Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Unique, handmade custom weapons by RW. Self-defense tools for the modern age.

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"Enter the Octagon" Eskrima Sticks!!!
Wood Octagon Eskrima Sticks!

$25 for one stick, plus shipping and handling
$45 a pair, plus shipping and handling

Hand sewn Eskrima Stick pouches
$15 plus shipping and handling

"Invisible Predator" Eskrima Sticks!!!

Acrylic Octagon Eskrima Sticks!
$75 per stick, plus shipping and handling

"Space Pirate" MTK (Monster Training Knife)

Eskrima Training Knife and Self-defense Impact Tool
$25 plain, plus shipping and handling
$45 with wooden handle scales, plus shipping and handling

Invisible Predator Hand Blade!!!

"The Spade"
Acrylic Push Dagger
$20 plain, plus shipping and handling
For $45 upgrade to "The Grave Digger" with wooden handle scales, plus shipping and handling

RW Custom Handmade Octagon Eskrima Sticks

Octagon Eskrima Sticks
  • Octagon shaped!!!
  • 2 feet, 2.5 inches long
  • 3/4 inch diameter
  • Made of strong but light Canary Wood
$45 a pair plus shipping and handling

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Identical dimensions as Wmpyr's personal favorite Eskrima sticks (from the late Arnis Grand Master, Prof. Remy Presas). The compact size is great for indoor solo training, and solid construction for partner drills.

Octagons are commonly used on the Nunchaku, for an Eskrima stick this is extremely rare, vanguard stuff!
The Octagonal shape provides a better grip and makes your strikes harder.

"I have never seen octagonal Eskrima sticks before! I think it's brilliant, tactically it makes sense." - Wmpyr

Some tactical flash lights are octagonal, if you want it to sit still it will, but you can also roll it if you need to.

There are some techniques in Eskrima that involve using your stick to crush fingers or press against bone, it is more painful with octagonal sticks.

Wing Chun Kung Fu stylists train with Butterfly swords, and they can place two of them in a single hand, dubiously looking like a single sword. In the same light as the butterfly swords, the octagonal Eskrima sticks can be held together in one hand for deceptive single weapon practice as well.

"The best pair of Eskrima sticks I have ever trained with." -Wmpyr

For $45 a pair plus shipping and handling, this is a steal deal to own one of RW's custom hand made products. Remember these are unique, quality sticks that your not going to find anywhere else.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Double Sinawali

The Double Sinawali is the skill where you learn how to wield two weapons simultaneously without getting your arms tangled up. This skill can also be applied to single weapon and empty hand as well.

Recently it seems to me that deceptive hand skills has been very popular to learn in knife combat, like a new fad. In these styles there are techniques taught that are specifically designed to be deceptive. What many people may not realize is that when you learn various forms of Double Sinawali and put them together so that you can free flow, your arm movements naturally become deceptive. Since your free flowing you are unpredictable and smooth which gives you speed. The reason I never emphasized that Double Sinawali will make you deceptive, is because it is not the main purpose, that is just a by product.

The main purpose of the Double Sinawali is two fold. In Training it is a generator that allows you to include various techniques and put everything together in one smooth concoction. In combat it is used for multi-purpose, much like a Swiss Army Knife it is handy and can do many things. Defensively it is a parry on steroids. Right now criminal knife styles seem very popular today in the martial arts community. These styles are very aggressive and all about assaulting someone. The Double Sinawali techniques can be executed very aggressively too, it's just that it is not taught this way because I think most martial arts focus on self-defense or knife fighting. Knife fighting often times has been ridiculed. But I think it is underrated. I believe that a true martial arts warrior is someone who expects to face someone who is better than themselves. In other words a trained and worthy opponent. If not, your basically a bully and far from a warrior. So when facing a worthy adversary you cannot be so aggressive, you have to time that and be much more careful and strategic.

Criminal knife styles I believe do not want to give their target this much respect, so they will not give the target even a chance to fight back. If there is a potential, they will probably choose another time to attack, because they do not want to fight, they want to assault and victimize.

So in my opinion learning how to trick and destroy a weak person is much easier than learning how to defeat a worthy adversary head on. By learning the Double Sinawali you can use it for both purposes.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chi Ki Energy Martial Arts

My concept of Ki. When you move your body in such a way that it is so subtle, that it can't be seen, yet the action/result is still there. Let's say I want to throw someone with a Judo throw, my brain tells my body what to do, and then you can see my body take the necessary steps to make it happen. But let's say I become so efficient that you don't see me move much and I can still throw my opponent, then this is what you call excellent technique, all leverage, all skill. Let's go one step further, either I barely move and get the throw or my opponent gets thrown with a much larger force than what my motion seemed like. Then we can say I am using Ki. So according to my definition, it is efficiency of technique to a very high level. To the point it looks like it is done only by intent and not by physical means.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Knife Fighting Good Guys VS Bad Guys

In the knife combat community it has become popular to study the knife "fighting" methods of the bad guy. It makes sense to me that you should know the tactics of your possible opponent. The famous legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi wrote in his book that you should know the tactics of your opponent, and I totally agree.

Like many modern combat styles, this kind of no-nonsense combat styles are very popular. People feel that these kinds of styles are superior to what is traditionally taught. When they say no-nonsense, let's examine what they mean.

Usually they are referring to exercises and drills. If it doesn't work in real life, then your wasting your time. Many traditional martial arts are meant for long term training, and they have many developmental exercises. These exercises are parts to a whole, and when examined individual they may have no combat application, but when combined with the other parts they become practical and effective. So if you remove such exercises from your training, then you become very limited in how much you can grow.

If you ignore all the other things found in traditional martial arts and focus only on no-nonsense combat, then your not getting the whole picture. There are some people who can function well without the whole picture, however they can only go so far with limited knowledge. Also if they encounter problems they may not have the tools to figure it out.

Bad guy fighting techniques are designed to bully and cheap shot their prey. It is designed to assault a person weaker than themselves. Compare that to traditional knife fighting. Traditional knife fighting is designed for you to face another trained knife fighter. The self-defense techniques are generally designed to defend against a knife while you are empty handed, which is a tremendously disadvantageous position for you. To me martial arts has always been about being able to defend against someone that is superior to me, if not I am a bully, and I do not think that bullies are good fighters or worthy warriors. Can a bully still be effective? Without a doubt, and that is what makes the world a dangerous place, a noble warrior can lose to a bully. There is no guarantee who will win.