Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Terminator 3

2003 film review by Wmpyr

It seems like the public opinion of this film is that it is the worst of the 4 Terminator films. The budget, the production, everything is done big. Almost too big. Many people hate the story because they found it confusing or that it didn't make any sense. The reason why I enjoyed this film is because I was able to detach it from T2. It sounds silly to do so because they are part of the same franchise but T2 to me was a global phenomenon. I think that when T2 came out back then, it pretty much caught everyone's eye. So to compare it to a film like that is a pretty tall order. So how do I see T3? The romance between John Connor and Kate Brewster could have been much better, but it was a nice concept, nice to see Arnold back even though he seems to have completely stopped trying to act robotic at all in this one. The concept of the TX a female Terminator that hunts other Terminators is very interesting. The plot with the so called twist ending at the end was not well done, But overall to me this is a film that I call easy watching. This is just another one of those films that also had a ton of potential. In the trivia section it is stated that Vin Diesel, Shaq, Famke, and Chyna was considered for the role of the TX. I think it would have been great if they had casted all of them. Arnold would have to defeat each one, and hopefully each one would have a unique special ability instead of cramming multiple abilities into one like they ultimately did for the TX. So, if you keep your expectations low, your getting an average action flick with an A class mega budget, so I had fun with this one.

Dracula's Widow

1988 film review by Wmpyr

Francis Ford Coppola did a great job with Bram Stoker's Dracula so I was looking forward to this one directed by Francis Ford Coppola's nephew, however let me say this was Chris Coppola's first feature, and this was filmed before Bram Stoker's Dracula. The plot is relatively simple enough, which is a good thing if you ask me. When an eccentric owner of a small wax museum in Hollywood receives an extra crate which has Dracula's wife, Vanessa in it, all the problems begin. If you like gore, there is quite a bit of it. I'm personally not into that, if the gore was there to show some kind of dynamic between how sensual she is and how violent she can be, it would have been much better for me, but I didn't feel that kind of relationship. The main problem though I have to say is with Vanessa herself. The 80s business suit she walks around in the entire duration of the film seemed like a waste of wonderful possibilities. With Dracula's wife, they could have had historical costumes to something along the lines of fantasy and so on. Her personality was also unattractive, with someone like Sylvia Kristel they could have explored a sensual/dominatrix style character, Dracula is a sex symbol, you would assume that his Queen is similar. The yelling and tantrum like parts were not attractive. The scene with the Devil worshippers was memorable and I wish it was explained a bit better. Always nice to see a Van Helsing in a Dracula film, the part where he is reading an old book about Dracula's wife and acts like it's the first time he's ever read that made me raise my brow. Nice to see the main character's GF sleep walking, for some reason I like seeing sleep walking in vampire films. All in all, it had potential, I would like to see a remake!

Small Soldiers

1998 film review by Wmpyr

After buying and watching 32 Full Moon movies, with more than half of them being about puppets and toys coming to life, or some other type of little monsters, Small Soldiers was a major treat because it actually feels like something Charles Band would have loved to have done. Small Soldiers is an all star cast with Hollywood budget but with a crazy story you would expect from Full Moon pictures. Why is this so good? Just take a look at what the director Joe Dante has done, his resume includes Gremlins 1&2, Piranha, The Howling, Innerspace, and The 'Burbs. I never would have thought that Hollywood would ever make a film like this, but they did, and too bad it was only once. I actually preferred this over Toy Story 3 which was alright for me, keep in mind I've never seen any of the other Toy Story films. This film was made for family, in particular the kids, however I was able to enjoy it because it had enough mature content in there, some people may say that it's too much for a children's film, and while I can understand that, it is a family flick, dad needs to enjoy it too!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Puppet Master series review

9 film review by Wmpyr

At the local Walmart they had Puppet Master 9 film DVD collection for $5, so I had to get it. For a Full Moon pictures fan, it's a must have and a great deal. Nine movies is a lot but don't think that this is it, there's two Puppet Master films missing that I'm aware of, Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys, and Puppet Master X: Axis Rising.

