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Tentaclor Fisher Price imaginext toy review by Wmpyr

TENTACLOR from Fisher-Price Imaginext
toy review by Wmpyr

Tentaclor is a giant purple alien cyclops monster that is perfect for attacking your Imaginext spacemen. The overall look of the Tentaclor is goofy fun and looks a whole lot like the aliens from The Simpsons cartoon.

First thing that you might notice is that Tentaclor actually has a fly swatter for a weapon to smash any humans, you just know this is going to be a wicked fun toy. Tentaclor features battery operated lights and sounds, fortunately there is an on and off button, and the batteries are removable. Plus the gimmicks still work without the light and sounds, although I must admit that the electronic effects do make the actions a tad cooler. Repeatedly pushing down on Tentaclor's exposed brain makes his mouth open and close for spacemen chomping action.

On the back there is a cable that acts like the handle of a mug making Tentaclor easier to lift and move around. This cable has a trigger to move his tentacles around while pooping out a figure, if there is one in the belly. Not even the Kenner Star Wars Rancor monster could eat and poop as well as Tentaclor!

At $30 Tentaclor is $10 more than the Ion Alien Headquarters which is roughly the same size. I have to admit that the Ion Alien HQ is the better deal, since it's cheaper and comes with more stuff, but come on, Tentaclor is definitely cooler, he's a giant space monster for crying out loud, while the Ion Alien HQ is simply a reused mold even though it's been tried and tested as many excellent Imaginext playsets.

If you want the practical "car", I say go for the Alien Ion HQ, but if you want the sports car I say Tentaclor all the way! I really like that Tentaclor reminds me of a cute sturdier Inhumanoids toy. Hopefully Imaginext toy designers will make a more direct/deliberate homage to the Inhumanoids giant monsters. Along with Tentaclor all the alien sets from this line happen to be some sort of cyclops alien theme, which I really dig, many of these cyclops aliens look cool and there are some must have sets in the line! While I can't say that Tentaclor is a must have, it's one of those that would cause envy. You lucky bastard type of toys.

imaginext Tentaclor from Fisherprice

Friday, November 28, 2014

Galaxy Masters

You have been sent to the hostile planet known as Infidia, a mystical terrain filled with beasts, monsters, magic and technology, just the place for an adventure of a lifetime! You are the mighty heroic warrior Remkor, an action figure who is out to make a name for himself. After landing safely on Infidia with your Falconoid spaceship, you walk towards the destination point. Looking up you see a brilliant rainbow colored pattern sky made by the mass of outer space gasses near by the planet. Upon finally arriving at the destination point, you see an olderman named Warsage who you are suppose to meet. Warsage now retired, was the proud hero of Infidia. He has agreed to take you under his wing and pass the torch to you, acting as mentor behind the scenes. Warsage has the same super muscular and ripped body mold as you, the only telling of his age is the white pointy mustache and beard he is sporting. He welcomes you and notices that your not carrying a weapon. You tell him that your weapon is the one that you take from your enemy. Warsage let's out a laugh, says he admires your attitude but insists that you find a worthy weapon. He shows you his favorite weapon, a short double ended lance. Don't waste time, go vanquish evil now. Warsage looks very knowledgeable, do you ask him to train you? Do you do as he says and go look for a weapon? You ask Warsage where his fortress is, and he tells you that the evil Skullgore has taken over the fortress formerly named the Tower of Power, and renamed it The Tower of Gore. Sadly you and Warsage are homeless until you can find a place to stay. You encounter Whippert one of Skullgore's minions. The fight with Whippert was tougher than you expected, you ask Warsage if there are any heroic friends to help out. He tells you about a reliable female warrior. Do you go look for the female warrior? Do you go look for a different warrior?

