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Grappling Videos

K4S grappling is based from Modern Army Combatives. We include the striking aspect from MMA and also street techniques not found in sport.

Belt Fighting Part 2: Belt Chokes

Belt Fighting

Paper Rock Scissors, Pro-Wrestling Game

audio Grappling Diary #5 Wampire VS Frankenstien

audio Grappling Diary #4 Wampire VS USMC CQC Instructor

audio Grappling Diary #3 Wampire VS Student

audio Grappling Diary #2 Wampire VS Aikido Wrestler (rematch)

audio Grappling Diary #1 Wampire VS Aikido Wrestler

Grappling for POLICE

Knife VS BJJ

Escrima 4 MMA

Grappling rolling practice footage

K4S Grappling (behind the scenes)

Knee Tag from Freestyle Wrestling

Sambo Victor Roll practice

Escape from Side Position

How to train MMA 4 fun

Houston Texas Grappling Club

Rear Naked Choke

Assorted Grappling

Folding Knife / Yawara Stick Submissions

Rape Defense using BJJ concepts

Audio Knife Grappling

Flow Roll #2 Grappling

Snapmission The "Muay Thai" Armbar

K4S Warrior Workout

BJJ solo bag drills video idea from Nick Forrer

Army Combatives + Knife

Grappling slow flow roll


welcome to our bread & butter videos,
K4S KNIFE COMBAT! Along with our Stick Fighting instruction videos, our Karambit videos have been popular too!

Karambit 10/10

Karambit 9/10

Knife Talk 5 Random Knives

Karambit 8/10

Karambit 7/10

TDZ7 Techniques

BG911 Tactical Knife

Karambit 6/10

BAC response to DemonHide

Karambit 5/10

P001 Tactical Knife



Blade Arts Collaboration Video Part 9

TDZ7 Impact Tool review

Karambit 2/10

Karambit 1/10

Knife Disarm Theory

STI Knife Combat Grip Method

Knife Ledging


Snapping the Karambit

BAC response to Mrfairwarning

BAC response to Wealljuggleknives

Karambit UFO technique

BAC response to Blacksilkblacksilk

BAC response to Susanoo58

response to Knife Fighting Lies

Knifeboxing + Arnis

Urban Knife Myth

Level 2 basic form for Stick and Knife

Violence Factory Program Part II

Karambit knife weaving

what do you look for in a knife?


Karambit Triple Strike Combo


Knife Combat 101 5 strikes drill




Boker Plus Armed Forces Tanto Folder 1 techniques

KA-BAR TDI LE KNIFE techniques

Stick & Knife Foot Work

Blade Arts Collaboration video Part 4

SUBCOM Folder techniques

Lapu Lapu Corto Knife techniques

Blade Arts Collaboration Video Part 3

Karambit 101 Part 3

Blade Arts Collaboration Video Part 2

Karambit 101 Part 2

Karambit 101 Part 1

Jim Wagner Reality Based Blade knife Techniques

M16-13SF Knife Instructional

M16-13SF knife usage

Knife Nunchaku 101

switching knife grips part 2

Blade Arts Collaboration Video Part 1

Defensive 8 part 2 CRKT M16 13SF knife

Defensive 8 super short form CRKT M16 13-SF knife

Belt Fighting Knife Defense

3 knife combat eBooks

Switching Grips

Knife Tactics with the LLC

Standard Grip Knife Combat

Basic Intro to Tactical Knives 2/2

Basic Intro to Tactical Knives 1/2

How to Shadowbox K4S Style

Blast from the Past: Knife For Street 2/2

Blast from the Past: Knife For Street 1/2

Knife Heaven 6: Chop, Stab & Slash, Slice


Elite Knife Combat: More Knife Boxing

Controversial Topics of Knife Fighting

Primal Meditation for Warriors

Knife Parrying

Lead hand & rear hand pros & cons for Knife combat

To Disarm or not

Important Core of Knife Skill: 3 types of cuts

Interactive Knife combat exercise 2

Knife Choosing for Self Defense

Wing Chun Kung Fu Super Short Form for Knife Combat

Iaido & Aikido tips for Knife Combat

Tip Up VS Tip Down Carry

Dirty Knife Fighting: Knife Passing


Knife Nunchaku

World's Dirtiest Handshake

Interactive Knife combat exercise

Proper Reverse Grip in Knife Combat

Special Forces Knife Combat

Most important knife combat truth: Incorporate The Haymaker

Prison Knife Bum Rush

Knifeboxing real speed shadowboxing

Tips for Deep Seated Pocket Knife

For Police KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement knife techniques

KA-BAR LE Knife tips

Solving The Knife Threat

How fast can you deploy your Butterfly Knife?

