Thursday, July 28, 2011


Documenting Amanda's HEELYS experience.
Amanda has never had any HEELYS before, and she has never been a big skater of any kind. This is her story of what it's like to journey into the world of HEELYS!

Amanda was surprised at how quickly they came! She was excited but scared. She really thought the shoes were quite stylish, and nothing gave them away as HEELYS except for the logo and wheels in the box. She was happy that most of the shoe was black so that they would still look nice even after some wear down. She hurried to lace them up give it a test run in the kitchen, using the counter top as rails. She didn't want to mess up her pretty pink wheels, she really liked those things. Over all she felt that the skating practice was difficult, challenging but fun!

Amanda was disappointed in herself at first because it had been a few days since Day 1, and she pretty much felt like she needed to restart from scratch. One of the main issues was she couldn't decide on which leg to have in the front so she kept switching. I suggested to stay with one leg for now and then later learn to be ambidextrous if that is what she wants to do. That helped make things easier and then for the last 20 min. we were there, it felt like a miracle had occurred. She just started skating on her own! Up until this time, I was pulling her around as she hung on to my arm and just focused on keeping herself balanced on the wheels. This was a huge progress she made. She was very happy!

Half the time we skated on the basketball court. Amanda was able to pick up from where she left off last time with no problem at all. This time she discovered that when she kept her arms in, it actually helped her skate straighter. So she began to diligently work on keeping her arms close to herself. Then I took her to the parking lot and she had her first street skating experience! She enjoyed how much faster and longer she could skate thanks to the inclines. She did have her first fall, but thankfully nothing serious. And she went right back to skating, what a trooper!

Amanda has now learned how to skate HEELYS. Like riding a bike, it is now ingrained in her muscle memory. She is still a bit hesitant to go down some steeper inclines, but that is because she Skates smart and skates safe. When she gets more comfortable we will take the HEELYS out to TARGET and other locations. We need to get so much practice in that it becomes second nature!

Some more HEELYS at the usual basketball court and on the street. We took videos! Next time we do HEELYS most likely will be at some store! Amanda definitely enjoys skating on the street, she likes how the inclines can really speed her up and let her zoom for a longer distance than just starting herself off by herself. However she is still scared of bigger slopes. Today she actually worked on making turns! She successfully went between two side by side speed bumps!

Today we went to Target and did some grocery shopping while wearing HEELYS! It was actually easier to skate while pushing the cart. It was nice and smooth but the lack of inclines made it not as easy to zoom fast. Walking around there while wearing HEELYS was not as awkward as we thought it was going to be. Totally doable. We will be wearing HEELYS to do our everyday errands more and more now!


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