Japanese class

Issun Boushi The one inch Samurai 1. Mukashi mukashi, ii fufu ga imashita. Fufu wa kodomo ga totemo hoshii deshita. Mainichi fufu wa jinja ni ikimashita. Kodomo wo kudasai to kamisama ni iimashita. 2. Aru hi, akachan ga umaremashita. Totemo chiisaii akachan ga umaremashita. Akachan wa oyayubi no ookisa deshita. Akachan wo totemo kawaiidesu to fufu wa iimashita. Akachan no namae wa Issunboushi deshita. 3. Issunboushi wa genki na kodomo ni narimashita, demo ookiku narimasendeshita. Issunboushi no se wa totemo chiisaii deshita. 4. Okaasan watashi wa machi ni ikimasu to Issunboushi wa iimashita. Fufu wa wakarimashita. 5. Ookina kawa ga arimashita. Issunboushi wa koppu ni norimashita. Issunboushi wa koppu wo fune ni shimashita. 6. Machi wa totemo isogashii deshita. Hito ga takusan imashita. Uma to kuruma mo imashita. Issunboushi wa hayaku arukimashita. 7. Issunboushi wa ookina ie ni ikimashita. Issunboushi wa ookina ie no ohimesama to tomodachi ni narimashita. Ohimesma wa Issunboushi ga daisuki deshita. Anata wa totemo kawaii to ohimesama wa iimashita. 8. Aru hi, ohimesama to Issunboushi wa soto de arukimashita. Oni ga detekimashita. Oni wa Issunboushi wo tabemashita. Issunhoushi wa oni no onaka wo sememashita. Oni wa makemashita. 9. Hammaa wa oni no takaramono deshita. Ohimesama wa hamma wo tsukaimashita. Issunboushi wa ookiku narimashita. Ohimesama to Issunboushi wa kekkon shimashita. Owari
Legend of Princess Kaguya Hime Legend of Goldie by Beth Once upon a time there lived a friendly bear family. Mukashi, Mukashi, Yasashii kuma no kazoku ga imashita. One morning father went to get tree honey. Asa, Chi chi wa ki hachimitsu wo tori ni ikimashita The tree was lit up. Ki wa hikarimashita Father cut open the tree. Chichi wa ki wo kirimashita. Inside there was a little girl. Ki no naka ni onna no ko ga imashita. The small girl was cute and gold. Chiisai onna no ko wa kawaii to kin iro deshita. The girl’s name was Goldie. Onna no ko no namae wa Kinikosan deshita. Goldie became big quickly Kinikosan wa hayaku ookiku narimashita. Goldie danced at morning. Kinikosan ni asa odorimashita. Goldie was very pretty. Kinikosan wa totemo kirei Many bears came by (to look at Goldie). Takusan kuma tachi wa kimashita Everyone gave honey. Minna hachimitsu wo agemashita. Mother and Father received much honey. Ha ha to chi chi wa hachimitsu wo takusan moraimashita. Goldie said dance to everyone. Kinikosan wa minna “odorimasu” to iimashita Tall Bear really wanted Goldie Takai Kumasan wa Kinikosan hontou ni hoshii deshita. Goldie saw the beautiful morning. Kinikosan wa kirei asa wo mimashita Goldie didn’t dance at morning. Kinikosan wa asa wo odorimasen Goldie cried at morning. Kinikosan wa asa ni nakimashita Mother and Father were worried. Ha ha to Chi chi wa shinpai shimashita. Mother and Father asked what’s wrong? Haha to Chi chi wa Kinikosan ni kikimashita Goldie said I came from the morning. Kinikosan wa asa ni kara kimashita iimashita. Goldie said I will return to the morning. Kinikosan wa asa ni kaerimashita. One day, a chariot came out of the morning. Asa kara kin no kuruma ga detekimashita Goldie said goodbye and thank you to everyone. Kinikosan wa minna ni arigatou to sayonara to iimashita. Goldie went back to dance with the morning Kinikosan wa asa to odorimasu ni kaerimashita
Legend of Kintaro 1. Mukashi mukashi, Kintaro to okaasan wa yama ni imashita. Once upon a time Kintaro and his mother lived on a mountain. Mainichi Kintaro wa soto de asobimashita. Everyday Kintaro played outside 2. Kintaro no tomodachi wa usagi to saru to buta to shika deshita. Kintaro’s friends were rabbit & monkey & pig and a deer. Aruhi, minna wa sumo wo shimashita. One day all of them were doing sumo. Kintaro wa itsumo kachimashita. Kintaro always won. Kuma mo Kintaro ni makemashita. Bear also lost to Kintaro. 3. Aruhi, Kintaro wa kuma ni norimashita. One day Kintaro rode on the bear. Yama no naka ni kawa ga arimashita. In the middle of the mountain there was a river. Kintaro wa ki wo kirimashita. Kintaro cut a tree. Kintaro wa ki wo hashi ni shimashita. Kintaro made the tree into a bridge. 4. Samurai wa Kintaro wo mimashita. A Samurai saw Kintaro. Samurai wa Kintaro ga hoshii deshita. The Samurai wanted Kintaro. Kintaro wa ii Bushi ni narimasu to Samurai wa iimashita. Kintaro will become a good warrior said the Samurai. 5. Kintaro wa ie ni kaerimashita. Kintaro went back home. Okaasan boku wa bushi ni narimasu to Kintaro wa iimashita. Mother told Kintaro he would become a warrior. Hayaku ikinasai to okaasan wa iimashita. Go quickly said his mother. Kintaro wa bushi ni narimashita. Kintaro became a warrior. Kintaro wa oni ni kachimashita. Kintaro won against the demons. Owari The end Legend of Murasaki Kitsune by Amanda Kanz 1. Mukashi mukashi, Murasaki Kitsune to Aka Usagi wa mori ni imashita. A long time ago, there was a purple fox and a red rabbit in the forest. Mainichi Murasaki Kitsune wa soto de arukimashita. Everyday, Purple Fox walked outside. 2. Murasaki Kitsune no tomodachi wa kuma to risu to ookami to shika deshita. Purple Fox’s friends were a bear, a squirrel, a wolf, and a deer. Aruhi, minna wa tanoshii kaado geemu wo shimashita. One day, everyone was doing a card game. Murasaki Kitsune wa itsumo kachimashita. Purple Fox always won. Taka mo Murasaki Kitsune ni makemashita. The Hawk also lost to Purple Fox. 3. Aruhi, Murasaki Kitsune wa Taka ni norimashita. One day, Murasaki Kitsune rode on the Hawk. Mori no shita ni doukutsu ga arimashita. There was a cave under the forest. Murasaki Kitsune wa ishi wo torimashita. Purple Fox took a stone. Murasaki Kitsune wa ishi wo hikari ni shimashita. Purple Fox made the stone into a light. 4 Murasaki Kitsune wa doukutsu ni hairimashita. Purple Fox entered the cave. Doukutsu no naka ni kowai ryuu ga imashita. Inside the cave there was a scary dragon. Ryuu wa Murasaki Kitsune wo sememashita. The dragon attacked Purple Fox. Ryuu wa Murasaki Kitsune ni makemashita. Purple Fox defeated the dragon. 5. Mahotsukai wa Murasaki Kitsune wo mimashita. A magician watched Purple Fox. Mahotsukai wa Murasaki Kitsune ga hoshii deshita. The magician wanted the Purple Fox (to train). Mahotsukai ni narimasu to Murasaki Kitsune wa iimashita. Purple Fox said “I will become a magician”. 6. Murasaki Kitsune wa ie ni kaerimashita. Purple Fox returned to his house. Aka Usagi boku wa mahotsukai ni narimasu to Murasaki Kitsune wa iimashita. Purple Fox said, “Red Rabbit, I will become a magician”. Hayaku ikinasai to Aka Usagi wa iimashita. Red Rabbit said “Go quickly”. 7. Murasaki Kitsune wa mahotsukai no daigaku ni ikimashita. Purple Fox went to the Magicians University. Murasaki Kitsune wa hontouni umai mahotsukai ni narimashita. Purple Fox became a really skillful magician. Murasaki Kitsune wa takusan Ryuutachi ni kachimashita. Purple Fox won against many dragons. Owari THE END Beth's Kintaro revised story 1. Mukashi, Mukashi, Kintaro to okaasan wa kawa no yoko imashita. Long time ago Kintaro and his mom lived by the river. Mainichi Kintaro wa kawa de oyogimashita. Kintaro swam at the river everyday. 2. Kintaro no tomodachi wa hakuchou to kamo to sakana to kame deshita. Kintaro's friend was the swan, duck, fish, and turtle. Aruhi, minna wa uootaa polo wo shimashita. One day everyone played water polo. Kintaro wa itsumo kachimashita. Kintaro always won. Wani mo Kintaro ni makemashita. The alligator also lost to Kintaro. 3. Aruhi, Kintaro wa wani ni norimashita. One day Kintaro rode an alligator. Kawa no naka ni ki ga arimashita. There was a tree in the middle of the river. Wani wa ki wo kirimasen deshita. The alligator did not cut the tree. Hakuchou to kamo to sakana to kame wa ki wo kirimasen deshita. The swan, fish, and turtle did not cut the tree. Kintaro wa ki wo kirimashita. Kintaro cut the tree. Kintaro wa ki wo hashi ni shimashita. Kintaro made a tree into a bridge. 4. Okane mochi wa Kintaro wo mimashita. The rich man saw Kintaro. Okane mochi wa Kintaro ga hoshii deshita. The rich man wanted Kintaro. Kintaro san, watashi to hashi wo ippai tsukirimashyo to Okane mochi wa iimashita. Kintaro let's make many bridges with me said the rich man. Hai, hashi wo ippai tsukurimasu to Kintaro wa iimashita Yes, I will make many bridges said Kintaro. 5. Kintaro wa ie ni kaerimashita. Kintaro returned home. Okaasan, boku wa hashi wo ippai tsukurimasu to Kintaro wa iimashita. Mom I will make many bridges said Kintaro. Kintaro wa hashi wo ippai tsukurimashita. Kintaro made many bridges. Kintaro wa okane mochi ni narimashita. Kintaro became rich. Kintaro to okaasan wa ie ni kaerimashita. Kintro and his mother returned home. Owari The End
