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"Talon for the Streets"

by Wmpyr
Copyright 2011

Super unique multi tactic combiner knife.

Designed by a martial artist for self-defense.

Sleek modern design.

Extra aggressive Double-blade mode.

Pistol Bayonet shape.

Good for charging attacks.

A defensive "Weapon Catcher" mode.

Metal fan, there are many other possibilities!

Reverse grip AKA Ice pick grip

Compact, easy concealment.

Devil horns using a common hose clamp.

Techno Modern design

Roughly 6 inches in length.
Featuring a Tanto style blade, pistol-esque profile, finger guard, blade catcher, and multiple lanyard holes.

Wielding double weapons is common in the Filipino martial arts. So I designed a knife that is extra beneficial with two or more.

Thank you for your interest and support!


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Team K4S

Wmpyr has been traveling all over Texas!
Harlingen, Austin, Dallas, Denton, Krum, Houston, Tomball, San Antonio, San Marcos, Katy, where to next?

Ray and Spencer
with Mallory and Katy
Cade "ICBM" and Alex "The Pit Viper"
with Randy, Chad, and Josh

Wmpyr tee by Youtuber Eltofo24 from France
Wmpyr logo illustration by Youtuber Unicron24
Wmpyr 1000 Youtube videos from graphic artist Shrimpgoldfish
Custom Bottle Opener Karambit Willy's Knives
Prototype Friction Folder Karambit from Doberman Knives

All the wonderful Wmpyr logo entries for the Wmpyr Spooky Bladeops Contest held on Youtube. Huge thanks to Bladeops for providing the deluxe prizes, 1st place prize:Fenix E20 LED Tactical Flashlight and Spyderco Ladybug, 2nd place prize: SOG Trident Bladeops exclusive handle, 3rd place prize: Kershaw Tremor
Greatbear1982(1st Place Prize Winner)
Primalpunch(3rd Place Prize Winner)
Survivalkraft(2nd Place Prize Winner)

Also a big THANK YOU to a very talented martial artist and musician Ben Fox, who composed the Wmpyr Theme music!

Click here to find out more about K4S!

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Special Discount


$35 for partner you bring into class.

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Halloween is on the way!

What a perfect time to review this deluxe set!
For the "Four Horsemen" game scroll down lower to the blood-red fonts!

The cards are nice quality, they come with a really nice glow-in-the-dark case, I find that really cool because I just like things that illuminate in the dark for some reason!
I know when I was a kid I would end up damaging and even losing the cards, so it's really thoughtful of them to include a case.
There is a variation where the actual cards have some glow-in-the-dark on them, mine is just the case, which to me is just as cool but in a different way.
The art work is good, looks almost like a painting. And there are 6 different stats displayed so you can compare the cards to each other. There is even a short description which is some quick but sweet reading material that can instantly put you in the mood for horror.


There are 30 cards, all of them are familiar characters from horror films and stories.
With these cards you can play a game of "War" with a tiny little twist thanks to the stats.
On their turn, a player calls out the stat of their choice before everyone reveals their card and the card with the higher number wins, taking the loser's cards. Calling out the stats give it slightly more variation and thinking involved.
Even with the modification, it's still an overly simple game geared more towards children.

The TOP TRUMPS cards were highly popular in the UK back in the day, with many types of various subject matters such as sports, super heroes, military jets, warships, super cars, wild life, Dr. Who, and tons more!

This is exactly the kind of toy that brings me back to nostalgia lane, because I could see myself as a kid just marveling at the art work and reading the descriptions over and over, comparing stats, memorizing the cards during a road trip. Kid's today just play their portable video games and probably would have a hard time understanding the splendor of this kind of item!

The Four Horsemen is a variation on the normal rules and it is a little bit more complex and allows for some more strategy.

The game has been play tested with 2 players only. It seems like it would be fine with 3 or 4.

Object of the game: Player with the highest sum of "Horror Hall of Fame" points wins.

First shuffle the deck really good.
Next, pass out 4 cards to each player. Players should not show their cards to other players.
Then players will take out 1 card from their hand and place in the middle to do TOPS TRUMPS HORROR style game of war. Round 1 is "Fear Factor". The rounds will go in order of the stats until they get to "Black Magic" which is the last round. You may make "Horror Hall of Fame" as your last round for a total of 6 rounds. If you want a longer game you can keep playing and start over again from "Fear Factor".
At the end simply add up the "Horror Hall of Fame" points in your hand and the player with the highest points wins. By going down the stats in order for each round, it makes the game play more predictable and less random. This allows for a more strategic play.

The winner of each round gets playing card from the other players, and trade with all the cards they won that round until they end up with four in their hand. Toss the rest under the pile.
At the start of each round players must always have 4 cards.
Players who lost their card will draw a new card from the deck.

Each player before the game, calls out a "Ten Card" which is usually their favorite card. During the game if you actually get your own "ten card", then only to you, that card is worth 10 Horror Hall of Fame points.

The cover card of the deck, can be used for the game. If you get the cover card, and you put it down during the war battle phase, then all the cards are returned to each player, and you chose a player from which you want to take a card of your choice from, you must discard the cover card to the bottom of the deck.

The advertisement card can also be used for the game as a wild card. If you get the advertisement card, then it simply doubles as a card already in your deck when counting up the Horror Hall of Fame points at the end of the game. You can also use the wild card for war.



Crazy Priest
Demon Doll
Dr. Jekyll
El Diablo
Frankenstein's Monster
Grim Reaper

Killer Clown
Mad Axman
Mad Magician
Phantom of the Opera
Skeleton Soldier
Sweeney Todd

The Alien
The Headless Horseman
The Mummy
The Robot
The Thing Under The Bed
The Yeti
Wicked Witch
Witch Doctor

My 5 top favorite
5. Demon Doll
4. Killer Clown
3. The Alien
2. The Robot
1. Dracula

Not Included in mine
STT Loch Ness Monster (Glow-in-the-dark)

Cards not found in my set from the Glow-in-the-dark cards set.
Dracula's Slave
King Kong
Mad Butcher
Stone Age Ma
Swamp Creature
The Flaming Man

Cards I would have liked to seen
Dorian Gray
Dracula Bat Form
Dracula Myst Form
Dracula Wolf Form
Dracula's Daughter
Elizabeth Bathory
Evil Doll
Grendel's Mother
Grey Alien
Kyonshee (Chinese Vampire)
Masked Butcher (Jason Vorhees)
Spring-heeled Jack
The Black Knight
The Bride
Wolf Woman

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From my personal collection of NINJA magazines, Robert Bussey interview. Back when I was in college, I had a friend from Indonesia taking an Aikido class with me. He use to live in Nebraska, and he trained under Robert Bussey for one year. His ninjutsu background made it easier for him to learn Aikido. He showed me some RBWI moves and an instructional video tape starring Robert Bussey, which we enjoyed immensely. Ah the sweet memories!

