

I like to use NukoTools in a completely different way. The best example I can give you is an icepick. Sure you can break a block of melted ice with a sledgehammer but what if your too weak to use that? An icepick allows you to chip away at an incredibly hard surface causing more and more damage, even a weaker person can do this. NukoTools is designed for the weaker person to chip away at the assailant to create that opening to runaway. All said and done at the end of the day I would rather use a NukoTool than my hand any day.

Using NukoTools is very instinctive, it doesn't take a martial arts expert to know how to use it. However just like anything worth it in the real world, it does take practice to become better at it. There are many people who practice the art of punching. Within those people only some practice bare-knuckle boxing. Those who practice bare-knuckle boxing, learn how to punch without breaking their hand. Those who only practice punching with gloves, may hit harder, but they are always at a much higher risk of breaking their hand. So the moral of the tale here is to practice hitting things with your NukoTools, you will only be doing yourself a service. Start light, and slowly build up intensity while you technically try to figure out the proper feel for protecting your hand as you strike.

Since the NukoTools go on your keychain, please don't forget that you can use your keys along with the NukoTools. You can always grab onto the NukoTool and use your keys as a flail aiming for the eyes. The keys can also add spikes to your NukoTool depending on how you grab it.

For those of you tactical knife fans out there, if you attach your Nuko Punchring or NukoHead to your knife via lanyard hole, you get an improvised Karambit. This is much better than putting a keyring on your knife, because the ring is in the correct position and like many tactical Karambits you still retain striking ability for the finger hole. The Nuko improvised Karambit also has the benefit of deploying very well because you can have easy access to the knife by pulling on the NukoTool dangling outside in front of your pocket. It also flips incredibly well because of the nunchaku like "joint" between the NukoTool and your knife.

On so many levels I recommend NukoTools. It's an easy addition to your EDC(Everyday Carry), it's a little peace of mind, it's always there without constantly thinking about self-defense, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I feel it encourages a person to train martial arts if they want to make the most out of it, and it's also a nice way to tone down if you are over armed, you don't want to be walking everywhere with a large combat knife and a 44 magnum if you get my drift.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


How many favorite Frankenstein movies have you seen?
by Wmpyr

I can't think of many Frankenstein films I've seen.

Son of Frankenstein (1939) 5/5 stars

Young Frankenstein (1974) 5/5 stars

The Bride (1985) 5/5 stars

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein (1994) 5/5 stars

I, Frankenstein (2014) 4/5 stars

Frankenhooker (1990) 3/5 stars

Frankenstein's Army (2013) 2/5 stars

The Frankenstein Theory (2013) 1/5 stars