Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trancers 2 from Full Moon

Trancers II
1991 film review by Wmpyr

Trancers 2 continues with the story, this time Jack's wife who died in the future is back in the past to complicate things. The female rivalry and going after the Trancer cult called GreenWorld makes it pretty interesting. Helen Hunt is more like herself in this one, in the first one she was a punky street girl which was difficult to believe. Is it just me or the Trancers in this film were much less of a threat than the first one? They just seemed like cannon fodder actually. There is plenty of gun fights, and it still has the off-Terminator feel to it. Definitely looking forward to the 3rd one, sadly I only own 1-3 and that is only half of the series since they made up to a part 6. Overall this one wasn't too bad, the girl problems actually made it entertaining for me to watch.

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