NINJA magazine #19 March 1987

By Keith Jones

"Accomplished, versatile, provacative." "Dynamic!" "One of the greatest warrior technicians of our day." "I've never seen faster hands." "The man is simply awesome. He's got some of the best techniques I've ever seen." "His kicks are great. Great flexibility and extension. And speed. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of them." "He's bad, man. I mean, he's just baaaad!"
These and many other quotes just like them have been used time and again by those fortunate enough to have seen Robert Bussey work out, either in his dojos (one in Fremont, the other in Omaha Nebraska) or at one of the seminars he infrequently attends outside his own. He may be called "bad" by some, but it's said with affection and respect rather than derision. He is a hard-working, hard-training, God-loving man of the '80s who quietly and independently goes his own way. Because of his independence he often sparks controversy, but he eludes that issue as deftly as he demonstrates his taijutsu: with supreme confidence and exceptional ability. And as each of his endeavors succeed and more people become aware of him, more people seem to follow him.
NINJA: How did you first get involved in the martial arts and how old were you?
BUSSEY: I got started with five of my older brothers and sisters when I was about eleven years old. It was always something that I wanted to do as a child. In fact, my parents enrolled me because I got picked on quite a bit.
NINJA: You got picked on? Who picked fights with you?
BUSSEY: Class bullies. You know - bigger kids. Actually, I was a pretty small child for my age.
NINJA: Did you finally gain confidence in your abilities to defend yourself?
BUSSEY: Oh yes. In fact, nobody bothered me again all though grade school and high school except on a few isolated occasions.
NINJA: Could you detail for us what one or two of those occasions were and how you dealt with them?
BUSSEY: Gosh. I don't want to sound proud of the fact that I got into some fights. But when I look back on them now, I am happy to say that I always acted in self defense. I never once encouraged a fight with a dirty look or a smart remark like many people who look to prove something to themselves. I never had to prove anything to myself in that respect. My friend and I were once attacked in a railroad yard by four large individuals. When they attempted to me, I kicked one of them in the face - lifting him up off his feet and down onto the ground. I knocked the other three silly with a 2x6 board that was lying on the ground next to me. The whole thing was over in a matter of seconds.
NINJA: Can you tell us of any other instances when you used your martial arts as a youngster?
BUSSEY: In high school I had a reputation as a martial artist because I was teaching and giving demonstrations at that time. Most of the people in my home town respected me and didn't give me any problems. However, on one occasion, I was at a carnival in a near by town and was challenged by a huge football player/street fighter who had heard a rumor from someone that I was the toughest guy on the planet. He and nine of his buddies tracked me down and tried to encourage me to fight. I told him that I was not going to fight - that I hated fighting - and that I wasn't tough. I turned around and just walked away. Frightened that they might follow me, I decided to leave the carnival. The ten guys tracked me down before I could get to my car and surrounded me. When they moved in to beat me up, I tore into the big guy with a series of moves that left him looking like a mess. I guess it scared the others because they all took off running. Shortly thereafter, a few of them came back to carry the guy off to the hospital. I felt terrible about the whole thing. Later, the guy told me that he was sorry, that it was all his fault.
NINJA: You mentioned that you were teaching martial arts during your high school years. How old were you when you began instructing people?
BUSSEY: Let's see. I actually began teaching when I was fourteen but it wasn't until I was fifteen that my partner and I opened our first commercial storefront academy. Before that I worked at a gas station in order to save up enough money to help cover the initial costs of the business.
NINJA: Fifteen... That sounds pretty young. How old was your partner?
BUSSEY: He was about twenty-four I guess. I instructed all the adult men and he taught all the women and kids. James Rosenback is now the President of my Fremont Corporation. We're still together after all these years.
NINJA: Did you ever meet any resistance from any of the adult men because of your age?
BUSSEY: Believe it or not, many of my students thought I was older than my partner for some reason. But there were quite a few times that I had to put my skills and reputation on the line to defend my position as the owner and chief instructor. One time a student attempted to beat me up during a class. It was a ten-on-one sparring match against me - just having fun - taking it light and easy with very light contact. This one guy kept losing his temper and getting frustrated. Four or five times other students told him to calm down and relax or he was going to get hurt. I even stopped the match and told him to cool down. He had a real problem with my age and all that. Anyway, a little later in the match he spazzed out and went crazy on me. He jumped in, grabbed me, threw me down on the floor and started to punch my face in. Before the students could stop him, I struck him in the head and popped his eyeball partially out of its socket. My partner put it back in his head; and that student forever respected my skills and age. In fact, he studied with me for many years and became a black belt instructor.
NINJA: Tell us about your martial arts background.
BUSSEY: Well, I started out in Korean tae kwon do and studied under quite a few different people. I attained a third degree black belt in that art before I gave it up for ninjutsu. I trained here in the States and also in Korea.
NINJA: Besides ninjutsu, I understand that you also hold various degrees of black in hapkido and mookido as well as experience in other forms of the martial arts. Is that true?
NINJA: When did you begin ninjutsu training and why?
BUSSEY: When I was seventeen I met a Japanese foreign exchange student who invited me to come to Japan and live in his home as a guest. At that time I had seen a lot of politics in the martial arts circles, and I felt very limited. I had read as much as I could on ninjutsu, and had made up my mind to go after it. So, I saved my money from teaching and took off for Japan to find Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi when I was eighteen years old. Although my foreign exchange friend knew nothing about ninjutsu at that time, he helped me find Dr. Hatsumi, and translated during our conversation. I spent the next two months training under Toshiro Nagato, one of Hatsumi Sensei's top people. My friend was so impressed that he began training and eventually became a nidan in the art. During my first trip I practiced thirteen solid hours per day, trying to take in as much as I possibly could in a short time. At first the training was difficult because I couldn't loosen up. I tried to force all my my techniques, snapping every movement. But after long hours of training - and a real desire to learn - I was able to grasp the feeling and essence of ninjutsu.
NINJA: How many trips have you made to Japan since your first visit?
BUSSEY: I have traveled to Japan five times in the past six years. My last visit was in July of '85. I was chosen to be a personal student of Dr. Hatsumi, and I trained with him and many of his high level students. It was very interesting. I took one of my top students, Daniel Clark, with me.
NINJA: What was it like working with Dr. Hatsumi again?
BUSSEY: It was fun. He is an unusual person. We were able to spend quite a bit of time together talking about various issues and concepts of fighting. He was also very open to what I had to say about the Lord. At the end of the trip he promoted me again, which was encouraging - not in a sense of attaining rank or piece of paper, but in a sense of mutual respect for each other.
NINJA: In the past several years there has been much controversy surrounding the differences between you and other ninjutsu instructors in this country. Would you care to shed some light on this issue?
BUSSEY: Well, actually, I am not associated with anyone except myself and my people. I do not believe that any one man has a monopoly on ninjutsu in this country. It is up to the consumer to carefully choose the best instructor and dojo for them. There are all kinds of phony as well as legitimate ninja teachers out there; many of them don't have any real skill, and only play the game of being a ninja or warrior. I speak for my abilities and the abilities of my students. I cannot play pattycake with my taijutsu skills. It has to be real for me - and that's the way I train and teach.
NINJA: Tell us about your academies?
BUSSEY: This year marks our ten-year anniversary. The Lord has really blessed us in the past decade. The Omaha dojo has been a dream of mine for many, many years. We've got almost ten thousand and square feet of room, complete with Nautilus, saunas, whirlpool, traditional training equipment - the whole nine yards. It has fourteen-foot high mirrors that run the entire length of the dojo. It's beautiful. Ninjutsu is practiced six days a week - Monday through Saturday. We've got a lot of strong students. Guys come and train there from all over the country.
NINJA: Are most of your students from the Nebraska area?
BUSSEY: Yes. A majority of them are from the Omaha area. We have women and men from all different trades and backgrounds. For instance, we've got high school students, police officers, doctors, factory workers, military personel, children and so on. It's exciting.
NINJA: As a Christian, what are your views and beliefs toward the Eastern mystical aspects of the martial arts and ninjutsu?
BUSSEY: That's a great question and I could fill a book with the answer. I receive hundreds of letters from people who are just like me, Christians who want to develop skills in the martial arts and personal defense without all of the Eastern philosophy or mysticism. I used to study all kinds of mind control, energy channeling, meditation and so on. I used to think that there were many different ways to reach God. But after I received a personal relationship with Jesus and began to study the Bible, I soon realized that those techniques were not of God and that there is only one way. The techniques that I thought were bringing me peace were only an imitation and perversion of the true gifts and love that God has for His believers. God and the universe are not one in the same. God created the universe. You cannot search deep inside yourself to find God, you must invite Him in. Man has very little ability to change his ways - the Lord has the power to change the insides of a man and is the source of all authority. If you don't believe me, ask God. He will prove it to your heart and your mind. It's not a case of religion or dogma, it's a personal relationship with God - one-on-one. That's the way it is with me and millions of others. That's why I cannot compromise for any art, man or idol.
NINJA: Is your style in keeping with what was originally taught, or have you expanded or broadened its scope in any way?
BUSSEY: What I teach is not the same as what is taught in Japan. I approach the art in what I feel is a more realistic way. Although the techniques are fundamentally the same, I have expanded on its foundation to accommodate the attitudes and skills of the American martial artist. My approach has been criticized by a few folks, but that's okay - the proof is in the pudding. The controversy only makes people take a harder look at what I am doing. If people are given a choice and they see the difference, they will pick the best that they can get. That is one reason why my dojos and camps are such a success.
NINJA: What do you feel the future holds for ninjutsu?
BUSSEY: I do not practice fortune telling so I cannot say. But seriously, I feel that the ninja art is still growing out of its infancy stage. There are very few good people teaching in this country. As the art grows, we will need more and more qualified instructors to accommodate the interest. People write and call all the time asking if I have a teacher in their area. But we just don't have enough to go around, so we get them involved with one and two day seminars, or we get them into one of our dojos in Nebraska.
NINJA: How old are you now?
BUSSEY: I was twenty-five in August.
NINJA: You have accomplished more in your life so far than most do in a lifetime. You have appeared on the cover of magazines, authored a book and have built a successful business. What's next for you?
BUSSEY: Whatever the Lord has planned for me. I recently invested in a Christian Book Co. that is doing extremely well. I'm also working on a couple of new books. We'll just have to wait and see.
NINJA: Thanks for granting us this interview.
BUSSEY: Oh, thank you. God bless.