Legend of Momotaro Legend of Black Spot by Beth Demott 1. Mukashi mukashi, onna to otoko ga imashita. Once upon a time tehre was a woman and a man. Aru hi onna wa kawa wo mimashita. One day the woman was looking at the river. Amai pan ga kimahita. A sweet bread came by. Onna wa amai pan wo kirimashita. The woman cut open the sweet bread. Chiisai inu ga detekimashita. A small dog came out. 2. Inu no namae wa Kuro Supotto deshita. The dog's name was Black Spot. Onna to otoko wa Kuro Supotto wo sodatemashita. The woman and the man raised Black Spot. Kuro Supotto wa totemo shiawase deshita. Black Spot was very happy. 3. Aru hi Kuro Supotto wa Oni Neko wo sememasu to iimashita. One day Black Spot said he was going to attack the devil cats. Onna to otoko wa Kuro Supotto ni amai bisuketto wo agemashita. The woman and the man gave Black Spot sweet biscuits. 4. Amai biuketto wo kudasai to Nezumi wa Kuro Supotto ni iimashita. A mouse said please give me a sweet biscuit to Black Spot. Kuro Supotto to nezumi wa oni neko no yama ni mukaimashita. Black Spot and the mouse headed off to the mountain of the devil cats. 5. Amai biuketto wo kudasai to tori wa Kuro Supotto ni iimashita. A bird said please give me a sweet biscuit to Black Spot. Kuro Supotto to nezumi to tori wa oni neko no yama ni mukaimashita. Black Spot, the mouse, and the bird, headed off to the mountain of the devil cats. 6. Amai biuketto wo kudasai to tokage wa Kuro Supotto ni iimashita. A lizard said please give me a sweet biscuit to Black Spot. Kuro Supotto to nezumi to tori to tokage wa oni neko no yama ni mukaimashita. Black Spot, the mouse, the bird, and the lizard, headed off to the mountain of the devil cats. 7. Kuro Supotto to atarashii tomodachi wa oni neko no yama ni ikimashita. Black Spot and his new friends travelled to the mountain of the devil cats. 8. Tokage wa dai ichi neko wo sememashita. The lizard attacked the first cat. Tori wa dai ni neko wo sememashita. The bird attacked the second cat. Nezumi wa dai san neko wo sememashita. The mouse attacked the third cat. Kuro Supotto wa dai yon neko wo sememashita. Black Spot attacked the fourth cat. 9. Subete no oni neko wa gomennasai to iimashita. All the devil cats said sorry. Oni neko wa piinattsu bataa wo takusan Kuro Supotto ni agemashita. The devil cats gave Black Spot a lot of peanut butter. Oni neko to Kuro Supotto to nezumi to tori to tokage wa piinattsu bataa to amai bisuketto wo tabemashita. The devil cats, Black Spot, the mouse, the bird, and the lizard ate the peanut butter and sweet biscuits. Kuro Supotto wa minna to ie ni kaerimashita. Black Spot returned home with everyone. Minna wa totemo shiawase deshita. Everyone was very happy. Legend of Kurikun by Yasu 1. Mukashi mukashi yasashii ojiisan to obaasan ga imashita. Once upon a time there was a king grandpa and grandma. Aruhi ojiisan wa yama ni ikimashita. One day the grandpa went to the mountain. Ojiisan wa ookii ki wo mimashita. The grandpa aw a large tree. Ookii ki no yoko ni akachan ga imashita. There was a baby next to the large tree. Ojiisan wa akachan to ie ni kaerimashita. The grandpa returned home with the baby. 2. Ojiisan to obaasan wa akachan wo sodatemashita. Grandpa and grandma raised the baby. Akachan wa hayaku kodomo ni narimashita. The baby quickly became a child. Ki no kodomo wa otona ni narimasendeshita. The child of the tree did not become an adult. Kodomo no namae wa Kurikun deshita. The child's name was Kurikun. 3. Ojiisan to obaasan no yama no yoko ni haiiro no yama ga arimashita. There was a grey mountain next to grandpa and grandma's mountain. Haiiro no yama ni kowai oshiro ga arimashita. There was a scary castle on the grey mountain. Kowai oshiro ni ikimasu to Kurikun wa iimashita. Kurikun said he will go to the scary castle. Ojiisan to obaasan wa Kurikun ni onigiri wo yottsu agemashita. Grandpa and grandma gave Kurikun four riceballs. 4. Haiiro no yama ni kowai hebi ga imashita. There was a scary snake at the grey mountain. Kurikun wa hebi ni onigiri wo agemashita. Kurikun gave the snake a riceball. Kurikun to hebi wa tomodachi ni narimashita. Kurikun and the snake became friends. Kurikun to hebi wa issho ni ikimashita. Kurikun and the snake went together. 5. Kurikun to hebi wa doukutsu ni hairimashita. Kurikun and the snake went inside a cave. Kono doukutsu de nemashou to Kurikun wa iimashita. Let's sleep in this cave said Kurikun. Doukutsu ni kowai koomori ga imashita. There was a scary bat in the cave. Kurikun wa koomori ni onigiri wo agemashita. Kurikun gave a riceball to the bat. Koomori to Kurikun wa tomodachi ni narimashita. The bat and Kurikun became friends. 6. Tsugi no hi Kurikun to hebi to koomori wa issho ni ikimashita. The next day Kurikun, the snake, and the bat went together. Ooki hashi ni kowai neko ga imashita. There was a scary snake at the large bridge. Kurikun wa neko ni onigiri wo agemashita. Kurikun gave the cat a riceball. Kurikun to neko wa tomodachi ni narimashita. Kurikun and the cat became friends. 7. Kurikun to hebi to koomori to neko wa kowai oshiro ni ikimashita. Kurikun, the snake, the bat, and the cat went to the scary castle. Oshiro no naka ni takaramono ga takusan arimashita. There were many treasures inside the castle. Totemo kirei na ohimesama ga odorimashita. A very beautiful princess danced. 8. Ohimesama wa Rokurokubi deshita. The princess was a long neck monster. Kurikun wa Rokurokubi ni onigiri wo agemashita. Kurikun gave a riceball to the long neck monster. Rokurokubi wa onigiri wo tabemasen deshita. The long neck monster didn't eat the riceball. Watashi wa anata no chi ga hoshii desu to Rokurokubi wa iimashita. I want your blood said the long neck monster. 9. Kurikun to tomodachi wa oishii gohan wo tsukurimashita. Kurikun and friends made a yummy meal. Rokurokubi wa gohan wo tabemashita. The long neck monster ate the meal. Rokurokubi wa totemo oishiidesu to iimashita. The long neck monster said it was very yummy. Kurikun wa Rokurokubi to tomodachi ni narimashita. Kurikun became friends with the long neck monster. Owari The End
Legend of Urashima Taro Legend of Miss Green by Beth 1. Mukashi, Mukashi Midori san ga imashita. Once upon a time there was a woman named Midori Taro. Midori san wa wakai onna deshita. Midori was a young woman. Aru hi, Midori san wa umi de oyogimashita. One day Midori was swimming in the ocean. Kodomotachi wa ningyo ni warui deshita. Children were bad to a mermaid. Totemo warui desune to Midori san wa iimashita. Very bad said Midori. Midori san wa kodomotachi wo mizu teppo de sememashita. Midori attacked the children with a water gun. Kodomotachi wa hyaku ie ni kaerimashita. The children went home very quickly. Midori san wa ningyo wo tasukemashita. Midori saved the mermaid. Ningyo wa umi ni kaerimashita. The mermaid returned to the ocean. 2. Tsugi no hi Midori san wa fune ni norimashita. The next day Midori rode a boat. Ningyo no chichi wa Midori san wo yobimashita. The Mermaid's Father called to Midori. Midori san wa ningyo no chichi no senaka ni norimashita. Midori rode on the back of the mermaid's father. 3. Midori san to ningyo no chichi wa umi no kyuden ni ikimashita. Midori and the mermadi's father went to the ocean palace. Takusan ningyo ga imashita. There were many mermaids. Ookina heya de umi no uma to ningyo tachi wa odorimashia. The sea horses and the mermaids danced in a big room. Kyuden wa totemo omoshiroi deshita. The palace was very fun. Midori san wa jikan wo wasuremashita. Midori forgot time. Midori san wa kazoku no yume wo mimashita. Midori saw a dream of her family. 4. Watashi wa kyuden ni nanoka imashita to Midori san wa iimashita. I have stayed in the palace 7 days said Midori. Watashi wa ie ni kaerimasu to Midori san wa iimashita. I will go back to my home said Midori. Ningyo no chichi wa Midori san ni kirei na hako wo agemashita. The mermaid's father gave Midori a pretty box. 5. Midori san wa ie ni kaerimashita. Midori returned home. Midori san wa hako wo akemashita. Midori opened the box. Takaramono ga takusan detekimashita. Many treasures came out. Midori san to kanojo no kazoku wa totemo shiawase deshita. Midori and her family were very happy. Owari The end

