Thursday, July 10, 2014

Solarbabies film review

1986 film review by Wmpyr

I'm a big fan of the film The Lost Boys, so it was nice to see Jason Patric who was Michael the older brother and Jami Gertz who was Star reprise the leading guy and leading girl in this film. This film is interesting because it's post apocalyptic dystopian future, but it's not ultra violent like most films in the post apocalyptic future genre. It also combines a teen type film which is kind of unusual once again for this kind of genre. We have high speed roller skating which seems to be very predominant amongst the older and younger kids. It starts off with a roller ball type game between two "teen gangs" but then when a little boy finds a magical glowing sphere it seems like it's going to turn into a Disney film, but it actually gets better as you keep watching it, especially once they leave the penetentiary like orphanage. You really get to see the post apocalyptic world they live in. Definitely a movie for children but it's well done. Quite underrated in my opinion.

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