Friday, August 26, 2011


Survival Tin Can from Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear

My personal Survival Tin Can I received from SRJOBEN contains the following items.
Altoids size tin can
Ranger band x2
Micro Whistle
LED Light
Waterproof Peanut lighter
Folding 12 tpi Wood Saw
Jute twine
Birthday candles x3
Firestarters x2
Magnifying Lens
Duck tape
Mini sealable plastic bag
Sanrenmu Liner lock Folding knife

Just remember that if you do order a Survival Tin Can from him, the content of yours may not be exactly the same as mine. Please read the actual description of the item your buying.

I was blown away by how much stuff is contained in this Altoid sized tin can. This can easily be carried in my pocket or put in the automobile glove box. As someone who has been fascinated and interested in wilderness or urban survival, let me tell you I will be practicing making my own survival bag based on this little gem. After all practice makes perfect.

If you don't have time to research and practice making your own survival grab bag, then this tin can is for you!
If your new to this stuff looking for a good base to start from, then this tin can is for you!

In this day in age of hurricanes, riots, and other natural disasters that occur in the wilderness and urban areas it is only smart to have some level of preparation!
Get one today for yourself or for a loved one at Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear ebay store!
Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear

BTW for those of you that are curious, I was taught years ago by a survival instructor how to make a match box sized survival kit. I think I remember 99% accurate of what he told me to put in.
Get a standard match box with the side that can be used to light a match, that is going to be your container. Now get a plastic sealable bag to put the match box in to water proof it.
Inside the match box, you should have matches with candle wax poured over the head to water proof them. I should probably mention now that this guy was a survival instructor that specialized in swamp terrain. Piece of chalk for indigestion. Razor blade for cutting choirs. Fishing hooks, safety pins and some string.
He may also have suggested some Aspirin, a needle, and candy or gum.

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