Folding Knife / Yawara Stick Submissions

Tons of Knife grip stuff

How to go from Sticks to Knives

Knife CQC

few points of Knife Combat

Balisong fighting technique

Audio on Knife Grappling

Knife Boxing 101 part 2

Knife Boxing 101 part 1

Knife Boxing for Military

Knife Defense #2 against a Bum Rush Knifer

Knife Boxing Further Explained

Knife Defense #1

Solo Training introducing LEDGING

Knife Deployment Practice

Army Combatives + Knife

Karate Knife Combat

K4S first level practical use

Kama techniques for knife

knife 4 Street - knife grips

K4S why you don't need a switchblade

Stick Fighting Instructional Videos

Home of the Heaven6 mastery program!

Welcome to our very popular and well received Stick Fighting instructional videos.
Some have called our Stick Fighting video library the most comprehensive on Youtube.

Heaven6 plus 5 Core Strikes Hybrid Form

The Bounce technique

Variations on how to do the classic Heaven6

Advanced 4 Count Drill

Chain Whip Technique

Reverse 4 Count Drill

Direct to Street 4 Count Drill

Heaven6 Roof Block Evolution

Level 2 Basic Form for Stick and Knife

Street Stick Fighting Double Strike Template

Why Twirl in Stick Fighting

Single Stick Combos

Single Stick Infinite Pattern

Stick Fighting Stance

Spear Striking technique

10 Count Drill

Warm up exercise for Full Contact

Stick Fighting for Bare Knuckle

Fake Attack Heaven6

Versatile Interactive Exercise timer video

Stick & Knife Foot Work

Art of Stick Fighting

Stick Fighting Punyo Strikes

Heaven 6 stick fighting help

Single Stick Circular Strikes Basic Momentum

New School Method of Stick Fighting

More Intermediate Stick Fighting 101

Intermediate level Stick Fighting

Basics for Single Stick Free form

Stick Fighting Questions/ideas provided by MrAceroBlanco and Mr3v0rda

CQC Heaven 6

Tactical exercise Battlefield training inspired by the Book of 5 Rings

Stick Fighting to Bare Knuckle Boxing 2/2

Double Stick to Bare knuckles 1/2

Stick Fighting Foot Work for SuperDESTROYER71

Stick Fighting 101: How to get started

Kicks and Sticks

How to Twirl your Escrima stick

Lightsaber duel advice for STAR WARS fan film makers

Hit Your Own Stick

Breaking the Taboo Hitting your own stick

Stick Skipping: Warm Up Exercise

Momentum for Stick Fighting

Learning momentum in the Heaven 6

Escrima single stick combo

Stick - Knife - Hand

More figure 8 stick fighting moves

Heaven 6 plus figure 8

Sampler of my recent you tube videos

Heaven6 using your Wrists for beginners

Topside figure 8

Martial Arts Ballad

Reasons to go double sticks

Heaven 6 plus 4 count drill

Under 10 min Kali exercise

Figure 8 Principals

6 Defenses with the Stick

2/2 How to add power to your Escrima skills

1/2 How to add power to your Escrima skills

Stick Lock Exercises

Primal Meditation for Warriors

Mallory & Katy Show many Escrima drills

Punyo Strikes (Striking with the butt-end of the stick)

Stick Fighting Exercise: Stick Passing

Combination Sinawali

Breakdown of the Reverse Sinawali, hands tied

Tactical Baton for Security Agencies in hostile areas

Tactical Tasking the Heaven 6

Heaven Six Mod for sticks & knives

Escrima applied to MMA cage fighting

Zombie Stick Fighting "Anti Grab Techniques"

