Friday, August 26, 2011


Survival Tin Can from Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear

My personal Survival Tin Can I received from SRJOBEN contains the following items.
Altoids size tin can
Ranger band x2
Micro Whistle
LED Light
Waterproof Peanut lighter
Folding 12 tpi Wood Saw
Jute twine
Birthday candles x3
Firestarters x2
Magnifying Lens
Duck tape
Mini sealable plastic bag
Sanrenmu Liner lock Folding knife

Just remember that if you do order a Survival Tin Can from him, the content of yours may not be exactly the same as mine. Please read the actual description of the item your buying.

I was blown away by how much stuff is contained in this Altoid sized tin can. This can easily be carried in my pocket or put in the automobile glove box. As someone who has been fascinated and interested in wilderness or urban survival, let me tell you I will be practicing making my own survival bag based on this little gem. After all practice makes perfect.

If you don't have time to research and practice making your own survival grab bag, then this tin can is for you!
If your new to this stuff looking for a good base to start from, then this tin can is for you!

In this day in age of hurricanes, riots, and other natural disasters that occur in the wilderness and urban areas it is only smart to have some level of preparation!
Get one today for yourself or for a loved one at Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear ebay store!
Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear

BTW for those of you that are curious, I was taught years ago by a survival instructor how to make a match box sized survival kit. I think I remember 99% accurate of what he told me to put in.
Get a standard match box with the side that can be used to light a match, that is going to be your container. Now get a plastic sealable bag to put the match box in to water proof it.
Inside the match box, you should have matches with candle wax poured over the head to water proof them. I should probably mention now that this guy was a survival instructor that specialized in swamp terrain. Piece of chalk for indigestion. Razor blade for cutting choirs. Fishing hooks, safety pins and some string.
He may also have suggested some Aspirin, a needle, and candy or gum.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

WP5 Combat Knife

WP5 Combat Knife

STI KNIVES is simply my favorite brand of knives. They are more than just tactical weapons, they provide a unique style of combat.

The WP5 is heavily influenced by the P001 from STI KNIVES.
The WP5 in shape was inspired by the MP5 Submachine Gun.
The WP5 would be like the BG911 knife with the CRKT M16-13SFG in the front.

-Trigger Guard
-Karambit Hole
-Top side Pocket Clip
-Removable Folding Knife

The strength of the knife is that the blade can be deployed without compromising the grip in anyway.

I want other attachments available to the "Gun handle portion" such as fixed blades, Impact Tool and other folding knives.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arnold Films

What is your favorite Arnold film?

I just finished watching Total Recall, and thought it would be fun to bring this up!

4 Classic Arnold Films that I like:
Conan the Barbarian

3 Unexpected Arnold Films that I like:
I found this film to be like able if you don't take it seriously, which is a bummer because they put in a lot of money into it, making it a waste.

Conan the Destroyer
Unlike the first one is it campy? Yes, but they did a good job, for example just compare it to Red Sonja... this is better.

The Running Man
My favorite sci-fi flick with Arnold.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Joe Rogan martial arts point of view

Joe Rogan and traditional martial arts
Joe Rogan has a very negative point of view on martial arts, pretty much anything that isn't MMA oriented. He's not a big fan of traditional martial arts or the self-defense martial arts which is what I call the tactical stuff.

On one hand I understand and agree with what he is saying, there is a lot of bull crap out there! And some people have a very warped view of martial arts. Some are very cult like, and the instructor is worshiped without question. And you also get the mindless Bruce Lee fan types, those who don't know what they are talking about, strongly believing and saying that Bruce Lee would beat just about anyone in a real fight. Now you can substitute Bruce Lee with pretty much any action film star.

One of the major differences between a style like Aikido and BJJ is that Aikido is an untested art. When Jigoro Kano made Judo from Jiu-jitsu, he basically created a sport in which practitioners could test themselves. And when the Gracie family created BJJ they made their version of Jiu-jitsu by putting it through their meat grinder called Vale Tudo. So comparing Aikido with BJJ to me is unfair because it's an untested style versus a tested style. So until we have a tested form of Aikido, I think it's useless to say what exercises, drills, and techniques work or doesn't, unless your a practitioner of that style and your trying to evolve it by putting it through your tests.

If you train in Judo it doesn't mean that your legit on the street, all it means is that you have a chance to do pretty well on the street if your able to take the fight into that direction. It's about making your opponent fight your fight.

So until somebody comes along and gets Wing Chun, Aikido, Systema, or any other style that frequently gets criticized, and evolves them by testing them out thoroughly, it's just unfair. So when you have styles that are untested like this, what are they? Are they just untested bull crap? No I don't think so, I think they are legitimate exercises from a combat point of view. If you make martial arts movies, then I think they are legitimate exercises from an entertainment point of view. What's wrong with exercise? Nothing, until you start telling people it's more than exercise.

I am an untested martial arts instructor, teaching untested martial arts. Or should I say that the amount of testing that I have done, though satisfying to me is really null. On Youtube I tell people time and time again that what I teach is exercise. I also say that in order for them to make this material help you in a real life altercation, you need to take some form of combat sport. A by combat sport I mean tested material.

So is what I teach bull crap? Am I a fraud?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dragon Dice

The ultimate Dragon Dice Action Game!

Basically the idea is to play Dragon Dice like never before.
It was never meant to be played this way, but I like this version very much.

