Monday, October 27, 2014

Monsta Chess

MONSTACHESS Disc Abilities

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Dracula Untold

2014 film review by Wmpyr

Do I recommend this film? It really depends on, to who am I recommending it to. And that arises the million dollar question, who does this film target? In my opinion if you like the Blade series especially Blade III with Dracula, then your going to like this one. The reason why I say that is because there is a lot of action in this movie. If your expecting to see a slow paced moody film with excellent acting and cinematography then watch Nosferatu or Shadow of the Vampire, not this one. If your expecting the classical debonaire Dracula that is the likable villain then don't watch this one, watch Bram Stoker's Dracula or Dracula with Bela Lugosi or Frank Langella. Even though this one uses the same name, same character as the Dracula that everyone knows and loves, this is an origins tale so your going to see a side of Dracula that is rarely seen. It's the patriot, the warrior, and the man who sacrifices all for his family. Only at the very end do they give us a brief glimpse of the Dracula that we know with a tiny tiny bit of romance hinting what's to come, which was my favorite scene. Overall as long as you know what to expect this wasn't bad. It's an enduring film in a way because we don't get to see the Dracula we are familiar with, but by the end this Dracula helps you appreciate that Dracula more. This film is just him going through battle after battle, which could get quite boring, and those scenes did. Now there are some cool memorable scenes sprinkled throughout so the effort to change the pace of the film was definitely there, and the vampire that makes Dracula is absolutely great. The vampire powers in this film are a little over the top, but on the other hand let's just say he would make a good fight with the Arnold Vosloo Imhotep Mummy from The Mummy films. This actor looks the part of Dracula. After seeing the warrior Dracula in this film, it just made me want to see the next chapter the lonely, dark, and mysterious, romantic Dracula.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blood Gnome by Full Moon

2004 film review by Wmpyr

Another Full Moon Entertainment horror film. I can't say that I would recommend this film to just anybody since it does have some definite negatives, even though I thought it was better than Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan. It does have some redeeming qualities. I wish it was shot in a better quality film, it reminds me of Evil Bong 3 in film quality. The concept revolves around invisible blood lusting gnomes, and you can only see them if you drink their blood. I did enjoy this concept, and the BDSM scene was interesting because they introduce you to a subculture, like your a tourist exploring this strange taboo world. The cover of the DVD box with the two gnome heads is awesome looking and so is the title name, and Melissa Pursley steals the show. Lots of potential here.

Murdercycle from Full Moon

1999 film review by Wmpyr

A Full Moon film that is more sci-fi action than it is horror. In fact I would say PREDATOR is more of a horror film than this one. It seems like a B-grade PREDATOR film at parts because they do spend a significant amount of time where we have commandos in nature being ambushed by an alien armed to the teeth. This film actually attempts to go more into depth trying to explain everything. One thing that I've noticed is that low budget films usually have to explain a lot through dialog, while bigger budget films "show you" the story. That being said, I knew what I was getting into and it was pretty cool, I really have no complaints. I wish that the alien was not a Murdercycle, which ultimately works but I would have preferred a different kind of cyborg monster.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Choose your MONSTA!!!

28 Monster Discs each one with a special martial arts move!
Learn from the best to be the best!

Normal Moves Terminology

When you hit another player's Monster Disc off the table, it is called a kill. You are awarded 3 points, and that Monster Disc is eliminated from the game.

Each table corner is called a base. Every player is assigned a base and start the game by placing their Monster Disc there.

Power Totem
Knock a Totem off the table to activate your special martial arts move!

Choose 2 left over Monster Discs to become Totem. You may flip them over and put them on the table with their back side showing for clarification.

When you hit a Totem off the table, then you score 1 point, remove that Totem and keep it in your hand for the duration of that game. Your Monster Disc can now do it's special move.

Blue Skull

Blazing Death Ball
Place the totem you knocked off right next to your Monster Disc and use it to flick once, after your flick, take it off the table.

Brain Skull
Alien Invasion Tactics

Alien Mind Control
When you hit another player's Monster Disc you may put your disc on top of the disc that you hit. That player's turn is skipped until your disc gets off of their disc.