My Favorite Horror Films

Favorite Horror Films
by Wmpyr

1. No sequels
2. Did not hit the cinema
3. Not a classic

Death Machine (1994)
Dracula's Widow
Satan's Little Helper
The Breed (2001)
The Chopping Mall
Drive Thru

1. No sequels
2. Did hit the cinema
3. Not a classic

13 Ghosts
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Cabin in the Woods
Deep Rising
Innocent Blood

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靈幻道士 キョンシー 大戦争 Reigendoushi Kyonshee Daisensou gamebook

靈幻道士 キョンシー 大戦争 Reigendoushi Kyonshee Daisensou
双葉文庫ゲームブックシリーズ 1988 Gamebook
review by Wmpyr

When I was living in Japan, I saw Reigendoushi Kyonshee Daisensou at a LAWSON convenient store, and I got it after seeing a family friend come over and get a baseball gamebook. I was already into the Endless Quests gamebooks which I got at an American book fair in Japan. I didn't know that Japan had any gamebooks like the Endless Quests books. This one was a little different because it was more than just flipping pages and actually requires you to have a character sheet. I wasn't too happy about that but decided to give it a try anyway. At the time the Chinese vampire, the Kyonshee was super popular and I happen to like them a lot so that was another incentive for me to give this a try. This book is actually very well done, back in the day I thought it was too hard, but after recently giving it a try after more than 25 years later, I can say that it has impressed me like crazy. It's cool because your a Reigendoushi, a Daoist Priest that specializes in taking care of the Chinese Vampires. Sort of like an Exorcist combined with a Voodoo Priest and martial arts expert. Your allowed to pick one of two weapons from the beginning, a sword made from peach wood that uses your Kung Fu power or a sword made from coins which uses your Magical power. You have five different stats where you must divide up 30 points to build your character.

Kung Fu

You start in the mall where there is a Kyonshee exhibit. A valuable orb is stolen by a mysterious master thief, just think Arsene Lupin or a Pink Panther type jewel thief. You will encounter three thug like Kyonshees an imp of a baby Kyonshee, a girl pretending to be a boy, and have lots of action packed martial arts fighting with some humor sprinkled in. It also considerately had an image of two dice printed on some pages so that you can play even if you forgot your dice. The negatives for me was that it was written in first person, and the worst part of that is that you sound like a country bumpkin, which got annoying for me. And I would have preferred different stats over intelligence and luck. Overall, this has to be one of the best gamebooks I've ever played in my life.

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RETURN TO BROOKMERE gamebook review by Wmpyr

review by Wmpyr

When I was a kid, I had three books from TSR Endless Quests books. Return to Brookmere, Mystery of the Ancients, and Conan The Undaunted. Since Conan the Barbarian was one of the first R rated movies I was allowed to see, and it made me drop my jaw, I wanted to like Conan the Undaunted the most. Actual reading wise, I enjoyed Return to Brookmere the most. Story wise I preferred Mystery of the Ancients, but the game portion where I had to make choices were harder so I found it to be more of a frustrating read. In Return to Brookmere you are an Elven fighter who is sent by your father the King to scout your former castle, which has been taken over by a bunch of monsters lead by a gaint wererat named Frang. Sadly all you do in this story is scout, your not going to battle the wererat Frang to overthrow him and recapture your castle. You find out that the monsters have been getting slayed by some unknown force. If sneaking around behind enemy lines avoiding battle in a dungeons and dragons fantasy setting is your thing then this book is it!

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Favorite Action Figures

Some of my favorite Action Figures
by Wmpyr

A little list of some memorable action figures from yesteryear.

Armada Megatron
From the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars line.

From the Mortal Kombat GI Joe crossover.

Golobulus and Nemesis Enforcer
From the GI Joe Cobra La 3 pack.

Venomous Maximus with chamber
From the GI Joe Venom Vs Valor line.

Coil Crusher
From the GI Joe Venom Vs Valor line.

Centaurus and Repto
Micronauts Palisades reissue.

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Japanese anime films Space Pirate Cobra Tiger Mask Captain Harlock Devilman Death Note Fist of the Northstar

Japanese Anime films
Multiple film reviews by Wmpyr

Captain Harlock
This is a animated film using heavy Final Fantasy style CGI. I'm not too crazy about the animation style, but I have to admit that it does look good. The spaceships, the worlds, all look good. The clothing on the characters look pretty incredible, I just don't care for the way the people look, although I don't think it looks bad it's just not my thing. The story overall is not the best Captain Harlock story for me, but this one was one of the better films from this list.

Death Note
This is a live action film, I haven't seen part II, but part I was well done and it makes me want to see part II. I've read a little of the manga, and I have just started to watch the TV series and I actually prefer it over Attack on Titan. It has shades of Sherlock Holmes mixed with the crazy concept only a manga can bring. Highly recommended!

I'm a big fan of Go Nagai, and he has said before that the manga Devilman is his life's work, unfortunately this live action film doesn't do the manga justice. I can't recommend it.

Fist of the Northstar
A highly ambitious live action film that feels more like a low budget martial arts action film than a film based off of a legendary manga and anime series. I think it's enjoyable as a separate work from the manga and anime.

Space Priate Cobra
An old school animation film that I really enjoyed. Not the best Cobra story, but still if your a fan of the manga this was not bad. It doesn't bring anything major to the manga but it's still enjoyable.

Tiger Mask
A live action film that loses the spirit and era of the original manga. It's probably the worst on this list right after Devilman. I tried to like it, since I'm a huge fan of the original manga which I had the entire 11 issues that I would read over and over again.

