Monday, August 15, 2011

Joe Rogan martial arts point of view

Joe Rogan and traditional martial arts
Joe Rogan has a very negative point of view on martial arts, pretty much anything that isn't MMA oriented. He's not a big fan of traditional martial arts or the self-defense martial arts which is what I call the tactical stuff.

On one hand I understand and agree with what he is saying, there is a lot of bull crap out there! And some people have a very warped view of martial arts. Some are very cult like, and the instructor is worshiped without question. And you also get the mindless Bruce Lee fan types, those who don't know what they are talking about, strongly believing and saying that Bruce Lee would beat just about anyone in a real fight. Now you can substitute Bruce Lee with pretty much any action film star.

One of the major differences between a style like Aikido and BJJ is that Aikido is an untested art. When Jigoro Kano made Judo from Jiu-jitsu, he basically created a sport in which practitioners could test themselves. And when the Gracie family created BJJ they made their version of Jiu-jitsu by putting it through their meat grinder called Vale Tudo. So comparing Aikido with BJJ to me is unfair because it's an untested style versus a tested style. So until we have a tested form of Aikido, I think it's useless to say what exercises, drills, and techniques work or doesn't, unless your a practitioner of that style and your trying to evolve it by putting it through your tests.

If you train in Judo it doesn't mean that your legit on the street, all it means is that you have a chance to do pretty well on the street if your able to take the fight into that direction. It's about making your opponent fight your fight.

So until somebody comes along and gets Wing Chun, Aikido, Systema, or any other style that frequently gets criticized, and evolves them by testing them out thoroughly, it's just unfair. So when you have styles that are untested like this, what are they? Are they just untested bull crap? No I don't think so, I think they are legitimate exercises from a combat point of view. If you make martial arts movies, then I think they are legitimate exercises from an entertainment point of view. What's wrong with exercise? Nothing, until you start telling people it's more than exercise.

I am an untested martial arts instructor, teaching untested martial arts. Or should I say that the amount of testing that I have done, though satisfying to me is really null. On Youtube I tell people time and time again that what I teach is exercise. I also say that in order for them to make this material help you in a real life altercation, you need to take some form of combat sport. A by combat sport I mean tested material.

So is what I teach bull crap? Am I a fraud?

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