The original game was played with erasers, I learned it and played it in Japan and absolutely loved it. Just out of a whim I tried playing the same game using Dragon Dice with a kid.
The kid loved it. Couldn't get enough of it.
I thought real hard how to incorporate more of Dragon Dice features into this eraser game and here is my result!

The idea is to find an elevated platform. It doesn't have to be super high, in fact it can be quite low. You flick your dice with your finger and try to knock the other player's dice off the board. Last dice left on the board wins.


Extended arena - combine two or more tables together
The Gap - Space between the two tables
The Bridge - have a bridge between two tables
Uneven Arena - have two or more tables with uneven heights
Tank - Get on the tank to command it

When a piece is knocked off the board, see what is rolled.
Face: Dead, put up reserve if you have one.
Melee: Put your dice next to enemy.
Maneuver: Put dice back on your home base and flick just to move. You cannot hit.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recommended youtube channels and my friends!

CONTACT me if you want to make a request being listed among these fine people!

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Friday, August 5, 2011


There are many people who don't understand the meaning of a street fight.
First of all "street fight" is a very broad term. It basically refers to any altercation on the street.

Beating up a drunken guy is not the same as going toe to toe with a seasoned bare knuckle fighter, or pulling out a gun and shooting someone.

Types of street fights:
1. Challenge Matches
2. An ambush that has a struggle
3. An argument that turned ugly
4. Retaliation against a weapon
5. Group vs group
6. Entering into an already existing brawl

Reasons why most street fights are easier than sport competition.
1. Quality of opponent is usually much lower than in competition
2. Most street fights end prematurely compared to sport.

Reasons why most street fights are more difficult than sport competition.
1. Undefined parameters
2. No weight class
3. No rules
4. Location
5. Clothes and gear

These are the reasons why you can't underestimate a street fight, even though your opponent is probably not well trained.

The worst argument ever:
What you do is sport, what I do is street, therefore I'm better.
This is basically a poor excuse for not being able to train in sport or to be open minded enough to see the benefits of sport.

Being fit like an athlete, to have a strong competitive mind, and to have the skills and experiences from sport is beneficial no matter what you do.

The fact is, the skills, experience and conditioning developed in sports far outweigh the illegal moves, and cheap shots that a so called street fighter thinks will give him the advantage.

The best way to train is to have combat sports as a base and then add, street fighting and or martial arts moves to your arsenal.
This way you become a person that can benefit from sports, martial arts and street fighting.
Limiting yourself to just one leads to a closed mind, a closed mind sets yourself up for a rude awakening, and that's if your lucky.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Category: Martial Arts Instructor, Guardian
Activity Level: Semi retired
Identity: Nobody cares
Arch Enemy: None
Region: Texas
Organization: None
Motto: "I am deadlier than the knife."
Specialty: Knives, Martial Arts
Gear: Tactical Knives, tactical flashlight, scope, and other surprises!
Costume: Mask, gloves, HEELYS, and Neck piece from NYC based fashion designer Sumie Tachibana

Ever since the film KICK-ASS, becoming a real life superhero has become a fad. Personally I've looked after the safety of many people including strangers, way before the film or comic book KICK-ASS ever came out. Being a martial artist it was just always part of the code to protect the weak and innocent. I've also worked along side Police doing security.

WMPYR is my alter ego, with this persona and being on Youtube, I hope to encourage people to train martial arts for the right reasons and help people develop their own code of honor so that society can become a better place.

I do not like conflict, although I feel like I'm very good at terminating it, Ninja assassin style. Vampires have always been a dear subject to me ever since I was in pre kinder! I am a descendant of a not so nice Samurai Knight. I try to be nice to people to help me tame my cursed blood.

My costume and character idea was inspired from Nightwing from Batman. I wanted a Nightwing + Dracula + Ninja.

The Dying of the Light: End

The Dying of the Light, End
by Jason Kristopher

Book review by Wmpyr

To me this book reminded me of many films all rolled into one. Resident Evil, Armageddon, GIJOE, Apocalypse Now, and Independence Day, just to name a few. There is tons of military action, in fact almost all of the story involves the military. The author does this in a very serious in-depth manner, and it reminded me of Black Hawk Down or ALIENS because you see the soldiers in a down and dirty intense combat. But you also get to see top of the line team work, and the behind the scenes of an elite top secret special forces team that operates in a surgically proficient manner which makes you feel good. If this wasn't entertaining enough, the author includes some light comedic reliefs here and there without interfering with the serious undertone, and gorgeously beautiful tough military women.
But let's not forget this is a zombie story! It's going to satisfy all the zombie fans out there because it has everything you would want in a zombie story plus more. We have walkers, runners, even kid zombies. Lots of action, lots of guns, and even some high tech weapons. We have those that want to exterminate every zombie out there and those that want to capture them and use them. We have those bad guys mixed in with the good guys that you absolutely know that you can't trust. This is not about a group of people that survive a zombie attack. This is about an elite team that gives you access to what is really going on when several towns go through a zombie crisis. You get to see the world wide phenomena, and experience the actual zompocalypse.

Other interesting segments to look for include a Presidential speech addressing the public about the zombie plague which I thought was priceless, a broad cast news which was the only reliable source of information for the general public, gays in the military, rednecks, an in-depth government cover up conspiracy theory, a James Bond style super villain that gets a satisfying end, a crazy religious cult and other human groups that were just as dangerous if not more so than the zombies, and one of the most probable scientific explanation for the zombie plague that I have ever heard of!