Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prison of the Dead from Full Moon Entertainment

Prison of the Dead
2000 film review by Wmpyr

The film starts with heavy dialog and keeps it up throughout the film, and this is where I ask myself, why do low budget films want to have a ton of dialog? It seems like an incredibly bad idea unless they want to wow you with a stand out actor a diamond in the rough in a great role. However, if their lucky they can have one actor like this, but instead they have a whole bunch of actors delivering a whole bunch of dialog.

The good thing is that the location is typical Full Moon, a castle type setting in a stormy night with constant thunder is always cool.

Anyways a bunch of rich college kids that are into the paranormal meet up at a funeral home, which use to be a prison for witches.

They take out an ouija board to search for a Talon key that would open a sealed door to win a million dollars. Unbeknownst to everyone, a host of undead called the executioners wake up. They look like medieval zombies armed with various weapons like a mace and sickle, I got to say that I like how their eyes light up.

All the victims get possessed and then hacked, which is how all the killings are done making this film not as gory as one would expect. The long dialog keeps going on. But you know at this point I got use to it, it reminds me of the old black and white movies from the 30s.

It's a unique horror film because the zombies are not the typical virus spreading hordes, the drama created by the survivors are not the typical strangers from all walks of life trying to band together and survive against the circumstances. For me this film was ok, not as terrible as people make it sound on IMDB, but I would only recommend it for hardcore Full Moon Entertainment fans only. Even if you are a Full Moon fan, this film probably won't be in your top 10 Full Moon movies list even though it's not horrible.

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