Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tentaclor Fisher Price imaginext toy review by Wmpyr

TENTACLOR from Fisher-Price Imaginext
toy review by Wmpyr

Tentaclor is a giant purple alien cyclops monster that is perfect for attacking your Imaginext spacemen. The overall look of the Tentaclor is goofy fun and looks a whole lot like the aliens from The Simpsons cartoon.

First thing that you might notice is that Tentaclor actually has a fly swatter for a weapon to smash any humans, you just know this is going to be a wicked fun toy. Tentaclor features battery operated lights and sounds, fortunately there is an on and off button, and the batteries are removable. Plus the gimmicks still work without the light and sounds, although I must admit that the electronic effects do make the actions a tad cooler. Repeatedly pushing down on Tentaclor's exposed brain makes his mouth open and close for spacemen chomping action.

On the back there is a cable that acts like the handle of a mug making Tentaclor easier to lift and move around. This cable has a trigger to move his tentacles around while pooping out a figure, if there is one in the belly. Not even the Kenner Star Wars Rancor monster could eat and poop as well as Tentaclor!

At $30 Tentaclor is $10 more than the Ion Alien Headquarters which is roughly the same size. I have to admit that the Ion Alien HQ is the better deal, since it's cheaper and comes with more stuff, but come on, Tentaclor is definitely cooler, he's a giant space monster for crying out loud, while the Ion Alien HQ is simply a reused mold even though it's been tried and tested as many excellent Imaginext playsets.

If you want the practical "car", I say go for the Alien Ion HQ, but if you want the sports car I say Tentaclor all the way! I really like that Tentaclor reminds me of a cute sturdier Inhumanoids toy. Hopefully Imaginext toy designers will make a more direct/deliberate homage to the Inhumanoids giant monsters. Along with Tentaclor all the alien sets from this line happen to be some sort of cyclops alien theme, which I really dig, many of these cyclops aliens look cool and there are some must have sets in the line! While I can't say that Tentaclor is a must have, it's one of those that would cause envy. You lucky bastard type of toys.

imaginext Tentaclor from Fisherprice