So let me rank the films in this set from worst to best!

9. Puppet Master Legacy
This one goes last because it's not really a movie Imo, this is a loosely summarizing of the previous films, it shows some highlights of the Puppets killing, more of a dedicated to Puppet Master film that's really just filled with a ton of clips from the other Puppet Master films.

8. Puppet Master II
I have to give them props for trying, but overall, I felt that the script was a little bit all over the place. Some people like it for it's craziness, but I wouldn't mistake this for campy, 4&5 are campy, this one is a mess, but only because they were trying real hard.

7. Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
The way they tried to portray the WWII era came off as annoying for me, especially compared to 3&7, other than that, I actually thought it was solid.

6. Puppet Master 4
PM4 and PM5 are definitely the campiest of these choices. PM4 starts off like a spinoff story and PM5 concludes it.

5. Curse of the Puppet Master (6)
Basically a stand alone story and it does a good job at it. It almost feels like this was a feature length Tales from the Crypt episode.

4. Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
I chose this one because this time, the campiness works well, this one goes together with PM4, kind of like a two part mini series story or something.

3. Retro Puppet Master (7)
Being another past era flick, this one is closest to PM3, if you like PM3 then this is solid.

2. Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge
This one works for me because I felt that they did a good job depicting the WWII era and they go into the origins story so I also like that. Plus Guy Rolfe makes his debut as Toulon here, and he is awesome!

1. Puppet Master
For me the original is clearly the best, the look of the film, the location, the story, the characters, just about everything works for me. Maybe it's not super scary but it definitely has a creepy eerie feel, and I feel that it's the most horror film like out of the rest.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil from Full Moon

2010 film review by Wmpyr

This one is the final movie in my Puppet Master 9 films set. However this one is not credited as Puppet Master 9 on IMDB. Puppet Master 9 is credited as Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys a 2004 film made for TV, which I know that I have seen, but I don't quite remember it. Anyways Axis takes place immediately after the death of Toulon from the first film and they take liberties using that same footage from the original movie that started it all, but it actually blends in much better than let's say Puppet Master Legacy which did that to the point where it just endlessly and shamelessly took advantage big time. Axis takes place in the WWII era in the USA, and while they are trying hard to depict the era, it comes across like a comic book in a bad way, the feeling I got was annoying rather than accurate. I have to say that PM III: Toulon's Revenge did a much better job depicting the WWII era for me, that being said though, I thought this film was alright. In fact it was much better than I had remembered it. Perhaps the best thing about the film is that we get to see a new puppet in the form of a Ninja puppet, complete with deadly shuriken throwing. This one isn't a comedy horror, or if it was it's really not that funny, it's not scary, and it's not that gory, I'm not sure to call this a slasher flick either, because the killings weren't that awesome or satisfying as in some of the previous Puppet Master films, case in point was the Japanese soldier who mistakes a leech for sushi and dies, it could have been pretty good, but it just wasn't all that, especially since it looked like he chewed on the leech, you think he would have killed it by biting into it, or would have spit it out.

Puppet Master 8: The Legacy from Full Moon

2003 film review by Wmpyr

Unless for some reason you want to get a summary of all the previous Puppet Master film, or your a hardcore fan/completionist, I don't recommend this film. Even for me, someone who is a fan of the franchise and fan of Full Moon pictures I feel like I need to be in a very specific mood to enjoy this one. Why is this one so difficult to watch? Basically it's just a woman with a gun interrogating an old man for a few scenes and all the rest of the film is just one flash back after another from the previous films, and they are trying hard to connect them together. If your not in the right mood your just going to feel cheated. If your interested in the Puppet Master films but you just don't have the time to watch all the films and reading reviews and watching trailers is just not good enough, then maybe this will workout for you. If you want to have a halloween party and reminisce with another fan then maybe this might work. Let's say you've seen all the Puppet Master films many-many times, and you like them all, and your going on a trip and you could only have one dvd then this might be the one for you. This is definitely a strange one in the series but when you have 9 films, I suppose one is going to be like this. I was able to get through it because I saw this film as one giant highlight film for the previous installments.