Part 1 Double Stick Double Knife

Part 2 Double Sticks - Tidal Wave Principal

Heaven 6 and Heaven & Earth Trapping techniques

Steven Seagal Out for Justice bar fight scene technique, Stick Practice

Heaven & Earth with Gunting combo

Footwork for Stick & Knife

Slightly more realistic Heaven 6


How to Speed Hit for Escrima

Fake Single Stick basic exercise

Example of escrima stick solo practice

Heaven & Earth, the next level for combat

Stick Fighting for aggressive people, street fights

Stick Fighting "The 4 Sets" 1/2

Stick Fighting "Deriving to the 8 Count Drill" 2/2

Power Thrust in Stick Fighting from Kendo

Stick Combo Strikes

Stick Fighting flow

Dekiti Tirsia Siradas combo my interpretation

Escrima Stick Bayonet fighting

Martial Arts Daily Routine exercises with the Stick

Heaven 6 for hand 2 hand combat

Basic Footwork

Baton Stick Basics starting from Twirling

Torso Power

FMA Redando Technique

Double Stick forms part 2 of 2

Double Stick forms part 1 of 2

Combat Fitness

Exercise, Fitness & Conditioning Videos

Stick Skipping

Interactive Heaven 6

Primal Meditation for Warriors

Under 10 min Kali exercise

Stretching for the street

Stick Lock Exercises

Warm up exercise system Martial Arts

Interactive Knife combat exercise 2

Motivation, the wolf shows his hunger when alone

Interactive Knife combat exercise

K4S Warrior Workout

Valuable Knife Combat Exercise

Interactive Knife combat exercise

Stick Fighting Exercise: Stick Passing

Most Hardcore Brutal Pushups

Motivation Winter 2009

Under 10 min Workout

MOTIVATION The Old School Workout

DVD Reviews by Wampire

DVD REVIEWS by Wampire, Focusing on martial arts related videos!

The Walking Dead season 1

Rage of Honor starring Sho Kosugi

Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Blood of Heroes starring Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen

The Master tv show

Samurai Jack season 1

Revenge of the Ninja review part 5/5

Revenge of the Ninja review part 4/5

Revenge of the Ninja review part 3/5

Revenge of the Ninja review Part 2/5

Revenge of the Ninja review part 1/5

Game of Death 2 film review by Wampire

PRIDE FC 10 review

Ring of Fire starring Don the Dragon Wilson, Maria Ford, lots of good fight scenes in this one!

Ring of Fire 2 starring Don the Dragon Wilson, Maria Ford, if you ever wanted to see The Warriors done with martial artists then you'll like this.

The Hunted starring Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro, mainstream film with lots of knife combat!

The Vault starring Laci Szabo, Bas Rutten, Diana Inosanto

Cold Steel Sword Proof DVD review

Street Survival movie review, found this gem at the $5 bin at Walmart.

TWISTED starring Ashley Judd, Samuel Jackson, mainstream film that features a Yawara stick!

Knife & other Tactical Gear Reviews




CRKT M16 13SFG knife review
M16-13SF Knife Instructional
M16-13SF knife usage

Lapu Lapu Corto Knife
Lapu Lapu Corto Knife techniques
Knife Tactics with the LLC


Jim Wagner Reality Based Blade by Boker Plus knife
Reality Based Blade Techniques

CRKT Desert Cruiser Special Forces

Cold Steel Mini Pal knife

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Knife

Urban Survival by Boker Plus

Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool

Armed Forces Tanto Folder 1 by Boker Plus

SUBCOM Folder techniques

Logan 500: Mat Knife

Marc Ecko Better Off Dead ID bracelet watch

Remington Hunting/Tactical Flashlight The Blood Tracker

CREE XLAMP XR-C LED tactical flashlight

Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops Urban Camo Karambit review

Mystery (tactical?) Item

Basic Intro to Tactical Knives 2/2

Basic Intro to Tactical Knives 1/2

K4S Online Video Instructionals

With the power of Youtube, K4S Online Video Lessons!
Thank you for your interest, good luck with your studies! Train hard, train for life! Your friend in your martial path. -Wmpyr

Please visit our Youtube channel for the Basic Fundamentals of Stick Fighting playlist.

Click here for the playlist

Some of our videos by category:

Knife Combat VIDEOS

Stick Fighting Instructionals

Our Grappling Related Videos

Combat Exercises for Warrior Fitness

Knife And Other Tactical Gear Reviews


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Every instructor out there has a unique experience in their martial arts journey, especially if they decided to incorporate teachings from more than one style. So you might have a Kenpo Karate black belt who added punches from Boxing, low kicks from Muay Thai, stick and knife from Escrima and some trapping techniques from Wing Chun. So each instructor can come up with their own unique combination of martial arts bits and pieces.

I am no exception. But please understand that I didn't just put stuff together based on whatever I happened to learn, K4S has a core. That core is MMA. Whether it's stick fighting, knife combat, or empty hand the core is the sport of MMA. The reason is because knife combat, Chi levels and many other things found in martial arts cannot be measured. So to have a realistic base we need to have a base that can be measured. My knife skills can only be speculated, but my Boxing, Judo, Wrestling skills can be compared. What kind of level does a pro knife fighter train at? We don't know, but we do know how pro Boxers trains at.

