Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Talon for the streets"

Personal protection for modern urban warriors.

The RAZOR HAWK has three main functions.

1. Impact Weapon
2. Training Knife
3. Boxcutter

Light, easy to carry, and the pistol bayonet shape makes it a very versatile impact weapon.

The RAZOR HAWK can venture to places where the gun and knife cannot.
Boxcutter on steroids, a monster Kubotan, a cool EDC.
There is simply nothing else like it in the market today!

The RAZOR HAWK is the missing link between a live knife and a training knife.
Made for CQC, great for pain compliance techniques.

The RAZOR HAWK has characteristics of a knife, Kubotan, baton, knuckleduster, pistol bayonet, boxcutter and Karambit.

This unique original design comes from many evolutions.

I remember the first time I saw a Gunstock War Club, a strong fascination took over, I thought it was very ingenious how the Native Americans basically made a gun shaped melee weapon. Having lived in Japan, I tend to like and appreciate small things. So I wanted to make a pistol shaped Kubotan.

Another important past project came from a training knife that I designed. I made a very cool training knife that is large enough to be used as a club. Razor blades can also be attached to this training knife fit for Frankenstein's monster.

Essentially the RAZOR HAWK is a combination of these past projects.

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