Sunday, February 20, 2011


Choose your own adventure Game Book review

I was really looking forward to this one. I went looking for this at half price books and found Crypt of the Vampire instead, I really enjoyed that one so I ordered this on feb. 2011. I prefer when they have numbered paragraphs over the ones that say turn to this page. This one goes by page. I wasn't too keen on the many dialogs included between the characters. "Don't be so certain my dear," says Mrs. West. This kind of thing is all over the book. Other than that I thought it was really well written, but a bit too kiddy for me. Crypt of the Vampire was for the older kid and that was better for me. Being on a spooky train going through the Carpathian mts. with bad vampires lurking in the corner is very interesting to me. If you like lots of characters to team up with, this book has it. I really liked the magical necklace, but the magical painting was a disappointment. If they took it out of the frame and slapped it on a shield that would have been much better. There's a few creative and wild endings that you don't want to miss, such as: Your room and the beach. I liked that there are two vampires, Count Zoltan and Countess Carmilla.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bruce Lee

"Take what is useful and discard the rest."
Famous quote by Bruce Lee.

First I want to say that when we talk about Bruce Lee, people tend to fall into two categories. Those who say, nah, he's not that good, Tony Jaa is better, or something like this. And then there are those that say, Bruce Lee was and will always be the best, even if he had no legs he would still beat God! It's important not to fall into either one of these two extreme point of views.

To me Bruce Lee was a man who had enormous talent, great success, and influenced the world greatly. In his martial arts journey, his point of view as with any other human being changes. He wasn't always awesome.

When he said, take what is useful and discard the rest, to me this goes against the true way.
Simply because it sounds like a selfish statement. You see true martial arts is not about taking.

When I was young and dumb, I did exactly that, I researched styles and played Dr. Frankenstein to create my ultimate style.
As good as I thought I was at the time, I was still a young pup.

How can a beginner know what is good quality, what is important, what is best? The answer is they don't.
And now at the age of 35 I can say that the answer to those things is that there is no best. And there is only preference. And whether something is useful or not comes down to how much hard work you've put into it, meaning, anything can become useful.

So this particular quote made famous by Bruce Lee to me is not a good quote, but in my arrogant, angry, and brash youth, I was able to identify with it. And that is why Bruce Lee was probably so popular because you could identify to him, you wanted to identify with him. But over time I had to pay the price. I suffered a lot of injuries because I fought challenge matches. I lost a lot of friends and training partners because I thought I was so awesome, basically becoming a tyrant. And it also affected my normal life, because I had become a jerk. And then I had to take a cold long hard look at myself and then change myself, which is not a bad thing, because I think martial arts at a low level is just getting some skill. At a higher level it's about getting a mirror and looking at it, seeing the truth of yourself, and then have the courage and strength to change your personality for the better.

Saturday, February 5, 2011



For 1 or more players.
Uses ANY trading card series including:
Magic the Gathering
Bella Sara
Hello Kitty
Hot Wheels

Get a bunch of trading cards, you can mix up different sets like Star Wars + Power Rangers + Bakugan.
Divide all the cards into these four types:
1) Character - includes monsters, groups, partners
2) Location- includes, land, mana, places
3) Battle - includes versus, battle scenes, spells, actions, techniques
4) Item - includes, relics, weapons, cars, accessories and things.

Now Each player Chooses 1 Character card that they want to be, and put your card in front of you.
Shuffle all the other cards and make a deck, put it face down.
If your only playing 1 player I recommend 5 of each card, meaning:
Character cards x 5
Location cards x 5
Battle cards x 5
Item cards x 5
Total = 20 cards for your deck

A deck = your adventure.

To begin your adventure, pull out a card
Here are the possibilities that can happen in this turn:

1) You pull out a Character card, then you must battle it.
To battle roll dice for the enemy (enemy goes first)
then roll dice for your battle point.
The higher point wins. In a draw, If you roll the same, then you re-roll.
If you lose then you are out of the game.
If you win then put the enemy card face down in the junk pile.

2) You pull out a Location card, place this card to the left of your card.
3) You pull out a battle card, place this card to the bottom of your card.
4) You pull out an item card, place this card to the top of your card.
5) You pull out a friend card, place this card to the right of your card.
Friend cards are character cards, there are 3 types of character cards,
A) You
B) Enemy
C) Friend

After you pull out one card and do the required move, then the next person goes, or if your playing alone, you proceed to your next turn.

You want to Collect as many Location, Battle, Item and Friend cards as you go.

If there is another deck, then you can pull out from that deck if you use one of your Location cards (if you have one). After you use the Location card discard it to the junk pile.

During a battle, after you roll the dice for yourself, if your not satisfied with the number you rolled you may choose to escape by using a Location card. After you do so, get rid of the Location card into the junk pile and put the enemy card back in the deck and reshuffle it, you may encounter that enemy again.

During a battle, a battle card gives you one point to your dice roll. If you roll a 2 and if you have 3 battle cards, then you can use all 3 to get a total of 5 battle points to hopefully defeat your enemy. The battle cards you use, must be tossed into the junk after you added them to your dice roll.

A Friend card is a character card that you meet along the way in your adventure and become pals with. They become your Hit Points. So if you lose a battle, you toss a friend card to the junk pile and continue with your adventure.

An Item card is very handy indeed. It acts as a wild card and can be used as a Location, Battle (better to use as a Friend card) or Friend card.

Rules and game sample

Playing a game with many different trading cards.