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SHO KOSUGI interview

From my personal collection of NINJA magazines, Sho Kosugi is the star of one of my favorite martial arts movie, Revenge of the Ninja. I'm happy to bring to you this interview from back in the day, a trip down memory lane! The golden age of ninjas in America!

NINJA magazine #20 April 1987

Sho Kosugi Interview by Mary Townsley

Sho Kosugi is the hottest thing going in ninja movies today. The thirty-nine year old martial artists has credits that include Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja, The Bad News Bears Go To Japan, The Master, and now Pray For Death. His latest film, Rage of Honor has just been completed but is still in the editing stages, so the public has not yet had access to it. Not too shabby for a person who began martial arts training because his sisters thought he was a "mama's boy" and needed to learn to be strong as well as strong-minded.
Sho was born in Tokyo in 1948. He began studying the martial arts at age five and now has mastered nine different arts. His home in Arcadia, California has one room devoted exclusively to his vast weapons collectionthat numbers over 650 at this time. There are 120 different throwing stars.
Starring in ninja movies isn't all fun and games according to Sho. "I almost kill myself four times during movies," he tells us when elaborating on working his own stunts. He doesn't work with stuntmen as a rule since he prefers to use local martial artists who are more than willing to "be in movies"! "Wherever I go I give opportunity to all martial artists because always they very humble and they work very, very hard. Pay not so good, but at least they get opportunity. They know how to take a fall and they know how to kick."
Sho came to the United States in 1969 to attend California State University at Los Angeles. He has a Bachelor degree in economics. Originally he planned to go into international trading, the import/export business. During his school years he opened a martial arts school and ran the import/export business on the side. As more and more students came to his school, however, the teaching occupied more of his time than the other business. He eventually expanded to two locations and seemed happy with the direction his life was going.
Sho's wife is Chinese. He taught her the martial arts for four years until she started raising his children (Kane is 11, Shane, 9 and Ayeeshi is 2 1/2). In 1981 Mike Stone wrote the script for Enter the Ninja and sold it to Cannon Films. He was supposed to star in the film but ran into difficulties with the producers who then brought in Franco Nero to star. Mike originally asked Sho to play a bit part in the movie. But the producers watched Sho on his first day of shooting, they were impressed with his natural ability as a ninja and increased his part. From there Sho Kosugi became synonymous with "Ninja".
Turning his schools over to his students was an easy task for Sho when the movie business became productive. "I had more than enough teaching," he states. "You contribute so much time to the person (student) and because he changes jobs (he) quits or feels he doesn't like it and quits. So all energy you spent with person...someone you don't get the return. I don't get the mental satisfaction because I feel, 'This guys is very good I'm going to try and teach all my skill.' But suddenly he got to go away and there is nothing you can do.
"So now I teach my sons. Now I make them study because is it good for them. Just like when they're young you force them to do what's good for them. It's good self-disciline, self-control. They need martial arts in the United States. Children in private schools learn good manners, but children on street need to learn martial arts to learn good manners."
Sho's hobbies include reading, swimming, tennis, relaxing while watching movies and sports with his kids. He has competed in karate tournaments in the past in Tokyo, Seattle, San Diego and Mexico. His collection of over 600 trophies include winning the LA Open in 1972, 1973 and 1974.
Sho doesn't believe the average martial artist will have the same success he has had in the movies. "I was in the right place at right time with the right things I did," he says. "To be honest, it almost impossible for martial artist to get into movies as star now. I work so hard and it was no easy to get part to start with and they were looking for that part! I knew right things for ninja. Martial arts movies continue forever, but up and down. Ninja movies very hot and will continue a couple more years. I don't expect movie career to be forever. I have a limit to acting. Maybe I go to producing and directing.
"Ninja do espionage and assassination. Some ninja are good. If you work for government you good. If you work for individual you bad. Movies always exaggerated. It look very easy, but to get dynamic movement and dynamic tension on screen you have to do it almost for real. I break heels twice, dislocated shoulder three times. A one-and-half-hour movie takes about one year to make with location scouting, hiring, shooting and editing."
Sho's father is a retired fisherman who still lives in Japan. He is proud of his son and told him earlier in life, "Whatever you do, as long as you can take care of yourself and are happy, that's fine."
Sho has been on a relentless tour, promoting Pray for Death. In each city he works a grueling schedule teaching seminars at local martial arts schools, appearing on TV and radio and helping with community groups like Big Brothers and Sisters. His objectives is to promote his current movie, but he goes one step beyond to make friends with the people he meets and pass on some of the good manners he has learned through the martial arts. He is a considerate and thoughtful man who has earned the respect of martial artists and movie fans worldwide.
For those of you who would like to know more about Sho, his Sho Kosugi Fan Club is located at 1029 East Valley Blvd., San Gabriel, CA 91776