Dracula 3000

Dracula 3000
film review by Wmpyr

I expected this to be terrible, in fact when I saw this film before, I think I thought that it was pretty bad, but this time around I found it to be rather enjoyable. I had no idea that Casper Van Dien wasn't going to make it through to the end, and that Tiny Lister would and take over as the male lead at the very end. Erika Eleniak looks good as a buff NARC, obviously she gained some weight, and I even mistook her for Raye Hollitt AKA Zap from the American Gladiators. My gripe with the film is that they could have made it even more like Ridley Scott's Alien, since they are out in deep space with a monster. I like that they threw in a robot like the film Alien, except that this one was Erika Eleniak. I only wish that Orlock didn't look like a cheap Halloween store Dracula, to me that was the worst part of the film. I wish they had done something new and cutting edge. Coolio was given quite a role in this film, and definitely adds flavor to the film. The ending was quite abrupt but so is the 1931 Bela Lugosi Dracula. It doesn't bother me, if you keep your expectations low enough then this film is watchable and enjoyable. It's been a while since I've seen Jason X but I think that was a bit better, even though I like the story to this one more. It would have been great if they had put in a Super Dracula in this one like they had Super Jason in Jason X. I can't compare it to Leprechaun 4: In Space and Critters 4 because I don't even remember those, I will have to check them out again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

VAMP horror film review

film review by Wmpyr

This was the 2nd time I saw this film and I enjoyed it more this time around. Grace Jones plays a vampire den mother like character who seems to be from Egyptian origins. Her and her fledglings live in an underground sewer under a shady street where they operate their strip club with the mafia. Three horny college boys make their way out there and get mixed up in this mess. I enjoyed the 80s nostalgia I got from this film, and there are many vampire movie elements that you will recognize in many other vampire movies. It was nice to see Billy Drago in this film although he plays a weird albino punk with red eyes, which made me think he was a vampire but he is not. I really like the scenes where the protagonist was wandering around the streets and sewers, it had some strange lighting going on which was cool. Overall if you like 80s vampire films then this may not be the best but I think it's a must see.

HEADS OF HORROR vending machine toy

Heads of Horror
Terror toppers for your pencils!
toy review by Wmpyr

When I trekked to a grocery store three cities away, I ended up in an extremely large grocery store, as I looked down, there it was. A vending machine with a cover poster titled Heads of Horror. For fifty cents you get a small capsule containing one mini zombie head that you put on the end of your pencil as a delightfully horrid decoration. Apparently there are eight different heads available.

1. An eye glass wearing face
2. Typical zombie face with exposed brain named Lenny Lifeless
3. Skull named Eddie Exhumed
4. A morbid doctor
5. Screaming zombie face
6. Frankenstein's monster looking one with sewed up eyes named Gary Ghoulette
7. My favorite of the bunch, an evil clown
8. A fat faced one with Rockabilly hair named Frank Frightener

They are made of a plastic material that isn't soft like rubber, but it's also not super hard and rigid. The grotesque details on these things are amazing. They remind me of the custom made action figure heads sold on eBay for twenty to thirty dollars just for the head. For fifty cents I think these Heads of Horror are a steal. I've also found that if you use a round cylindrical Lego piece they are compatible to the Lego minifigs even though it might look strange, I think it's a cool strange.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Top Favorite Vampire Films

My top Vampire Films
Movie List by Wmpyr

What can I say, I am into monsters, always been fascinated by them, always liked them. Out of all the different types of monsters out there, my favorite has been Dracula. So in honor of Dracula, here are my top favorite vampire films.

Excellent vampire film from Full Moon Entertainment. B-grade at it's finest.

Lair of the White Worm
Just saw it again and I gotta say it's pretty awesome. I would like to see a remake but then again, the original is so good it would be hard to even come close.

The Breed
Before Daybreakers and Underworld was the film The Breed, which also depicts a vampire world for the viewers to visit. Not as over the top as those newer films but still stylish, that's what I like about it.

Shadow of the Vampire
A great homage to the classic film Nosferatu. Cinematography is top notch on this one.

The Lost Boys
It has comedy, scares, romance, a twist ending, and even a hell hound, what more can I ask for?

Dracula's Widow
There is something that is very memorable to me about this straight to video flick.

Bram Stoker's Dracula
I grew up with the 1980s Dracula with Frank Langella, but sad to say it loses to this one, which has a stronger fantasy feel to it which I like very much.

Queen of the Damned
Everyone prefers Interview with the Vampire over this one, while Interview had a much bigger budget, and is a better made film overall, I have to say that I really like Queen. And I like that it doesn't have the super celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Antonio Banderas in it.

Others I've seen: Note that the ones I took special interest in get a *

*Against the Dark
Andy Warhol's Dracula
*Argento's Dracula 3D
Blade franchise
*Dracula (1931)
Dracula 2000
Dracula 3000
Dracula Dead and Loving It
Dracula Untold
From Dusk Til Dawn
Fright Night
Fright Night II
Fright Night 2011
Fright Night 2013
*Innocent Blood
*Hammer films Dracula
John Carpenter's Vampires
*My Best Friend's a Vampire
*The Monster Squad
*The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
*Sleep Walkers
*30 Days of Night
30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Graveyard Shift
The Night Flier
*Interview with the vampire
Let Me In
Love at First Bite
*Lips of Blood
*Nosferatu der nacht
*Nosferatu The Vampyre
*Requiem of the Vampire
*Subspecies franchise
Twilight franchise
*Two Orphan Vampires
The Fearless Vampire Hunters
The Vampire Journals
*The Velvet Vampire
Underworld franchise
*Vampire Circus
Van Helsing

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No Retreat No Surrender

No Retreat No Surrender
film review by Wmpyr

I had never fully seen this film from beginning to end until now, there are many good reviews on it here on youtube, so instead of the typical review, I'm going to talk about why it's good to watch, and what to look for. if you were around the age of highschool in the 80s then this film would have been epic for just about any guy. To me the main character in this film is like an improvement of Daniel-san in the original Karate Kid, don't get me wrong the original Karate Kid is a way better film, but think of it this way, this film appeals more to the male fantasy. Daniel-san learns karate from Mr. Miyagi after being bullied. The main character in this film his dad is a martial arts instructor, so he is already an experienced martial artist, and if that wasn't cool enough, he is a huge Bruce lee fan. Now in this film we have mobsters, fights in the dojo, bad karate schools, there is a love interest, training scenes, 80s style montage and fighting bullies, but let's talk about the fantasy part, so your the guy that doesn't really belong in any group in highschool, but at the same time, your not really a nerd because this guy is in tremendous shape, and in the trainging sequence you'll get to see some hardcore stuff. it's weird because he looks like a kid but then again at some angles he's build like an adult athlete. His friend RJ is like the perfect friend, helps you hook up with your girl, lends you a trianing place to stay, helps you train and then ontop of that is a breakdancing champion, who wouldn't want a friend like that. let me just say here that there is a really weird exercise scene with the main character RJ and icecream. there is a scene where he saves his Dad, in a street fight, how cool is that? now lets get to the ultimate scene, this film has been called a shameless bruce lee exploitation flick, but really who doesnt want private lessons from the ghost of bruce lee? the film is also called a van damme flick, but he's in it only for a short period of time, but other reviewers have said that he does a great job as a villain and the fights scenes were good. JCVD is young in this film but he still looks like an adult, so in the end one more fantasy, not only does the main character defeat the super muscular bad guy monster who dishonored his dad, there is that element of beating up an adult. personally I prefer NRNS 2, which is nothing like this one at all in anyway, but I still enjoyed this one and if 80s B movie MA flicks appeals to you then this is a classic.