Basket Case 2

Basket Case 2
1990 film review by Wmpyr

I've seen a couple of Frank Henelotter's films such as Basket Case 1~3, Frankenhooker, and recently I just saw his latest film, titled Bad Biology in the blue ray dvd clearance bin at Fry's Electronics. This made me want to watch one of his films, I vaguely remember the Basket Case movies, so I went with Basket Case 2. I remember liking one of them much more than the others and I also remember not liking one of them too much. After watching it last night after watching the crazy movie Contracted on Netflix, Basket Case 2 was a trip, needless to say, Basket Case 2 was even more crazy than Contracted. I'm a little torn with Basket Case 2 because I like the story, I like the way it's written, the concept is kind neat, it's just really disturbing to see all the freaks. I am not a big fan of freakshow/sideshow stories even though they are fascinating and I have been watching the 2013 "reality" TV series Freakshow. Out of all these kinds of films I think, Nightbreed from Clive Barker is my favorite because it closes the gap between freaks and superheroes. Maybe one of these days, X-men will also head in that direction if Hollywood grows some balls. I can't say that I really like Basket Case 2 or that I found the film enjoyable, but it was most definitely memorable, and it does take me back to those days in the 90s when I was watching many B horror films, Killer Klown from Outerspace, C.H.U.D. II Bud the Chud, Puppet Master, The Howling series and so on.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm from Full Moon

Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm
1998 film review by Wmpyr

I own Subspecies 1~3, sadly I do not own 4, and I say sadly because I think this is a decent entry into the series that stays true to the Subspecies franchise, personally I found part 4 to be quite enjoyable. I am a little disappointed that we don't get to see the actual subspecies (the tiny demons that were Radu's fingers), but I'm glad to see Radu's mom not return for she was quite hideous, and Radu is such a good villain anyway I kept asking myself, do we really need her? I actually enjoyed the story in this one more than 2&3, it was interesting to see the other vampires, and the creepy Dr. Niculescu is great, he almost steals the show from Radu! If you've seen 1 through 3, then you must be a fan of the franchise and I think this is a must see for any Subspecies fan. If you just want to see a vampire flick, then I suggest you start with the first one, because I feel that the original Subspecies that started it all, is superb and a must see for any vampire film fan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Retro Puppet Master from Full Moon

1999 film review by Wmpyr

Puppet Master 7 which I will just call Retro for short. Retro is another one that feels like a stand alone title in the series like PM6 (Curse) and PM3 (Revenge). It's more along the lines of PM3 Toulon's Revenge because of the older era. The retro wooden puppet designs look cool, and once again this one focuses on the story telling, there is some romance, and a sorcerer passing on his secret to a young man who becomes the Puppet Master, and by the end of the film he is truly is master of the puppets as he becomes someone not to mess with. I found this one to be very likable because of the classy story telling, even though I do enjoy the cheese and campy often found in Full Moon flicks.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Favorite MMA Fighters

Favorite MMA Fighters
by Wmpyr

Johil de Oliveira
Yano Takumi
Maurice Smith
Royce Gracie
Dan Severn
Oleg Taktarov
Kevin Randleman

Remy Bonjasky
Kaoklai Kennorsing

Prince Naseem

Enson Inoue VS Igor Vovchanchyn
Royce Gracie VS Hidehiko Yoshida 
Kimo VS Pat Smith
Oleg Taktarov VS Dan Severn
Maurice Smith VS Tank Abbott
Pedro Rizzo VS Vernon White
Mark Coleman VS Alan Goes

Shinya Aoki
I'm a big fan of submissions and Aoki and fellow teammate Imanari have incredible submissions. I don't like how brutal Aoki is with the submissions but he is entertaining to watch and study.