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"Talon for the streets"

Personal protection for modern urban warriors.

The RAZOR HAWK has three main functions.

1. Impact Weapon
2. Training Knife
3. Boxcutter

Light, easy to carry, and the pistol bayonet shape makes it a very versatile impact weapon.

The RAZOR HAWK can venture to places where the gun and knife cannot.
Boxcutter on steroids, a monster Kubotan, a cool EDC.
There is simply nothing else like it in the market today!

The RAZOR HAWK is the missing link between a live knife and a training knife.
Made for CQC, great for pain compliance techniques.

The RAZOR HAWK has characteristics of a knife, Kubotan, baton, knuckleduster, pistol bayonet, boxcutter and Karambit.

This unique original design comes from many evolutions.

I remember the first time I saw a Gunstock War Club, a strong fascination took over, I thought it was very ingenious how the Native Americans basically made a gun shaped melee weapon. Having lived in Japan, I tend to like and appreciate small things. So I wanted to make a pistol shaped Kubotan.

Another important past project came from a training knife that I designed. I made a very cool training knife that is large enough to be used as a club. Razor blades can also be attached to this training knife fit for Frankenstein's monster.

Essentially the RAZOR HAWK is a combination of these past projects.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Frequently Asked Questions:

What video do I start from? 

You can start with just about any video, most of my videos are beginner friendly. Try to find stuff that clicks for you and start training from there.

Do you have a playlist?
Yes I do. Please click here for the playlist which has a bunch of basic videos for the beginner.

Which knife is legal for me?
Depends on your local laws. Talk to Police and lawyers to help you understand more. Also being professional and polite goes a long way.

What is my street cred?

I tested myself working security and doing a citizen's patrol in bad neighborhoods for some years. In college I had around 10 challenge matches. Post college I was in a BJJ and MMA competition team, and I competed very briefly in BJJ.

Which knives do I recommend?
Get a training knife first. Practice for at least 6 months and earn your way to a real blade. 
For training at home and home defense I have weapons made for combat, but for EDC (Everyday Carry) I have utility knives.

Which Karambit do I recommend?
Get a Karambit training knife first. Investing in a training knife is a wise decision.

What is your martial arts background?
20+ years in the martial arts. Karate, Arnis, Muay Thai, Aikido, BJJ, etc.
Click here for more details

What is the best martial arts style?
There is no best style. More important is to avoid bad teachers and bad students, because you want to train in a good learning environment. 

What style do you teach?
What I teach is a hybrid of martial art styles, but the main focus comes from Eskrima
Click here for more info

How long should the sticks be?
General length is 28 inches. Made from Rattan. I suggest getting them from eBay. 

When making your own, armpit to your finger tips is a good length. 
Thickness is between the size of a penny and a Quarter.
For making contact or strength training the stick should be harder, heavier, and longer. 
For skill training the stick is on the lighter side.
For indoor training the stick is shorter and lighter so that you don't break stuff like the TV, ceiling fan, and window. PVC pipes can be bought for cheap at Home Depot or Lowe's.   
What self-defense products do I recommend?
There are many great products I enjoy, just check my Youtube videos, but I want to encourage training rather than buying. Sticks and training knives can be found on eBay. My main knife is the LLC Knife from Arnis Professor Bram Frank. 

Does my style work for real?
Any style or technique can work or fail. Just like a weapon, styles and techniques are just tools. All you can do is try to increase the percentage of success by doing your part, which is to train seriously and get better at using the tool!

Is it possible to teach myself?
Yes you can learn from books, videos, and the internet, but don't let that be the end.

When is a good age to start?
It's never too early and it's never too late. I began in junior high school, which worked out for me.

Where did you learn Knife Combat?
My knife method is a progression of my Filipino martial arts skills combined with Aikido, Russian martial arts, Ninjutsu, and other styles. After learning the material, I worked on crafting my skill, then I evolved the material, and then I tested it on the streets and my students to develop the knife program that I teach today.

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Survival Tin Can from Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear

My personal Survival Tin Can I received from SRJOBEN contains the following items.
Altoids size tin can
Ranger band x2
Micro Whistle
LED Light
Waterproof Peanut lighter
Folding 12 tpi Wood Saw
Jute twine
Birthday candles x3
Firestarters x2
Magnifying Lens
Duck tape
Mini sealable plastic bag
Sanrenmu Liner lock Folding knife

Just remember that if you do order a Survival Tin Can from him, the content of yours may not be exactly the same as mine. Please read the actual description of the item your buying.

I was blown away by how much stuff is contained in this Altoid sized tin can. This can easily be carried in my pocket or put in the automobile glove box. As someone who has been fascinated and interested in wilderness or urban survival, let me tell you I will be practicing making my own survival bag based on this little gem. After all practice makes perfect.

