Friday, July 27, 2018

Zombie Outlaw #3

comic book review by Wmpyr

I've been a comic book reader all my life. 
One thing I dislike is over exposed mainstream stuff whether it’s comics or movies, so I really enjoy reading indie(independent) comics. 

Some indie titles are very amateurish in production but Zombie Outlaw has always looked extremely professional. From the printing all the way to the quality of each page.

The artwork by Benny Jordan is not your cookie cutter superhero style, it’s more of a comedy meets gore, unique and striking like Rat Fink Ed Roth style.

This being issue number 3 the story is still premature, but number 3 definitely packs the most action! 

In this issue you will see a college campus being over run by zombies like the Hulkafide zombie, busty college babe zombie, and wasabi pea shooting action! 

Creator Brian Apodaca leaves us hanging right when it gets good, our heroes have been cornered by the horde and they looked pretty doomed! 
Will we see the Zombie Outlaw unleashed in the next issue or what? 
I’m no psychic but one thing is for sure, we are headed towards zombie versus zombie action!