Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lips of Blood (1975) Lèvres de sang film review by Wmpyr

Stylish, moody vampire flick by the legendary director Jean Rollin. 
When I first saw this film it left a positive impression on me.
It wasn't in my top 10 most favorite vampire films list or anything but I thought it had potential.

After watching it again, I feel like I can appreciate it more. 
It's not perfect for me, for instance some of the key actors I would have not casted. 

However all said and done this feels like a masterpiece in it's own rite. 

I really like the concept of a little boy who has a crush on a beautiful vampire lady.
When the boy grows up he starts to see images of this vampire lady again.
The film took a detective story direction where the main character is trying to figure out where she is. 

Up to this point I was drawn in but then once they started to show the anti-vampire people and explain the back story, I can't say that I was too thrilled. 
I don't think it's terrible, maybe I just would have preferred a different direction plot wise. 

Naked vampire women in night gowns running around the empty city at night, the sea side castle, the windy beach, all these visuals worked very well for me. 

I also recently saw the Hammer film Vampire Circus again. 
It was enjoyable just as I remembered. 
However between Lips of Blood and Vampire Circus, I have to give Lips of Blood the upper hand.