If you don't have time to research and practice making your own survival grab bag, then this tin can is for you!
If your new to this stuff looking for a good base to start from, then this tin can is for you!

In this day in age of hurricanes, riots, and other natural disasters that occur in the wilderness and urban areas it is only smart to have some level of preparation!
Get one today for yourself or for a loved one at Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear ebay store!
Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear

BTW for those of you that are curious, I was taught years ago by a survival instructor how to make a match box sized survival kit. I think I remember 99% accurate of what he told me to put in.
Get a standard match box with the side that can be used to light a match, that is going to be your container. Now get a plastic sealable bag to put the match box in to water proof it.
Inside the match box, you should have matches with candle wax poured over the head to water proof them. I should probably mention now that this guy was a survival instructor that specialized in swamp terrain. Piece of chalk for indigestion. Razor blade for cutting choirs. Fishing hooks, safety pins and some string.
He may also have suggested some Aspirin, a needle, and candy or gum.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

WP5 Combat Knife

WP5 Combat Knife

STI KNIVES is simply my favorite brand of knives. They are more than just tactical weapons, they provide a unique style of combat.

The WP5 is heavily influenced by the P001 from STI KNIVES.
The WP5 in shape was inspired by the MP5 Submachine Gun.
The WP5 would be like the BG911 knife with the CRKT M16-13SFG in the front.

-Trigger Guard
-Karambit Hole
-Top side Pocket Clip
-Removable Folding Knife

The strength of the knife is that the blade can be deployed without compromising the grip in anyway.

I want other attachments available to the "Gun handle portion" such as fixed blades, Impact Tool and other folding knives.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arnold Films

What is your favorite Arnold film?

I just finished watching Total Recall, and thought it would be fun to bring this up!

4 Classic Arnold Films that I like:
Conan the Barbarian

3 Unexpected Arnold Films that I like:
I found this film to be like able if you don't take it seriously, which is a bummer because they put in a lot of money into it, making it a waste.

Conan the Destroyer
Unlike the first one is it campy? Yes, but they did a good job, for example just compare it to Red Sonja... this is better.

The Running Man
My favorite sci-fi flick with Arnold.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Joe Rogan martial arts point of view

Joe Rogan and traditional martial arts
Joe Rogan has a very negative point of view on martial arts, pretty much anything that isn't MMA oriented. He's not a big fan of traditional martial arts or the self-defense martial arts which is what I call the tactical stuff.

On one hand I understand and agree with what he is saying, there is a lot of bull crap out there! And some people have a very warped view of martial arts. Some are very cult like, and the instructor is worshiped without question. And you also get the mindless Bruce Lee fan types, those who don't know what they are talking about, strongly believing and saying that Bruce Lee would beat just about anyone in a real fight. Now you can substitute Bruce Lee with pretty much any action film star.

One of the major differences between a style like Aikido and BJJ is that Aikido is an untested art. When Jigoro Kano made Judo from Jiu-jitsu, he basically created a sport in which practitioners could test themselves. And when the Gracie family created BJJ they made their version of Jiu-jitsu by putting it through their meat grinder called Vale Tudo. So comparing Aikido with BJJ to me is unfair because it's an untested style versus a tested style. So until we have a tested form of Aikido, I think it's useless to say what exercises, drills, and techniques work or doesn't, unless your a practitioner of that style and your trying to evolve it by putting it through your tests.

If you train in Judo it doesn't mean that your legit on the street, all it means is that you have a chance to do pretty well on the street if your able to take the fight into that direction. It's about making your opponent fight your fight.

So until somebody comes along and gets Wing Chun, Aikido, Systema, or any other style that frequently gets criticized, and evolves them by testing them out thoroughly, it's just unfair. So when you have styles that are untested like this, what are they? Are they just untested bull crap? No I don't think so, I think they are legitimate exercises from a combat point of view. If you make martial arts movies, then I think they are legitimate exercises from an entertainment point of view. What's wrong with exercise? Nothing, until you start telling people it's more than exercise.

I am an untested martial arts instructor, teaching untested martial arts. Or should I say that the amount of testing that I have done, though satisfying to me is really null. On Youtube I tell people time and time again that what I teach is exercise. I also say that in order for them to make this material help you in a real life altercation, you need to take some form of combat sport. A by combat sport I mean tested material.

So is what I teach bull crap? Am I a fraud?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dragon Dice

The ultimate Dragon Dice Action Game!

Basically the idea is to play Dragon Dice like never before.
It was never meant to be played this way, but I like this version very much.

The original game was played with erasers, I learned it and played it in Japan and absolutely loved it. Just out of a whim I tried playing the same game using Dragon Dice with a kid.
The kid loved it. Couldn't get enough of it.
I thought real hard how to incorporate more of Dragon Dice features into this eraser game and here is my result!

The idea is to find an elevated platform. It doesn't have to be super high, in fact it can be quite low. You flick your dice with your finger and try to knock the other player's dice off the board. Last dice left on the board wins.


Extended arena - combine two or more tables together
The Gap - Space between the two tables
The Bridge - have a bridge between two tables
Uneven Arena - have two or more tables with uneven heights
Tank - Get on the tank to command it

When a piece is knocked off the board, see what is rolled.
Face: Dead, put up reserve if you have one.
Melee: Put your dice next to enemy.
Maneuver: Put dice back on your home base and flick just to move. You cannot hit.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recommended youtube channels and my friends!

CONTACT me if you want to make a request being listed among these fine people!

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Xekxkox - martial arts, Dog Brothers full contact stick fighting

Friday, August 5, 2011


There are many people who don't understand the meaning of a street fight.
First of all "street fight" is a very broad term. It basically refers to any altercation on the street.

Beating up a drunken guy is not the same as going toe to toe with a seasoned bare knuckle fighter, or pulling out a gun and shooting someone.

Types of street fights:
1. Challenge Matches
2. An ambush that has a struggle
3. An argument that turned ugly
4. Retaliation against a weapon
5. Group vs group
6. Entering into an already existing brawl

Reasons why most street fights are easier than sport competition.
1. Quality of opponent is usually much lower than in competition
2. Most street fights end prematurely compared to sport.

Reasons why most street fights are more difficult than sport competition.
1. Undefined parameters
2. No weight class
3. No rules
4. Location
5. Clothes and gear

These are the reasons why you can't underestimate a street fight, even though your opponent is probably not well trained.

The worst argument ever:
What you do is sport, what I do is street, therefore I'm better.
This is basically a poor excuse for not being able to train in sport or to be open minded enough to see the benefits of sport.

Being fit like an athlete, to have a strong competitive mind, and to have the skills and experiences from sport is beneficial no matter what you do.