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Youtube Martial Arts Trading Cards

Trading Cards of Youtube Martial Arts Personas!

Be sure to visit their excellent Youtube channels!

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Over 20 years experience in the martial arts.

⦁ 5million+ views on Youtube, teaching online since 2006 to present.
⦁ Offered Eskrima & Hybrid Martial Arts class at the Sugar Land Rec Center Sugar Land Tx, 2018
⦁ Owned and operated K4S Martial Arts Club Houston Tx, 2009
⦁ Owned and operated "The Dojo" San Antonio Tx, 2007

Eskrima black belt level assessment in 2016
Awarded 4th Degree black belt in Tetsu to Kinu Bujutsu 2015
Awarded blue belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by Carlos Machado 2006

Some styles that Wmpyr studied:
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Muay Thai

I'm a Sensei, which just means teacher, nothing more nothing less. You can also call me instructor/coach but not some mystical master.

I've been dedicated non stop to the Martial Arts since the early 90s.

I highly recommend that you try martial arts. 
My main goal is to promote an interest in martial arts. 

In your martial arts journey be safe, be professional, be polite, and have fun!



K4S brand original knife design by Wampire

When closed this knife is an Impact Kerambit Tool ideal for self-defense.

This knife is based from the 1918 trench knife, which is a dagger with a skull crusher and brass knuckles. The trench knife is totally offensive made for combat. I basically thought to myself, if I made everything as legal as possible what would the knife look like?
Smaller folding knife instead of a large fixed knife, Tanto blade instead of dagger, Impact Kerambit instead of brass knuckles, pointy areas instead of a skull crusher.
So instead of blood & guts combat, this is designed for protection in a modern urban setting.

I know what your thinking, a Kerambit should have a curved hawk's bill blade.
The handle is totally straight because a straight handle provides the most number of grip options, that's important to me because I believe that in a crisis situation sometimes you just have to grab the knife and use it in whatever grip you end up with and pray that your knife works well that way.
The tanto shaped blade was chosen over the hawk's bill blade because it has a stronger tip and hey it can be used to pierce armor. But seriously the tanto is just a good blade shape for many types of fighting tactics.
The point is closer to the spine of the blade so you can even do a backhand attack with the spine.

The Karambit ring hole can be used as a hex wrench, imo the hex hole provides more control than a circle hole when spinning the knife.

A "three in one" multi-tool.
1) Folding Knife
2) Impact Kerambit
3) Hex Wrench

-Tanto shaped blade
-Karambit ring
-Lock back
-No pins, all screws, taking apart friendly
-Thorn for ambidextrous thumb opening
-Ricasso claw (aggressive finger guard)
-Lanyard hole and secondary lanyard hole
-Aggressive jimping on spine of blade
-Hex wrench
-Glass breaker on head of handle
-Glass breaker on the Karambit ring
-Chisel grind
-Pocket clip (not shown)
-Self-defense pocket stick with 3 points of striking
-Impact Karambit tool when closed

1) In the closed position this knife is an impact Karambit tool that is basically a pocket stick on steroids.
2) In the open position this knife is very versatile in grip and cutting choirs suitable for EDC and self-defense.

Tanto + Kerambit = Good for EDC & self-defense





CERBERUS Folding Knife

Click on here or thumbnail for larger size pic

Cerberus LEGO Knife

Predator style Wrist Blades

Made from One solid metal for the PREDATOR in you!
Nice display piece!

1. Like an alien spacecraft
2. Becomes a Ninja Caltrop!
3. Two finger Knuckle Duster on steroids!
4. Wrapped onto wrist
5. Trench coat killer
6. Lurking

Inspired by the PREDATOR films!

Blade is not sharpened, perfect for a fan film prop
length: Unknown
metal: Unknown
one solid piece of metal

made by Wampire


Lil Moby is made of one solid piece of aluminum.
Designed for women's self-defense, to be worn on a key ring.
this cute looking whale was the first proto-type for many more to come.

His tail obviously becomes a pointy weapon but it's not a blade.


The Cyclops is a necklace that doubles as a self-defense tool.
Made from 440c stainless steel, this solid chunk of metal makes an effective flail.
Let your attackers feel the bite from his serrated teeth!