Johil De Oliveira
After watching his Vale Tudo fights, I really liked how well balanced of a fighter he was, and I really liked his style.

Takumi Yano
Nicknamed the Oriental Mystery. Another smaller submissions fighter, with a very unorthodox style, I like his uniqueness and ground skills.

Shigeyuki Umeki
Another fighter that is very unorthodox and unique like Takumi Yano.

Duane Ludwig
I saw his King of the Cage fights, which made me want to hone my kickboxing skills. I really liked the way he fought, and his ground work was not bad for a standup striker.

Chris Brennan
Out of the super experienced MMA fighters like Eric Paulson, Matt Hume, Pat Miletech, Antonio McKee, Chris Brennan is my favorite because of his well balanced style and the actual fighting style he brings to the table, Ruas Vale Tudo plus black belt BJJ.

Renzo Gracie
In my opinion the best fighter to come out of the Gracie family. Always exciting to watch!

Royce Gracie
Every match he fights is captivating for me, even the long so called boring ones like his rematch with Ken Shamrock in UFC 5 is exciting to me and a lot to learn.

Dan Severn
My favorite wrestler, Kevin Randleman comes in second. Dan is just a personality, I enjoy his fights and his interviews, even if I don't agree with him. I like that he entered the UFC and dominated way past his prime as an experienced wrestler that had nowhere to go. I was bummed to see him lose to Mark Coleman but that was still a great fight.

Oleg Taktarov
My favorite Russian fighter, Igor Vovchanchyn comes in as a close second. I liked the way Oleg fought, solid grappling and later he even showed some boxing skills when he KOed Sean Alvarez.

Maurice Smith
I liked Mo because his kickboxing techniques looked super smooth and efficient. Some guys looked like they hit harder than Mo in MMA but they didn't look efficient. Mo seemed like a smart fighter and I appreciate that.

Puppet Master 6: Curse of the Puppet Master from Full Moon

1998 film review by Wmpyr

P6 goes back to focusing on a more serious direction and being less campy. It's almost a resetting of the franchise so that they can tell a creepy story. Because of that we see less of the puppets than P5, and the story is more involved with the human characters and the drama going on. Dr. Magrew and his daughter take in a overly shy boy named Robert to build a puppet. They quickly reveal to him the supernatural puppets from the franchise that basically act like house pets at the moment masking their murderous nature. Robert gets bullied by some jerks, and the small town police begin to harass Dr. Magrew about his previous assistant who mysteriously disappeared. It turns out that Dr. Magrew had bad intentions for Robert because he was going to turn him into a puppet. In the end the puppets lead by Blade decide to kill the mad doctor for successfully turning Robert into a new puppet a futuristic looking tank which is appropriate because Robert's nickname was tank. Sadly the movie end immediately after the daughter runs into see Tank in his new form finish off her dad after the puppets brutally attacked him. Story telling wise I have to say that P6 is done better than P4 & P5. However, you might still find P4 & P5 more entertaining. I definitely enjoyed this one, and it is definitely a nice entry into the Puppet Master franchise.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter from Full Moon

1994 film review by Wmpyr

P5 is an excellent continuation of P4 in fact they feel very similar to each other. If I had to choose, I prefer P5 over P4 because I felt that there was more puppet action, plus it was better since we get to see the puppets go toe to toe with a pumped up totem, which is a puppet sized minion of the demon Sutek. Glad to see Torch back in this one, and the head changing puppet, Decapitron steals the show. Compared to P3, which was the prequel that covered the origins of the Puppet Master and puppets, P5 is a crazier story that has more of a comic book super hero type of feel, because the new puppet master, kid genius is nowhere near as menacing as Toulon, in more than one way he reminds me of Peter Parker. Out of the entire series, I can see why so many people like P4 and P5, I have to admit I did enjoy them too.