The fact is, the skills, experience and conditioning developed in sports far outweigh the illegal moves, and cheap shots that a so called street fighter thinks will give him the advantage.

The best way to train is to have combat sports as a base and then add, street fighting and or martial arts moves to your arsenal.
This way you become a person that can benefit from sports, martial arts and street fighting.
Limiting yourself to just one leads to a closed mind, a closed mind sets yourself up for a rude awakening, and that's if your lucky.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Category: Martial Arts Instructor, Guardian
Activity Level: Semi retired
Identity: Nobody cares
Arch Enemy: None
Region: Texas
Organization: None
Motto: "I am deadlier than the knife."
Specialty: Knives, Martial Arts
Gear: Tactical Knives, tactical flashlight, scope, and other surprises!
Costume: Mask, gloves, HEELYS, and Neck piece from NYC based fashion designer Sumie Tachibana

Ever since the film KICK-ASS, becoming a real life superhero has become a fad. Personally I've looked after the safety of many people including strangers, way before the film or comic book KICK-ASS ever came out. Being a martial artist it was just always part of the code to protect the weak and innocent. I've also worked along side Police doing security.

WMPYR is my alter ego, with this persona and being on Youtube, I hope to encourage people to train martial arts for the right reasons and help people develop their own code of honor so that society can become a better place.

I do not like conflict, although I feel like I'm very good at terminating it, Ninja assassin style. Vampires have always been a dear subject to me ever since I was in pre kinder! I am a descendant of a not so nice Samurai Knight. I try to be nice to people to help me tame my cursed blood.

My costume and character idea was inspired from Nightwing from Batman. I wanted a Nightwing + Dracula + Ninja.

The Dying of the Light: End

The Dying of the Light, End
by Jason Kristopher

Book review by Wmpyr

To me this book reminded me of many films all rolled into one. Resident Evil, Armageddon, GIJOE, Apocalypse Now, and Independence Day, just to name a few. There is tons of military action, in fact almost all of the story involves the military. The author does this in a very serious in-depth manner, and it reminded me of Black Hawk Down or ALIENS because you see the soldiers in a down and dirty intense combat. But you also get to see top of the line team work, and the behind the scenes of an elite top secret special forces team that operates in a surgically proficient manner which makes you feel good. If this wasn't entertaining enough, the author includes some light comedic reliefs here and there without interfering with the serious undertone, and gorgeously beautiful tough military women.
But let's not forget this is a zombie story! It's going to satisfy all the zombie fans out there because it has everything you would want in a zombie story plus more. We have walkers, runners, even kid zombies. Lots of action, lots of guns, and even some high tech weapons. We have those that want to exterminate every zombie out there and those that want to capture them and use them. We have those bad guys mixed in with the good guys that you absolutely know that you can't trust. This is not about a group of people that survive a zombie attack. This is about an elite team that gives you access to what is really going on when several towns go through a zombie crisis. You get to see the world wide phenomena, and experience the actual zompocalypse.

Other interesting segments to look for include a Presidential speech addressing the public about the zombie plague which I thought was priceless, a broad cast news which was the only reliable source of information for the general public, gays in the military, rednecks, an in-depth government cover up conspiracy theory, a James Bond style super villain that gets a satisfying end, a crazy religious cult and other human groups that were just as dangerous if not more so than the zombies, and one of the most probable scientific explanation for the zombie plague that I have ever heard of!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Documenting Amanda's HEELYS experience.
Amanda has never had any HEELYS before, and she has never been a big skater of any kind. This is her story of what it's like to journey into the world of HEELYS!

Amanda was surprised at how quickly they came! She was excited but scared. She really thought the shoes were quite stylish, and nothing gave them away as HEELYS except for the logo and wheels in the box. She was happy that most of the shoe was black so that they would still look nice even after some wear down. She hurried to lace them up give it a test run in the kitchen, using the counter top as rails. She didn't want to mess up her pretty pink wheels, she really liked those things. Over all she felt that the skating practice was difficult, challenging but fun!

Amanda was disappointed in herself at first because it had been a few days since Day 1, and she pretty much felt like she needed to restart from scratch. One of the main issues was she couldn't decide on which leg to have in the front so she kept switching. I suggested to stay with one leg for now and then later learn to be ambidextrous if that is what she wants to do. That helped make things easier and then for the last 20 min. we were there, it felt like a miracle had occurred. She just started skating on her own! Up until this time, I was pulling her around as she hung on to my arm and just focused on keeping herself balanced on the wheels. This was a huge progress she made. She was very happy!

Half the time we skated on the basketball court. Amanda was able to pick up from where she left off last time with no problem at all. This time she discovered that when she kept her arms in, it actually helped her skate straighter. So she began to diligently work on keeping her arms close to herself. Then I took her to the parking lot and she had her first street skating experience! She enjoyed how much faster and longer she could skate thanks to the inclines. She did have her first fall, but thankfully nothing serious. And she went right back to skating, what a trooper!

Amanda has now learned how to skate HEELYS. Like riding a bike, it is now ingrained in her muscle memory. She is still a bit hesitant to go down some steeper inclines, but that is because she Skates smart and skates safe. When she gets more comfortable we will take the HEELYS out to TARGET and other locations. We need to get so much practice in that it becomes second nature!

Some more HEELYS at the usual basketball court and on the street. We took videos! Next time we do HEELYS most likely will be at some store! Amanda definitely enjoys skating on the street, she likes how the inclines can really speed her up and let her zoom for a longer distance than just starting herself off by herself. However she is still scared of bigger slopes. Today she actually worked on making turns! She successfully went between two side by side speed bumps!

Today we went to Target and did some grocery shopping while wearing HEELYS! It was actually easier to skate while pushing the cart. It was nice and smooth but the lack of inclines made it not as easy to zoom fast. Walking around there while wearing HEELYS was not as awkward as we thought it was going to be. Totally doable. We will be wearing HEELYS to do our everyday errands more and more now!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zombie Outlaw Comic Book review

Click here for review of issue number 2!!!