Wizard of Oz Essay

by Wmpyr

I am a fan of the famous classic film The Wizard of Oz. Even though I like the film, I am the type of person that likes to think about how to improve things. One of the biggest areas of concern occurs immediately after Dorothy's arrival to the land of Oz. Dorothy's house falls on the Wicked Witch of the East resulting in an instant death. I do feel cheated that there was no fight between Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the East. It doesn't help that the fight between Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West was also a disappointment because after all the build up, there really was no showdown, just an accidental splashing of water. In defense of the film, I don't see a problem with Dorothy not being a fighter, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Snow White weren't fighters either. However I think it would have been nice to see her use her wits to overcome the two wicked witches, but that's not what happened. My other gripe once again has to do with the Wicked Witch of the East, she was wearing ruby slippers, which is not a very wicked witch like item. Maybe she stole it from a good witch, so the ruby slippers were originally for purposes of good, but I'm doing too much speculating here. Once Dorothy gets the magical ruby slippers, they never did anything to help Dorothy until the very end when she learns that they can take her home. So the whole duration of the film we hear about how valuable these ruby slippers are yet they were useless 90% of the time. I would have liked to have seen a more useful item such as the gifts from the gods in the original classic Clash of the Titans, now those were some really cool and useful magical items.

Cyborg Albert Pyun film

film review by Wmpyr

I just saw this film last night again, I did a search on my youtube channel and to my surprise I haven't done a review of this yet so here I am! this film was made to use the costumes and sets used for the sequels of masters of the universe and spiderman which were cancelled. so basically it was written so they could recycle those props and salvage some money. And I am so glad that they made this because Cyborg is one of my favorite JCVD films, and one of my fav films by director Albert Pyun who really likes action, MA, and a thing for cyborgs. It may even be in my top 10 fav. sci-fi films list as well. I like Cyborg because it has MA, set in a post apocalyptic future, muscles, all kinds of cool weapons, including some really awesome blades, a katana like sword, wicked serrated knife, a kukri, and even a switch blade shoe for crying out loud! Director albert pyun originally envisioned the film as a heavy opera without dialogue in black and white, obviously that didn't happen, but it kind of explains why the film was shot the way it was. Very memorable to me is the music, VDs character hardly has any dialogue, there's lots of emotion, his character is a very tragic one, and it to me this kind of tormented character is very attractive, like in a dracula sort of way. The pain is the motivator for revenge, but still somewhere underneath the ultra violence there is kindness, a sense of humanity. The music helps and the flash backs are not annoying to me. One brilliantly shot scene is when he is looking after Nady and sharpening his knife and you can see him being haunted by the past. I really enjoyed the fight scenes where VD took on those military bandits, and then of course the main bag guys are pirates in a post apocalyptic future which is pretty unique and their leader Fender steals the show! interesting trivia is that Fender is played by a real life surfing champ. The costumes are really amazing as are the weapons. When VD gets crucified another scene that brilliantly captures the torment going on inside his psyche, but it also captures his drive, his anger, and the bottom line the strength of his character that he will not give up, and he is a worthy hero, the scene where VD is underground doing the splits waiting for his victim to pass by underneath as he readies his knife, has got to be one of the most awesomest blade kills in cinema history. The victim by the way is Ralph Moeller best of the best 2, Another reason why I like this film is because it reminds me of a more realistic version of Fist of the Northstar which is one of my favorite mangas I grew up reading. originally Albert Pyun thought of Chuck Norris as the lead but Cannon suggested JCVD who just finished bloodsport. I can see Chuck doing a good job actually, but I am glad they went with JCVD, if they chose Chuck it probably would not have reminded me of FOTNS.

Reaction Figures action figure toy review Alien Freddy Krueger Michael Myers Pinhead T-800 Terminator

Funko Reaction Figures
Action figure toy review by Wmpyr

I first took notice of the Universal Monsters Horror retro style figures I spotted at Toys R Us. I was very tempted to pick them up but I passed them up. I liked how they looked vintage but that was also a reason for me to not get them and look for the more detailed GI Joe figures instead. I've recently become a little disenchanted with the super articulate and fragile figures so these super simple Reaction Figures have been a great change. I had Kenner Star Wars figures from back in the day so these figures are no stranger to me. When I finally decided to go for it, the first two that I got were Pinhead and Michael Myers. Second one I got was the T-800 Terminator, non chrome because from my experience chrome toys do not age well. Third batch was the Xenomorph from the film Alien and Freddy Krueger.

Easily the best made of the bunch. They really went the extra mile with this one, it has a ton of detail, a movable tail, dorsal siphons, extending teeth, removable clear head piece, sadly the glow in the dark spots on the brain do not work.

Freddy Krueger
Very good detail on the face, shirt, and even claws. The claw is not removable which is not a bad thing. He comes with a removable hat which is a nice touch.

Michael Myers
I got him because I like his movies even though this figure maybe the least cool looking out of this bunch. They did give him a kitchen knife, and he does look like the character, he's not bad, but my others ones look so great they make him look not as desirable.

My personal favorite of the bunch, even though I know the Alien figure is way cooler. I just really like the films and the character. He doesn't have pins on his head but they did a good job capturing the essence. I also like the box (Lament Configuration) they gave him it was a nice touch.

After the Alien this is the 2nd coolest looking figure, they did a good job with all the detail on this endo-skeleton Terminator and it really stands out. The chrome version does look nicer, but I know what happens to chrome toys after some time and it aint pretty. Careful on the joints of this one, they look real fragile.

Bride of Frankenstein
Easily one of my favorites. She is an icon, yet not as overexposed as Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster or the Wolfman. I like how she is like a fusion of many monsters, her face is pale like Dracula complete with white streaks along the hair, her arms are bandaged like The Mummy, yet she is from the Frankenstein story.

The Mummy
I've always thought that the Universal Horror Studio's Mummy looked cool, and this figure doesn't disappoint, it has very good detail on the face, bandages, he even has the ring from the film.

Predator Unmasked
Sadly this figure disappoints, the quality control on this one was quite bad, one of his leg wasn't sculpted right making him difficult to stand and pose well, and his gauntlet blade was messed up, one blade was chopped off short, and I have since then gone back to the store to see more of the exact same figure suffer the same fate. Be extra careful if you want to get this one. While he doesn't have head articulation because of the unremovable shoulder gun, his overall sculpt is pretty cool especially the head sculpt.

Zombie Dice and Zombie Dice 2

Zombie Dice
Dice game review by Wmpyr

I've been playing Zombie Dice for quite some time now. At first it was a little strange because your the zombie in this game. And your rolling a bunch of dice to do what zombies do best, which is eat brains. While it doesn't really feel like your a zombie going after brains, and the dice are not pretty to look at, the game is fun because it's simple, easy to learn, and quick to play. I've played it with 3 and 4 players but most of the time I play it as a 2 player game and we like it, it works well even with just 2 players. The only downside is that you do have to keep track of your score. It's just up to 13 points so it's not that bad, but having a paper and pencil does make it better, but it is a pain to need that. I have the regular cardboard cup version, found in Target and Walmart, I wish I had the nicer plastic cup version, which I've seen at Barnes & Nobles, but it just seemed too expensive. Luckily I do have the Zombie Dice 2 expansion pack which I got on 50% off clearance. I think 8 bucks for an expansion is a bit expensive but man it does really expand the game and make it more fun! You get 3 new dice in the expansion, The Hunk, The Hottie, and Santa. And with these dice you can play Zombie Dice in 3 different games modes. 1st game mode is called Big Summer Action Movie, where you have to face The Hunk and The Hottie duo. 2nd game mode is called Santa Claus Meets the Zombies, and see if Santa will help or hider you. 3rd game mode is called The Direct to Video Sequel and you use all 3 dice in this one, which is probably the one you will be playing the most. I hope they make a Zombie Dice 3, and 3rd expansion pack this time with a cooler looking dice, like a Zombie King that is made like the Cthulhu in Cthulhu Dice also made by Steve Jackson Games.

