Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dying of the Light: End

The Dying of the Light, End
by Jason Kristopher

Book review by Wmpyr

To me this book reminded me of many films all rolled into one. Resident Evil, Armageddon, GIJOE, Apocalypse Now, and Independence Day, just to name a few. There is tons of military action, in fact almost all of the story involves the military. The author does this in a very serious in-depth manner, and it reminded me of Black Hawk Down or ALIENS because you see the soldiers in a down and dirty intense combat. But you also get to see top of the line team work, and the behind the scenes of an elite top secret special forces team that operates in a surgically proficient manner which makes you feel good. If this wasn't entertaining enough, the author includes some light comedic reliefs here and there without interfering with the serious undertone, and gorgeously beautiful tough military women.
But let's not forget this is a zombie story! It's going to satisfy all the zombie fans out there because it has everything you would want in a zombie story plus more. We have walkers, runners, even kid zombies. Lots of action, lots of guns, and even some high tech weapons. We have those that want to exterminate every zombie out there and those that want to capture them and use them. We have those bad guys mixed in with the good guys that you absolutely know that you can't trust. This is not about a group of people that survive a zombie attack. This is about an elite team that gives you access to what is really going on when several towns go through a zombie crisis. You get to see the world wide phenomena, and experience the actual zompocalypse.

Other interesting segments to look for include a Presidential speech addressing the public about the zombie plague which I thought was priceless, a broad cast news which was the only reliable source of information for the general public, gays in the military, rednecks, an in-depth government cover up conspiracy theory, a James Bond style super villain that gets a satisfying end, a crazy religious cult and other human groups that were just as dangerous if not more so than the zombies, and one of the most probable scientific explanation for the zombie plague that I have ever heard of!

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Just an FYI: the sequel is now available on Amazon and elsewhere!