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Star Convoy Kabaya Transformers 30th anniversary series 8

Kabaya Transformers 30th anniversary series 8
Star Convoy toy review by Wmpyr

This toy is an officially licensed tiny action figure that you build. Kabaya is a food corporation so this model kit is released with a piece of gum. Chew as you build, and when done, you end up with an actual toy, when I was a kid things didn't get much better than this. I've seen some Youtube review videos made by American and UK Transformers fans and some seem to miss the point, the actual building of the model kit is half the fun.

In the summer of 2014, I went on a trip to the country side of Japan and found this gem in the candy isle of a grocery store called Fukuhara. It was about three dollars. I saw the entire series which consisted of three models, Star Convoy, Hydra, and Buster. I went with Star Convoy because he was a base former, and I really like base formers, plus he came with a mini Hot Rodimus to run around on the base, that was just too cool for me to pass up. I also saw something called Dinosoldier which was also made by Kabaya and had dinosaurs that transformed into robots and then combined into a larger robot. I almost got the triceratops but I passed on it when I found out it was a gestalt, I wasn't up for buying all three just to complete the combined form.

I'm not a big fan of Optimus Prime but I'm happy with my choice because Star Convoy looks good in bot mode, vehicle mode, and even has a third mode, my favorite the base mode. The transformation for each mode feels quite solid, due to an excellent design, I was surprised that it actually transforms since many of the Kabaya toys are parts formers, where you have to take parts on and off to transform it.

To me Star Convoy is as good as it gets for a Kabaya toy, and I am absolutely delighted by this toy. I give it five out of five stars! Now I need to list some negatives or this won't be a good review. First let me say that the actual build was a little tricky/scary for me because I didn't want to damage it, since putting it together required some forcing. In bot mode, his shield is a little large making him off balanced, which to me is not much of a negative. In vehicle mode he doesn't have any working wheels which to me is not a big deal, especially considering the figures size and price. I personally think that the stickers look stupid so I didn't put any on, but he still looks good to me because he is made of three base colors, red, blue, and grey. His base mode is his weakest mode largely due to his robot head and arms still being there. But for me it makes me think of an amusement park, and I think it's quite fun looking so I don't mind. The mini Hot Rodimus is also a nice yet essential touch especially for this kind of base mode.

The Kabaya Star Convoy is a relatively simple Transformer and that is what works here for me. Simple and solid transformations, good looking bot and vehicle modes, and a fun base mode. I highly recommend this triple changer.

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