Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dragon Dice

The ultimate Dragon Dice Action Game!

Basically the idea is to play Dragon Dice like never before.
It was never meant to be played this way, but I like this version very much.

The original game was played with erasers, I learned it and played it in Japan and absolutely loved it. Just out of a whim I tried playing the same game using Dragon Dice with a kid.
The kid loved it. Couldn't get enough of it.
I thought real hard how to incorporate more of Dragon Dice features into this eraser game and here is my result!

The idea is to find an elevated platform. It doesn't have to be super high, in fact it can be quite low. You flick your dice with your finger and try to knock the other player's dice off the board. Last dice left on the board wins.


Extended arena - combine two or more tables together
The Gap - Space between the two tables
The Bridge - have a bridge between two tables
Uneven Arena - have two or more tables with uneven heights
Tank - Get on the tank to command it

When a piece is knocked off the board, see what is rolled.
Face: Dead, put up reserve if you have one.
Melee: Put your dice next to enemy.
Maneuver: Put dice back on your home base and flick just to move. You cannot hit.

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