Zombies are extremely popular right now, anything zombie is hot property. But the competition is also fierce. At such a time, Brian Apodaca brings something new to the table without deviating too much from the formula. Currently only issue number one is out so not much is revealed but much can be anticipated.
As opposed to graphic novels, I like comic books because you can put them up on your wall as decoration, so the cover art is important to me. In fact, that's one of my hobbies to go to Half Price Books and get a bunch of crazy comics that I know nothing about, purchased strictly based on how cool the cover looks. As far as covers go, Zombie Outlaw doesn't disappoint, a straight to the point old school style comic book cover featuring the main characters with easy to understand captions. On the side of it is a giant cool looking zombie face which makes you wish it was in Glow-in-the-dark. The zombie face would also make for a nice t-shirt print as well.
I'm not going in too deep into the story, because I've already done a video review, which you can view right here! But the main idea is, we have college kids- a must for any slasher horror film. We also have a legend revolving the background of the monster which is unusual for a Zombie story. Further more the legend comes from the Wild West days making this partially a western, even though set in a modern college campus. On top of that the main zombie seems like is going to be either a super hero like the Incredible Hulk or a super villain. Now we can speculate all day long, but the truth is who knows until you read more issues! The bottom line is that the main ingredients to this story is interesting and ultimately presents something unique which is not easy to do. It seems like Hollywood has tried just about everything when it comes to zombies, but hopefully in the near future we will get to see Zombie Outlaw as a feature film, especially since there have been so many comic books making it to the big screen lately!

Zombie Outlaw Fan Art by Wmpyr

Zombie Outlaw Promotional Video

Trailer for Zombie Outlaw at ComiKaze Expo in Los Angeles!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gil Hibben Rambo III Knife

Gil Hibben is known for his fantasy knives and throwing knives.
What you may not know is that he is a 3rd degree black belt in Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate.
He's also famous for some of the Rambo knives. The knife used in the film "First Blood" was a very memorable survival combat knife. The knife in "Rambo II" was very similar to the one used in "First Blood". The first two knives were designed by Jimmy Lile. The knife Rambo uses in "Rambo III" took a whole new different look. And up until recently I wasn't a big fan of it.
But once you understand the reasonings, you may change your mind just as I did.
Since the 1960s Gil Hibben has been designing knives for Kenpo Karate, the basic design is also called the Parker Knife.
The "Rambo III" knife is in a way a spectacular hybrid, combining the Rambo knife with the Kenpo knife. The Rambo knives in the first two films were survival/combat knives. They had handy features to aid in survival. The blade itself was a no nonsense large Bowie knife that would do significant damage. The Rambo III knife seems to be designed purely for combat. The original prototype featured a battle axe looking blade that fit in the slot of the knife, like wings. This idea definitely showcases the other side of Gil Hibben, he is also known for his fantasy knives. The actual knife itself is pretty much a Bowie knife with all the details of the Kenpo Knife.
1. Slanted hand guard for thumb rest, called the "Chinese Fist", also comfortable for reverse grip.
2. Hand guard also designed for striking.
3. Bottom guard for grip security and for hooking techniques.

Only two models were ever made that featured the Rambo III knife with the spring attached secondary blade. Gil Hibben has one, and Sylvester Stallone has the other in his knife collection, amongst other Gil Hibben knives.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

STI KNIVES Review by Wmpyr

Not too long ago, I was surfing the net, looking for any interesting tactical knives that I haven't seen before. And then I saw the P001. I was blown away, because this is the type of knife I've been trying to design, fascinated and hooked, I had to know more about it. I found their official website,, and I contacted Jeff Thenier, CEO of STI Knives, Professional Body Guard Instructor, Firearms and Martial Arts expert, and designer of these wonderful knives! Jeff trusted in me and my skills and sent me a package.
X-mas came early for me this year!

BODYGUARD P001 Knife Review

BODYGUARD P001 tactical knife has been the flagship product of the STI Knives company. It sets the standard, it is truly an amazing knife. This knife links the handgun and knife combat skills together. This knife was designed so that a professional armed with a pistol would have no problem adapting to a bladed weapon when a firearm is not available/legal. The P001 is a highly versatile knife that can be used as many different types of weapons. It addresses lethal and non lethal, emergency rescue and of course CQC.

When you first take it out of the box, you realize just how heavy and solid this knife is. In the closed position, it is a monster impact weapon. Just to show how sturdy this knife is, there is a video of designer Jeff Thenier taking it out to the shooting range and shooting it to bits. Ever hear of a soldier surviving a shot because his iPod acted as a shield? Let me tell you, I'd prefer this knife any day! Even in the closed position, there are so many effective ways to hold this knife because there are many areas to strike with. There is another video of Jeff Thenier using the P001 in the closed position to crack open a coconut. I like how he wasn't wearing a glove, and didn't need to swing down on it like a madman, like an experienced carpenter wielding a hammer he just let the P001 do the work.

Let me move on to the locking mechanism. It is surprisingly simple. There is a small ambidextrous lever button that you pull back to release the blade. In the closed position, the blade is actually locked in. So if your doing heavy duty physical activities, you don't have to worry about the blade popping open.

Once you pull back the lock, the next locking position is when the blade opens into a pistol shaped knife. There are many benefits to this. Since there is less distance for the blade to travel, this can mean a faster deployment. Many gun experts know that the pistol shape grip is anatomically suited for receiving and delivering force. Think of it this way, if you had two P001 knives, it is possible for you to do a pushup, but you wouldn't be able to with a normal knife. The pistol shape knife also provides many unique techniques and grips for a rarely seen devastating knife combat style. What makes this pistol shape work so well is the generously large finger choil, which provides safety from the blade. Also notice the trigger guard is absent, this is a smart move because there are gun disarm techniques that uses the trigger guard against you for brutal finger locks.

The final locking position is when the blade deploys like a standard folding knife. By having this option, essentially you are getting two knives for one. Even in this standard knife position, the P001 is still highly unique because of the finger hole region. This massive region can be used to protect your finger like a guard on a european sword, or it can be used for simultaneous striking as you stab. I can also see it as an area for blade catching.

The P001 is simply the best tactical knife I've ever seen. I believe it is way ahead of it's time. I really don't know why KA-BAR or some other company hasn't teamed up with STI Knives and started making these. I feel so fortunate to have found and collaborated with this fantastic company. I've used many tactical knives, and most of the time, I feel limited, most knives can't keep up with me, because the P001 has so many various grips, capabilities, weapons it can mimic, I find it engaging and challenging. If you want a knife that has characteristics of many weapons such as, Brass Knuckles, Club, Karambit, Pistol Bayonet, Straight Razor, Tonfa, Boomerang, Tomahawk, Yawara Stick, all rolled into one, then this knife is for you!

***** 5/5 Stars

BG911 Knife Review

The BG911 is a compact version of the P001. Making it more suitable for women and civilians. I find the BG911 to be an elegant version of the P001. The P001 to me is like a warrior weapon, where as to the BG911 is like a James Bond gadget.

Let me tell you straight up, the BG911 can do everything that the P001 can do, however, do to it's smaller size, some grips are going to feel much more comfortable than others. This is a reasonable compromise. Also remember that in the closed position the BG911 can be used as a Yawara Stick. Most medium sized or larger folding knives can serve as a make shift palm stick, however, it is rare to find a small folding knife that can make an effective self-defense palm stick, the BG911 is one of the few that can do this well. If your looking for a light, discrete knife with good concealment, then the BG911 is for you.