Curse of Chucky

Curse of Chucky
2013 film review by Wmpyr

As a fan of the Chucky films, I've been wanting to see this one for a long time. Just recently in the name of Halloween, I bought it, and finally watched it. Man it was worth the wait. I had heard good things about it, so my hopes were high. This film basically is a type of remake, it's a re-imagination of the original Child's Play films. It takes us back to the more scary Chucky film style, but it still doesn't lose the black humor. I don't know about story, and I'm not going to check for plot holes, because that is not the reason why I watch these films, but the overall feeling, stays true to the original films and also the newer ones, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, which is why to me this film succeeds. Take another film for example, the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street, which was also a re-imagination of the original, to me that one was no where near as good as Curse of Chucky. Remakes are not easy to do, the original fans are going to say that the original is better, and the new fans will be comparing it to the new stuff without any care or respect. It's a lose lose situation. So I applaud the makers of Curse, for pulling it off. Solid recommendation for fans of Chucky, Puppet Master, and evil doll films.

Kaiser Doom

Kaiser Doom
Short story by Wmpyr

Intergalactic story, Space Adventure Rag City - sleep on cardboard with a ton of blankets. glass bottle fight Amazon Sumo match Escape from NY gladitorial matches Wampyre One of 13 vampires that had his heart surgically extracted and hidden in a secret place so that he cannot be staked. Furthermore a Wampyre is half demon making him less vulnerable to typical vampire weaknesses. Kaiser Doom A super soldier who wears an armor that was made by demon technology. All the materials and engineering that went in was supernatural and the maker was a possessed person. The supernatural villain known as Kaiser Doom commands an army of zombies. Satanta Claus Rumored to be a Gnoll, which is a Gnome and Troll hybrid. Doctor Grendelbane Brilliant possessed scientist who makes mechanical devices that no normal human can make. His specialty is warbots. Horrible robots designed to exterminate mankind. He created a super soldier, a war genius named Kaiser Doom. Kaiser has the Doctor make Warbots, horrible robots designed to exterminate mankind. Super Hero story The supernatural villain known as Satanta Claus has arrived drilling fear into the hearts of every citizen in Sholmes Mega City. Satanta Claus comes out of hibernation every X-mas, which is the only time you can kill him, but it's also when he is the most powerful. He is a Gnoll, half gnome, half troll. Every year he brings the citizens of Sholmes a dreaded Satanta gift, in the form of a plague. Gift 1: Gift of winter, the permanent cold Gift 2: Gift of Pandora, unleashes 87 evil spirits Gift 3: Gift of the Dead, zombie virus Some of the 23 evil spirits decide to fight against Satanta to form the supernatural heroes comity. 3 powerful ghosts of Xmas past, present, and future can help the Scrooged one to unlock the secret to kill Satanta. Snowman Rudolph Elves The powerful evil spirits possessed people. The lesser evil spirits haunted houses and other places. The weakest evil spirits took over artifacts. Slime spitting and slime covered supernatural hero with his blob pendant. Vampire Monk with his Nosferatu ring. Snake Lady with her Snake barecelet. The supernatural hero known as the Vampire Monk wears a dark purple monk's robe, and a skull face mask under the hood. His powers come from the Nosferatu ring. Your Nosferatu ring unleashes a dark entity that manifests your aura for a limited time. It basically looks like your wearing an awesome black cape that is alive. You can command the dark entity to do many things. Call out, Nosferatu I command you! To release the dark entity! Dark Plasma shots Tentacles Bat Guillotine The Decapitator - dark matter sword Skeletal Steed Indestructible Coffin - floating coffin takes you to safety Hypnotize Punch to inject fear Punch to inject a skull bat entity into their mind Punch to inject negative energy, that will kill someone over time. Haunted Mist, takes a long time but you can fill up a room. Life Force Drain, take life force from a victim to heal yourself or get revitalized. Space Travel story Your name is Kei Kurozawa, for short everyone calls you K. You've been traveling in a 4019 Pluton Texas spaceship. You have been a companion/bodyguard to the exiled Princess Lacey of the Gaterra Cat Women. As you fly into the gravitational pull of the planet Lacudra for landing, your ship Texas is suddenly caught in a monstrous snow storm. Texas crash lands into what appears to be some castle. Texas no longer functions, you and Lacey go out to help a severely injured person. That person turns out to be a vampire, lord of the castle you just destroyed, and now they are charging after you with intent to kill. Since they are injured you are able to defeat them. Then a winter Fae appears and tells you to take the Nosferatu ring off of the vampire lord's dead body. You also take the vampire's spacecraft, which is shaped like a giant vampire head. You are to follow the highway to get to Sholmes City and talk with the Sultan, an all knowing super computer. Along the way you meet the snake lady and an amazon that joins you in your quest. The Sultan commands you to kill the Worceress. It turns out that the Winter Fae caused the snow storm to make you crash. In fact the Winter Fae had you trained in combat skills so that you could defeat the Sultan and the Worceress. Your cursed blood made you immune to the zombie spell used by the Worceress. Sholmes the elite city with pyramid sky scrapers enclosed in a climate control bubble. The Sultan lives here. Rag City is where most of the population lives in poverty. Skyless is an underground city where outlaws live. Ancient Japan story The Orochiko is terrorizing a village, the only weapon that can harm it is the magical Katana with three magical gemstones in the blade. Each gemstone is protected by a Yokai in the far corners of the land. Nopperabou, Kuchisakeonna, and Rokurokubi. A brave Samurai is able to acquire all three gemstones and take on the Orochiko. Slashes made with the magical Katana do damage but the Samurai's body is not strong enough. A Naga goddess who was watching by decides to lend a hand to the Samurai and transforms him into a giant monstrous bat with a skull face. The Orochiko and the Samurai battle for a long time in the end the Samurai is victorious after receiving a bite. The Samurai now has cursed blood, and instead of decapitating the Orochiko to end the terror, he wanders off without finishing the job. Hundreds of years later a champion for the Orochiko appears. Galactic Barabarian story, with RPG HP, AP, MP, and such. Infidia Remkor Warsage Skullgore Steam Punk pirates - deep sea angler fish oil rig made into a secret hiding spot skull cave with waterfall Evil Clown face and slide of death Vending machine - powers Nosferatu ring Kinkeshi Madballs Finger Puppets COFFIN WORLD The coffin alters your body. The book alters your mind. The artifact alters your spirit. Ouroboros and his 2 companions rule Coffin World as judge jury and executioner. When a person enters Coffin World they are forced to enter the arena. 4 levels of combat. 1. Skeleton Knight 2. Two-headed Wolf 3. Corpse Bundler 4. Vampire All those killed have their ectoplasm taken. The coffin mechanism runs from ectoplasm rather than electricity. If you win the arena, then you become the next Gladiator.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Dracula Untold

