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How to NukoTools

How to Nuko Tools
by Wmpyr

Norman from NukoTools makes a plethora of nifty self-defense tools such as the NukoHead, Punchring, Tactical Butter Knife, and ACDT(Atomic Cranial Divot Tool).

These tools are compact and easy to carry. They are designed to go on your keychain so that every time you go out, you automatically arm yourself without having to remember to do so. Since they are on your keys, you can have them already in your hand without arousing suspicion. Compare that to some other self-defense tool that maybe stuck at the bottom of your rucksack or purse.

I am not against carrying more than one self-defense tool, so I won't say don't get pepper spray, or don't get a stun gun, but the ease of carrying these compact NukoTools combined with their quick accessibility make them a very good worthwhile choice.

A silly criticism I have heard: Those tools don't have stopping power, therefore striking the assailant with it will only make them mad. While it maybe true that many of the NukoTools do not have the stopping power of a Bowie knife, it is unwise to deem it useless. That would be like trying to win a boxing match without the use of a jab. The game of Chess teaches that if you know how to use the pawns well, then they can help you win.

A question I often get: Can one punch full power without hurting their hand with that thing? The answer is no, you will hurt your hand. However, before you feel let down, please keep in mind these facts, Boxers, Muay Thai fighters, and MMA competitors all wear soft padded gloves to protect their hands, but they still break their hands! If you want something to help you hit as hard as you can and not break your hand you need extensive wrist support, padded knuckle protection, and bone structure support. It would probably look like a medieval gauntlet mixed with the Tempur-Pedic mattress.

I like to use NukoTools in a completely different way. The best example I can give you is an icepick. Sure you can break a block of melted ice with a sledgehammer but what if your too weak to use that? An icepick allows you to chip away at an incredibly hard surface causing more and more damage, even a weaker person can do this. NukoTools is designed for the weaker person to chip away at the assailant to create that opening to runaway. All said and done at the end of the day I would rather use a NukoTool than my hand any day.

Using NukoTools is very instinctive, it doesn't take a martial arts expert to know how to use it. However just like anything worth it in the real world, it does take practice to become better at it. There are many people who practice the art of punching. Within those people only some practice bare-knuckle boxing. Those who practice bare-knuckle boxing, learn how to punch without breaking their hand. Those who only practice punching with gloves, may hit harder, but they are always at a much higher risk of breaking their hand. So the moral of the tale here is to practice hitting things with your NukoTools, you will only be doing yourself a service. Start light, and slowly build up intensity while you technically try to figure out the proper feel for protecting your hand as you strike.

Since the NukoTools go on your keychain, please don't forget that you can use your keys along with the NukoTools. You can always grab onto the NukoTool and use your keys as a flail aiming for the eyes. The keys can also add spikes to your NukoTool depending on how you grab it.

For those of you tactical knife fans out there, if you attach your Nuko Punchring or NukoHead to your knife via lanyard hole, you get an improvised Karambit. This is much better than putting a keyring on your knife, because the ring is in the correct position and like many tactical Karambits you still retain striking ability for the finger hole. The Nuko improvised Karambit also has the benefit of deploying very well because you can have easy access to the knife by pulling on the NukoTool dangling outside in front of your pocket. It also flips incredibly well because of the nunchaku like "joint" between the NukoTool and your knife.

On so many levels I recommend NukoTools. It's an easy addition to your EDC(Everyday Carry), it's a little peace of mind, it's always there without constantly thinking about self-defense, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I feel it encourages a person to train martial arts if they want to make the most out of it, and it's also a nice way to tone down if you are over armed, you don't want to be walking everywhere with a large combat knife and a 44 magnum if you get my drift.

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