Choppy The Clown Blood & Gore Boxing

Evil Bowling
If you make a kill, all the remainder discs are put in the center of the table and you get to go again!

Clawrence Claw Head Creature Claw Kung Fu

Gavin The Cyclops Rock Head Pankration

Jackson Pumpkin Head
Nightmare Bayonet Fighting

Pumpkin Patch Curse
If you hit a Monster Disc, that Monster Disc must be flipped over to show the bottom side. Every turn the player will try to flip their Monster Disc back to normal, until then it cannot flick their disc.

Glazer The Knight Skull The Art of War

Political Emperor

If you knock off two Totems then every hit you make on a Monster Disc is a kill.

Pink Skull
Screaming Kali, Tae Kwon Death

Purple Skull
Henchmen Karate, Lucha Libre De Los Muertos

Skull Mantis
Devil Mantis Kung Fu

Haunted City Free Flow

Evil Rat King
Graveyard Boxing

Sir Vordenburg The Vampire
Devil Bat Cane

Larry The Lycan
Fang and Claw

Corpse Bundler
Eskimo Martial Arts

Wrap Man Pharaoh
Ancient Egyptian Warrior and Wrestling Skills

Scaldor The Four-Eyed Skeleton
Style: Evil Doll Ninjitsu

The Marionette Scroll
If you land within 1 inch of another player's Monster Disc (but no contact), in the same turn you can flick that player's Monster Disc. All benefits resulting from that flick, if any go to that player.

Lik Chi The Chinese Vampire
Style: Evil Eye Kung Fu

Golden Eyes Dragon Kick
Call out which player's Monster Disc you want to kill (knock off the board). If you can knock them off in this turn, then you get 6 points instead of 3, if you fail then you get -2 points.

Shrunken Head
Style: Voodoo Capoeira

Bad Juju
When you hit a Monster Disc, you may banish it to one of the bases of your choice.

Zombie Man
Style: Zombie Karate

Blood and Guts Kata
If you can catch your Monster Disc when it gets knocked off the table, then you can save it but you receive a -3 penalty. Return back to the game by placing your Monster Disc to any base, then your turn ends.

Rolo The Fish Man
Style: Creature Grappling

Coral Reef Lock
If you hit another player's Monster Disc, you may choose to make them exchange a Power Disc with yours. If a player has more than one Power Disc, that player chooses which one gets exchanged.

Zombie Eyes
Style: Psycho Lucha Libre

Diablo Carnaval
Each time you move more than 1 Monster Disc from a hit, you get 1 point.

Melinda Queen Pink
Style: Gargoyle-Jitsu

The Marble Slide
If you hit another player's Monster Disc from over 8 inches away, it counts as a kill.

Ghoulon The Behemoth Beast
Style: Behemoth Sumo Wrestling

Hellquake Sumo Stomp
If you hit a Monster Disc, you may shake the table by smacking it once. If any Monster Discs fall off then you are awarded 3 points per disc. If you knock off a Power Disc then you gain 1 point and that power.

Mr. Blood Cult The Cult Leader
Style: Haunted Kickboxing

Polter Jab
Get an extra 1 point for knocking any disc off the table including your own.

Mr. Grey
Style: Demon Claw Kung Fu

Blood Beast Moon Kick
(AKA The Chupacabra Kick) If you can make your Monster Disc land on top of another player's Monster Disc, it counts as a kill.

Kill Mask
Style: Chainsaw Sambo

Secret Slide Kick
If you hit another player's Monster Disc off a table corner then you get 5 points instead of 3.

Dr. Flikenstein
Style: Hydra Kenpo and Warlock Poison Hand

Hydra Kenpo
Two-Headed Monster Mace
Gain an extra flick within the same turn if you knock off a Monster Disc off the table.

Warlock Poison Hand
Dim Mak Stance
Skip your turn now so that you can flick twice later when your turn comes. If you skip two turns then you get three flicks. If you skip three turns then you get four flicks.

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