Dedicated to his father Poseidon, he has a oceanic metallic blue eye surrounded by a 75% sparkle circle giving him that mean look.

Ice-Nugget Self-defense Jewelry

"Ice-Nugget" The Self-Defense Jewelry

Bling-bling that becomes an improvised flail.
Nunchaku away at your attacker while looking good!

For men and women, easily attach/remove

Fits many:
-Baseball caps
-Shoe laces

The Ice-Nugget is a unique item that combines jewelry and self-defense.

Inspired by the American martial art of 52 Blocks, the Ice-Nugget is for real deal street situations.

For both men and women, fits many baseball caps, purses and other locations on your clothes, and always ready to go.

The Ice-Nugget is a solid chunk of metal that makes one heck of an improvised nunchaku!


The first knife I made.

Doebowie Tactical Hunting Knife

  • 3.3/8" Blade

  • Heat Treated 440C hollow grind, full tang

  • Pakka Wood, wine wood color

  • Lanyard holes (for hand sling)

  • Mermaid's tail handle (for switching grips)

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

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We are currently looking for Link exchange partners!

Zombie Fighter Jango's Laboratory, Sticks and unique state of the art self-defense weapons including Wmpyr collaboration projects!

Escrima sticks, and training knives, RW and Wmpyr collaboration!!! Unique high quality sticks and training Knives from weapon maker RW!

NUKO TOOLS, self-defense key chains, improvised Karambit punch rings, carry them with you all the time and always be prepared! For men and women!

My Recommended Youtube channels and friends!

Sumie Tachibana LA Based high end Fashion Designer, be sure to checkout her Etsy page for discounted products!

WWW.KRUDOKNIVES.COM Innovative Tactical Knives by Martial Arts expert Louis Krudo

STI Knives Innovative Tactical Knives and Professional Security
The STI Knives and Tactical Security Youtube channel

Zombie Outlaw Comic Book

Sakan Lam Youtube page for martial arts tutorials by a superb human being and superb martial arts instructor in Thailand.

Heelys Official website, Wmpyr will now be taking the local city by storm by combining martial arts and Urban Free Flow with the help of Heelys Nano!
Best home made weapons, King of Brass Knuckles and my Youtube friend! For professional hair splitting razor sharp edge knife maintenance!

Bladeops: visit the Bladeops online store

Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear
Lazy Lizard Gear Youtube channel SRJoben from

WWW.JAYSBLADES.COM recommended by Weaponcollector also on

Looking for Escrima Sticks?


Please send your questions to my email address, that way I can make sure to respond back. Contact Wmpyr at:

If you want your website featured on our links page, we are currently offering "Link for link".


K4S AKA "The Blue Print" is the core for Wmpyr's martial arts system

Congrats to Katy & Mallory K4S certified June 2010!

-Health Exercises
-Warrior Workout
-Stick Fighting

They also got to experience many other martial arts such as Kickboxing, Knife Combat, and meditation.

Best of wishes to them in their martial journey!

Katy and Mallory attended approximately 60 classes with Coach Wmpyr to gain their certification.


K4S KNIFE T-shirts!

click here to purchase from CafePress

Knife T-shirts
The following are the graphics for my knife t-shirts.
The basic concept was to design a knife t-shirt, because I love knives and I just haven't seen a whole lot of knife tees for some reason. I also wanted the knife to be a tactical knife rather than the commonly used fantasy knife.

Both tee shirts present a type of Kerambit knife which is widely popular in martial arts circles. The knife is centered on the tee like a neck tie that can look good even when some kind of jacket is worn.

Valmont Tee is a Vampire inspired t-shirt.
Featuring a tribal rose background,
Inside the handle ring is an amethyst gem like color.

Platinum Tee is a hip hop bling-bling style shirt.
The Kerambit word is presented across the shirt in a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu kimono gi style.
The platinum color knife features a sapphire like sparkle inside the handle ring.

Available exclusively at


Coleman Tactical Flashlight,
Boker Subcom Folder,
Boker Armed Forces Tanto Folder 1,
Karambit Folder,
Boker Jim Wagner Urban Survival Tool,
Chrome Butterfly Knife
Dagger Neck Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool
Spyderco Delica,
M16-13 Special Forces G10,

Lapu Lapu Corto Gunting Knife,
TDI Law Enforcement Knife,
Boker Jim Wagner Reality Based Blade

Marc Ecko Better Off Dead ID Bracelet watch
Cold Steel Training Knife