Sunday, November 23, 2014

RETURN TO BROOKMERE gamebook review by Wmpyr

review by Wmpyr

When I was a kid, I had three books from TSR Endless Quests books. Return to Brookmere, Mystery of the Ancients, and Conan The Undaunted. Since Conan the Barbarian was one of the first R rated movies I was allowed to see, and it made me drop my jaw, I wanted to like Conan the Undaunted the most. Actual reading wise, I enjoyed Return to Brookmere the most. Story wise I preferred Mystery of the Ancients, but the game portion where I had to make choices were harder so I found it to be more of a frustrating read. In Return to Brookmere you are an Elven fighter who is sent by your father the King to scout your former castle, which has been taken over by a bunch of monsters lead by a gaint wererat named Frang. Sadly all you do in this story is scout, your not going to battle the wererat Frang to overthrow him and recapture your castle. You find out that the monsters have been getting slayed by some unknown force. If sneaking around behind enemy lines avoiding battle in a dungeons and dragons fantasy setting is your thing then this book is it!

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