2014 film review by Wmpyr

Do I recommend this film? It really depends on, to who am I recommending it to. And that arises the million dollar question, who does this film target? In my opinion if you like the Blade series especially Blade III with Dracula, then your going to like this one. The reason why I say that is because there is a lot of action in this movie. If your expecting to see a slow paced moody film with excellent acting and cinematography then watch Nosferatu or Shadow of the Vampire, not this one. If your expecting the classical debonaire Dracula that is the likable villain then don't watch this one, watch Bram Stoker's Dracula or Dracula with Bela Lugosi or Frank Langella. Even though this one uses the same name, same character as the Dracula that everyone knows and loves, this is an origins tale so your going to see a side of Dracula that is rarely seen. It's the patriot, the warrior, and the man who sacrifices all for his family. Only at the very end do they give us a brief glimpse of the Dracula that we know with a tiny tiny bit of romance hinting what's to come, which was my favorite scene. Overall as long as you know what to expect this wasn't bad. It's an enduring film in a way because we don't get to see the Dracula we are familiar with, but by the end this Dracula helps you appreciate that Dracula more. This film is just him going through battle after battle, which could get quite boring, and those scenes did. Now there are some cool memorable scenes sprinkled throughout so the effort to change the pace of the film was definitely there, and the vampire that makes Dracula is absolutely great. The vampire powers in this film are a little over the top, but on the other hand let's just say he would make a good fight with the Arnold Vosloo Imhotep Mummy from The Mummy films. This actor looks the part of Dracula. After seeing the warrior Dracula in this film, it just made me want to see the next chapter the lonely, dark, and mysterious, romantic Dracula.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blood Gnome by Full Moon

2004 film review by Wmpyr

Another Full Moon Entertainment horror film. I can't say that I would recommend this film to just anybody since it does have some definite negatives, even though I thought it was better than Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan. It does have some redeeming qualities. I wish it was shot in a better quality film, it reminds me of Evil Bong 3 in film quality. The concept revolves around invisible blood lusting gnomes, and you can only see them if you drink their blood. I did enjoy this concept, and the BDSM scene was interesting because they introduce you to a subculture, like your a tourist exploring this strange taboo world. The cover of the DVD box with the two gnome heads is awesome looking and so is the title name, and Melissa Pursley steals the show. Lots of potential here.

Murdercycle from Full Moon

1999 film review by Wmpyr

A Full Moon film that is more sci-fi action than it is horror. In fact I would say PREDATOR is more of a horror film than this one. It seems like a B-grade PREDATOR film at parts because they do spend a significant amount of time where we have commandos in nature being ambushed by an alien armed to the teeth. This film actually attempts to go more into depth trying to explain everything. One thing that I've noticed is that low budget films usually have to explain a lot through dialog, while bigger budget films "show you" the story. That being said, I knew what I was getting into and it was pretty cool, I really have no complaints. I wish that the alien was not a Murdercycle, which ultimately works but I would have preferred a different kind of cyborg monster.

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Choose your MONSTA!!!

28 Monster Discs each one with a special martial arts move!
Learn from the best to be the best!

Normal Moves Terminology

When you hit another player's Monster Disc off the table, it is called a kill. You are awarded 3 points, and that Monster Disc is eliminated from the game.

Each table corner is called a base. Every player is assigned a base and start the game by placing their Monster Disc there.

Power Totem
Knock a Totem off the table to activate your special martial arts move!

Choose 2 left over Monster Discs to become Totem. You may flip them over and put them on the table with their back side showing for clarification.

When you hit a Totem off the table, then you score 1 point, remove that Totem and keep it in your hand for the duration of that game. Your Monster Disc can now do it's special move.

Blue Skull

Blazing Death Ball
Place the totem you knocked off right next to your Monster Disc and use it to flick once, after your flick, take it off the table.

Brain Skull
Alien Invasion Tactics

Alien Mind Control
When you hit another player's Monster Disc you may put your disc on top of the disc that you hit. That player's turn is skipped until your disc gets off of their disc.

Choppy The Clown Blood & Gore Boxing

Evil Bowling
If you make a kill, all the remainder discs are put in the center of the table and you get to go again!

Clawrence Claw Head Creature Claw Kung Fu

Gavin The Cyclops Rock Head Pankration

Jackson Pumpkin Head
Nightmare Bayonet Fighting

Pumpkin Patch Curse
If you hit a Monster Disc, that Monster Disc must be flipped over to show the bottom side. Every turn the player will try to flip their Monster Disc back to normal, until then it cannot flick their disc.

Glazer The Knight Skull The Art of War

Political Emperor

If you knock off two Totems then every hit you make on a Monster Disc is a kill.

Pink Skull
Screaming Kali, Tae Kwon Death

Purple Skull
Henchmen Karate, Lucha Libre De Los Muertos

Skull Mantis
Devil Mantis Kung Fu

Haunted City Free Flow

Evil Rat King
Graveyard Boxing

Sir Vordenburg The Vampire
Devil Bat Cane

Larry The Lycan
Fang and Claw

Corpse Bundler
Eskimo Martial Arts

Wrap Man Pharaoh
Ancient Egyptian Warrior and Wrestling Skills

Scaldor The Four-Eyed Skeleton
Style: Evil Doll Ninjitsu

The Marionette Scroll
If you land within 1 inch of another player's Monster Disc (but no contact), in the same turn you can flick that player's Monster Disc. All benefits resulting from that flick, if any go to that player.

Lik Chi The Chinese Vampire
Style: Evil Eye Kung Fu

Golden Eyes Dragon Kick
Call out which player's Monster Disc you want to kill (knock off the board). If you can knock them off in this turn, then you get 6 points instead of 3, if you fail then you get -2 points.

Shrunken Head
Style: Voodoo Capoeira

Bad Juju
When you hit a Monster Disc, you may banish it to one of the bases of your choice.

Zombie Man
Style: Zombie Karate

Blood and Guts Kata
If you can catch your Monster Disc when it gets knocked off the table, then you can save it but you receive a -3 penalty. Return back to the game by placing your Monster Disc to any base, then your turn ends.

Rolo The Fish Man
Style: Creature Grappling

Coral Reef Lock
If you hit another player's Monster Disc, you may choose to make them exchange a Power Disc with yours. If a player has more than one Power Disc, that player chooses which one gets exchanged.

Zombie Eyes
Style: Psycho Lucha Libre

Diablo Carnaval
Each time you move more than 1 Monster Disc from a hit, you get 1 point.

Melinda Queen Pink
Style: Gargoyle-Jitsu

The Marble Slide
If you hit another player's Monster Disc from over 8 inches away, it counts as a kill.

Ghoulon The Behemoth Beast
Style: Behemoth Sumo Wrestling

Hellquake Sumo Stomp
If you hit a Monster Disc, you may shake the table by smacking it once. If any Monster Discs fall off then you are awarded 3 points per disc. If you knock off a Power Disc then you gain 1 point and that power.

Mr. Blood Cult The Cult Leader
Style: Haunted Kickboxing

Polter Jab
Get an extra 1 point for knocking any disc off the table including your own.

Mr. Grey
Style: Demon Claw Kung Fu

Blood Beast Moon Kick
(AKA The Chupacabra Kick) If you can make your Monster Disc land on top of another player's Monster Disc, it counts as a kill.

Kill Mask
Style: Chainsaw Sambo

Secret Slide Kick
If you hit another player's Monster Disc off a table corner then you get 5 points instead of 3.

Dr. Flikenstein
Style: Hydra Kenpo and Warlock Poison Hand

Hydra Kenpo
Two-Headed Monster Mace
Gain an extra flick within the same turn if you knock off a Monster Disc off the table.

Warlock Poison Hand
Dim Mak Stance
Skip your turn now so that you can flick twice later when your turn comes. If you skip two turns then you get three flicks. If you skip three turns then you get four flicks.

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