Sunday, May 21, 2017


Author Bram Frank

Book Review by Wmpyr

If you like knives, then this book is going to make you drool like crazy. You can expect to see a ton of amazing knives designed by Professor Bram Frank. You will see many famous brands and world reknown knife makers mentioned in this book. 

Mini War Hammer

You will see that Professor Bram Frank has been awarded the highest credentials and martial arts pedigrees. But don't worry, you will also get to know the person behind the designs.  

Reading about a kid who loved knives, knights and armor, who eventually became a professor of warrior culture, and then to go on and produce the ultimate tactical knife. 

You get the sense that it was destiny for Professor Bram Frank to create his knives and win the Tactical Knife of the Year award. You will learn that the Professor didn't create just one or a handful of knives, he created an entire species. The Gunting Knives are in a very specific class of their own.   

Unlike other tactical knives that have one or two functions, the Gunting Knives have many features, each one designed for self-defense. We can go one more step further and say that the concepts utilized come from the teachings found in the Filipino Martial Arts. And yes, some of these knife techniques are demonstrated in step by step photos in this book. 

Filipino Martial Arts in the palm of your hand.

What is Filipino Martial Arts? Filipino Martial Arts specializes in sticks and blades, used by the military and Police. It has been featured in numerous Hollywood films such as The Bourne Identity, I am Frankenstein, and The Hunted starring Tommy Lee Jones. 

It's just amazing how many different versions of the Gunting Knife exist. Many of the blade shapes are modeled after famous swords from history. There are so many different blade shapes, and the knives themselves have different forms, such as the fixed blades, neck knives, Karambit/Desangut, women friendly versions, Balisong/butterfly knife, Straight razor, emergency rescue knife, short sword, spring assisted opening, trainers, and non edge self-defense versions. Over 30 years in the making, you definitely feel like no stone has been unturned. 

However this book features so much more! There are concept design sketches, showing so many knives that I wish were produced today. There are diagrams to show you exactly how the unique Puzzle Lock works. 

You'll even get a look into the factory where the latest Gunting knives are made. And after seeing all of that you start to get a glimpse to understand just how much work, blood sweat and tears has gone into the making of the Gunting style of knives available today.   

You'll even see knives that are not part of the Gunting family of knives, more like a distant relative from a totally different maker, but the influences are there. 

So if you already own one of the Gunting Knives, this book will make you appreciate it ten fold, and if you don't, by the end you will be itching to own one of the most significant tactical knives ever made.  
Professor Bram Frank's knives Official website

Sunday, May 14, 2017


In a real life altercation, where things can be total chaos, and people are trying to make critical decisions under extreme pressure, the person with a clear mind will have an advantage. 

When you are unsure, that moment of hesitation creates an opening for your opponent to take advantage of. 

When I was in junior high school, one summer I went to a dormitory. There I got into my first real fight. The guy was a bully and had a very dark and twisted attitude about him. I punched him in the ribs with everything I had, then I grabbed his hair and proceeded to kick him repeatedly in the ribs with everything I had. I shoved him,  I was still standing and he was balled up on the ground, and I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to do something. First thing that came to mind was soccer kick him in the face, but it seemed too extreme, second thing was to jump up in the air and double stomp him like Bruce Lee did in Enter the Dragon, which also seemed like too much. Third was to drop an elbow to the spine, but once again it seemed like too much, plus none of these moves I was familiar with, so I hesitated, instead I punched him in his back and felt like an idiot. 

I said to myself: "what in the world was that? The stupidest punch ever!" Well, he yelled out: "You win! Stop! I give up!" So I stopped and he got up extended his hand, as I reluctantly went to shake it, he punched me with the other hand, he rocked my head way back, to this day my vision do not match.

Moral of the tale, do not hesitate. In order not to hesitate, you need to know exactly what to do, you need to know what to expect, so that you can act upon a clear mind and complete your mission.

That fight took place around 1992, before the UFC. If I had known MMA, I would have been able to control him by going to the ground and wearing him down systematically. I didn't have to get the Mount and destroy his face like Pat Smith did to Scott Morris in UFC 2. However I could have had much better control. If I didn't want to commit that much at least I would have known that there was no control and I needed to leave completely or finish the job like Wanderlei Silva had done many times in PRIDE and stomped this guy, but at least I would have known, what that would be like, how far to take it, and that I wasn't going to kill the guy.     

There were many things that I could have done, but either way, the main thing was I hesitated, my mind was not where it needed to be. So I was totally vulnerable. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tai Chi vs MMA

I recently saw the infamous video that has China all stirred up.
A former MMA fighter goes up against an alleged Tai Chi master.
I also got to have a discussion about it with my long time martial arts friend.

The result is of no surprise to me.
Get any Tai Chi master and have him go up against a pro fighter and the result would probably be the same. Quick destruction of someone that clearly doesn't know how to fight.

1. So why does this happen?
2. Why is it of no surprise?
3. What good is Tai Chi?

1. Why does this happen?
The Tai Chi master loses because he doesn't know how to fight. His opponent a former MMA fighter does. It's as simple as that.

2. Why is it of no surprise?
I've said it before that the purpose of a traditional martial arts school is to pass it on. That's what a tradition is. So the Tai Chi master is a scholar who knows just about everything there is to learn about the style and passes it on. That has nothing to do with fighting.

Your asking for a curator of a museum, or a master librarian to go perform. It's not going to happen.

3. What good is Tai Chi?
So if learning Tai Chi is not going to result in defeating the MMA fighter, then what good is it? The benefits are actually too numerous to list. The only thing you can't do is to expect the Tai Chi techniques to be superior in a fight against a real fighter.

Conclusion The life of a fighter is straight forward, your going to become tough, and then your going to become an athlete. Your going to win some and lose some, you learn that fighting is tougher than you. At the end your going to realize that you've shortened your life or at the very least decreased the comfort of your life. You will however know what real fighting is like, and you will have that experience.

Traditional martial arts like Tai Chi offers so much more. But in return you won't be the fighter that you think or expect to be especially if you've seen one too many movies.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

What is a warrior?


To me a warrior is someone that may use the rules to their advantage but they don't hide behind it. When I competed in BJJ, I followed the rules, but I expected my opponent to cheat. 

To me a warrior is someone that is always ready for combat. There is a difference between paranoid and prepared. Paranoid is when you cannot function in normal society, being prepared is when your smart.  

To me a warrior is someone that can and will live in less comfort, they definitely don't demand comfort, in fact they may see the discomfort as a challenge they are willing to face and conquer. Things like ice in your drink, AC, hot showers are all not necessary to sustain life.  

To me a warrior is someone that has a code of honor. Don't expect others to follow your code, and don't force your code on others. Having a code isn't for putting yourself up on a pedestal and looking down on others, but it's just a guide you follow to help you live a better quality of life. When you meet someone that also has a code you are more likely to appreciate them and make good friends.

To me a warrior is someone that never underestimates an enemy or task. 

To me a warrior is someone that always expects the worst but hopes for the best. Never lose hope.

To me a warrior is someone that doesn't over step their boundaries. If you think you can get away with something, most people will cross the line, a warrior will not, because it's not about success or failure, it's the principal of things. 

To me a warrior is someone that only fights someone stronger than they are. A bully is someone that picks on a weaker person, the warrior is the opposite they see it cowardly to do so, but honorable to defend the weak.