Sunday, November 16, 2014

Japanese anime films Space Pirate Cobra Tiger Mask Captain Harlock Devilman Death Note Fist of the Northstar

Japanese Anime films
Multiple film reviews by Wmpyr

Captain Harlock
This is a animated film using heavy Final Fantasy style CGI. I'm not too crazy about the animation style, but I have to admit that it does look good. The spaceships, the worlds, all look good. The clothing on the characters look pretty incredible, I just don't care for the way the people look, although I don't think it looks bad it's just not my thing. The story overall is not the best Captain Harlock story for me, but this one was one of the better films from this list.

Death Note
This is a live action film, I haven't seen part II, but part I was well done and it makes me want to see part II. I've read a little of the manga, and I have just started to watch the TV series and I actually prefer it over Attack on Titan. It has shades of Sherlock Holmes mixed with the crazy concept only a manga can bring. Highly recommended!

I'm a big fan of Go Nagai, and he has said before that the manga Devilman is his life's work, unfortunately this live action film doesn't do the manga justice. I can't recommend it.

Fist of the Northstar
A highly ambitious live action film that feels more like a low budget martial arts action film than a film based off of a legendary manga and anime series. I think it's enjoyable as a separate work from the manga and anime.

Space Priate Cobra
An old school animation film that I really enjoyed. Not the best Cobra story, but still if your a fan of the manga this was not bad. It doesn't bring anything major to the manga but it's still enjoyable.

Tiger Mask
A live action film that loses the spirit and era of the original manga. It's probably the worst on this list right after Devilman. I tried to like it, since I'm a huge fan of the original manga which I had the entire 11 issues that I would read over and over again.

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