Sunday, February 20, 2011


Choose your own adventure Game Book review

I was really looking forward to this one. I went looking for this at half price books and found Crypt of the Vampire instead, I really enjoyed that one so I ordered this on feb. 2011. I prefer when they have numbered paragraphs over the ones that say turn to this page. This one goes by page. I wasn't too keen on the many dialogs included between the characters. "Don't be so certain my dear," says Mrs. West. This kind of thing is all over the book. Other than that I thought it was really well written, but a bit too kiddy for me. Crypt of the Vampire was for the older kid and that was better for me. Being on a spooky train going through the Carpathian mts. with bad vampires lurking in the corner is very interesting to me. If you like lots of characters to team up with, this book has it. I really liked the magical necklace, but the magical painting was a disappointment. If they took it out of the frame and slapped it on a shield that would have been much better. There's a few creative and wild endings that you don't want to miss, such as: Your room and the beach. I liked that there are two vampires, Count Zoltan and Countess Carmilla.
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