The BG911 is not just a smaller version of the P001, they really tried to make this thing special by adding small modifications here and there. For example this knife is a spring assisted opener. There is a glass breaker tip mounted on the top fin. The blade now has ambidextrous thumb studs, and the second hole on the handle scale is larger.

If you have to choose between the P001 and the BG911, since they are nearly identical, the only major factors come down to size and price. So I would let those two factors determine which one you prefer. The bottom line is that both of these are really excellent knives and I would get either one of these knives before considering any other knife in the market today. When I look at other knives, I can't help but say, can your knife do this? How about this? What about this then?

***** 5/5 Stars

TDZ7 Impact Tool Review

The TDZ7 is an expansion to the BODYGUARD series of knives by STI KNIVES. It is modeled after the P001, so the skills you develop with the P001 will transfer to the TDZ7 and the skills you develop with the TDZ7 will transfer to the P001.

The P001, BG911, and the TDZ7 are all shaped like a pistol because the professional who uses a hand gun as their primary weapon will have an easier time learning and adapting to these tools. The idea is to be as similar as possible to the primary weapon for comfort under combat stress.

When you cannot use a firearm or knife, the TDZ7 becomes your number one choice. The TDZ7 is not discrete, it is basically a monster Yawara Stick! During a crisis situation, you will definitely be glad that you have this large beast of a tool with you. I've seen many different types of self-defense palm sticks, most of them are very small, and they fall into the better than nothing category, the TDZ7 is in the I'm so glad I have this category. There are other large extreme palm stick weapons out there, but remember the TDZ7 also serves to unite all 3 skills of your primary weapon (hand gun), your secondary weapon (P001 tactical knife), and your tertiary weapon (TDZ7 impact tool) all together.

Everyone that has seen this asked me if this was a training knife for the P001. It can definitely be a training knife because it is less dangerous than the P001 knife.
But make no mistake this is a self-defense weapon.
It is pointy, will stabs card board boxes no problem and makes a good letter opener. In a real life situation, the TDZ7 would cut your attacker open into a bloody mess.
The other points can also cause extreme pain because of the hard plastic material. I also like that it's made of plastic because it can go through metal detectors.

Very noticeable are the many large holes in the handle that make the TDZ7 even lighter. The holes can be used for key rings for easy clip on carry. But probably the most predominant reason for the holes are for providing gripping variations.

There is no extra large Yawara Stick in the market today that not only has many versatile techniques but concepts that go with a knife as an expansion tool, increasing your skills in both Impact Tool and knife combat weapons training. Just like each product from STI KNIVES has slightly unique properties of it's own, the TDZ7 also has some features that the P001 and the BG911 doesn't have. This product definitely stands on it's own.

***** 5/5 Stars

BASIC KNIFE COMBAT 101 短剣戦闘術の基本技

K4S Method by Wmpyr
K4S流 ワンパイヤー作

K4S Basic Knife Combat
by Wmpyr
Copyright 2011

There are many types of knives in the market today. Box cutters, diving knives, survival knives, utility knives, hunting knives, cooking knives, and the list goes on and on. For our specific quest, it is important for us to study tactical and combat knives.

TDI LE Knife by KA-BAR
Fixed Blade for Law Enforcement
For knife combat, most people prefer a fixed blade because it's simple, strong, and fast deploying.

LLC and Drone (Training Knife) by Cherusker Messer
Knife designed by Martial Arts Expert
Many tactical knives have a training knife version. A training knife is a safe and smart investment if your looking to really improve your knife skills.
Cherusker Messer LLCナイフとドローン(トレーニングナイフ)

SUBCOM Folder by Boker Magnum
Small Tactical Folding Knife
Some people have small tactical knives because they are easy to conceal and carry.

Urban Camo ExtremeOps Karambit by S&W
Karambit style Folding Knife
The Karambit is generally a smaller knife with a curved blade and a finger ring at the butt of the handle. The Karambit has been very popular in recent times and practiced in many martial arts styles including Kali, Silat, American Kenpo Karate.
S&W ExtremeOps Karambit
カランビットとは一般的にハンドルに小さい指輪と湾曲した刃のあるナイフです。カランビット は、最近非常に人気があり、アメリカン拳法空手、シラット、カリを含む多くの武道のスタイルで実践している。

There are many many different types of grips, but for now, these four basic grips provide a good place to start.

Standard Grip using the CRKT M16-13SFG
The most natural grip.
CRKT M16-13SFGを使用して、標準のグリップ

Reverse Grip
Also called the Ice Pick Grip. The second most common grip.

Ripper Grip
Good for tearing stuff open.

Mantis Grip
Good for a strong downward pulling motion.

Our stance comes from Knifeboxing which is a mixture between Knife Combat and Kickboxing. Your basic stance is similar to a Boxing/Kickboxing stance. One side of your body should be to the front and the other is to the back.
Remember to always keep the point of the knife and the blade edge facing away from yourself.
私たちのスタンスは、ナイフ戦闘術とキックボクシングの混合物でありナイフボクシングから来ている。基本的なスタンスは、ボクシング /キックボクシング のスタンスと似ています。あなたの体の片側が前面にでなければならず、常にナイフの刃と刃先の位置を維持してください。

Holding the knife in the Reverse Grip

Holding the knife in the Standard Grip

The following two forms come from the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) such as Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali. The key is to do them continuously and to flow from one move to the next. Both forms can be done with either fluid speed or brutal power.

Form Number One

1. Come down with a powerful slash.

2. Come down from the other side with a powerful slash.

3. Slash them horizontally

4. Slash them again horizontally but from the other side.

5. Finish with a stab to the center.

Form Number 2
Dan Inosanto taught this set for his Kali class, it originally had 6 moves, number 6 was a move where you stab and flick out the eye.

1. Slash down diagonally.

2. Slash back up the way you came.

3. Slash up from the other side.

4. Slash back down the way you came.

5. Finish with a stab to the center.

Defang the Snake is a famous defensive concept in FMA. The idea is to attack the attack so that they lose their weapon.

To defend against the knife, use an Eskrima stick or tactical baton. Use the same techniques from the two forms we showed you previously for the knife. You want to strike at the attacker's hand so that they will drop the knife.
If you do not have a stick, you can try to cut their hand with your knife, but this is much harder to do.

Cutting the air is not the same as cutting something for real, so it's important to get some experience using real blades on various targets.

Cutting water bottles
Treat the water inside the bottle like blood, and try your best to avoid getting splashed on when cutting.

Getting ready the STI KNIVES BODYGUARD P001
Slashing and stabbing against a wooden board is also excellent practice.