Puppet Master 4 from Full Moon

1993 film review by Wmpyr

Some people say this is one is their favorite of the Puppet Master franchise, and I can see why. It's very likable, it almost feels like a comic book. The Puppet Master torch gets passed on to a young scientist who likes to play laser tag with his little robots. So not only do we have the awakening of the puppets and inheriting of Toulon's secrets, we also have a demon that wants his formula back from Toulon. The demon sends his minions that are the same size as the puppets hence it's a good match, we get some nice fights between the two sides. The puppets definitely became good in this one since they side with kid genius to fight off the evil minions. To me this film had an 80s vibe to it, it's very different from the first one which showcased the creepy moody hotel with the murderous puppets running around. I definitely enjoyed it and once again I'm looking forward to the next one!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge

1991 film review by Wmpyr

I enjoyed PM3 more than PM2, I felt that the acting and story was better. This is a prequel and takes back to an origins story. I like the era, WWII under the rise of Nazi Germany, and how it goes into what makes the puppets work, and even talks about the origins of the puppets. The puppet, Six shooter steals the show in this one, and Toulon himself is great, they chose an excellent actor. I was happy to see Sarah Douglas in this, even though I wish they had given her more screen time. The story in PM2 felt a bit more campy, while this one felt more on the serious side, but thankfully because of the back drop in which the story takes place, I feel that they pulled it off. I am looking forward to reviewing PM4 soon!

My Top 10 Favorite vintage GI Joe figures

My Top 10 Favorite GI JOE figures
by Wmpyr

Please keep in mind that the following list was chosen from my personal collection, in other words I actually owned these figures at one time or another. I'm only including vintage figures from 80s and 90s, nothing from Valor VS Venom, or anything after that.

Long Arm
There are many really good outer space and future themed figures, even though I really like Dee-Jay, Long Arm was excellent, his neon orange color, removable helmet, and even his bright red weapons and accessories made him one of my faves.

M. Bison (v2)
I really liked Overlord, Serpentor, the original hooded Cobra Commander, Headman, and Destro, but out of all these evil leaders, M. Bison to me is the most formidable because you know he is the best fighter of them all. Version two came with a so-so over sized buggy and a cool silver shoulder pad which did not come with the original.

Not including Zartan, my top four Dreadnoks are Ripper, Buzzer, Torch, and Road Pig. Road Pig has the best accessories but Ripper is the coolest looking figure of the Dreadnoks. Back in the day every time I got a punk rock/biker looking Dreadnok I felt like I was being a rebellious badboy and that alone makes the Dreadnoks totally cool.

Sgt. Slaughter
Between the many cool Duke figures, the great General Hawk figure, Capt. Grid-Iron, Colonel Brekov, and The Fridge, I had to go with the Sarge simply because of charisma and it shows in the action figure. Back in the day I enjoyed making the Sarge body slam the other figures.

Storm Shadow (v2)
I definitely feel that this version is an improvement of the original, which was a great figure in it's own right. Version three Snake Eyes gave this figure a run for it's money though. Both are excellent ninja type figures but I ultimately chose this one because the figure was slightly cooler than Snake Eyes even though the latter had the better accessories, a skeletonized modern sword, a blow gun, and a three-section staff with an UZI attachment!?!

The Anti-Gravity Pod was actually not a good vehicle, the plastic and construction felt cheap with an unimpressive design. However the pilot, Nullifier was fascinating, he didn't come with any accessories other than his removable visor, but with his big head, short snout, strange writings on his chest, tubes going into his arms, he looked like he was an alien visitor of some sort.

Crystal Ball
He looks like Dracula, he looks like Vincent Price, a figure for the horror film fan. I also like his simple accessory, just a lenticular shield and that's it. He is my favorite of the mysterious figures, believe me Zartan came in a very close second!

Nemesis Enforcer
Possibly the coolest name for any action figure or character ever made. Fortunately it's not just the name, the actual figure is awesome too. The elbow blades, batwings, and tentacles, he looks totally awesome.

A fascinating action figure and character, Golobulus almost took the number one spot for me. Burgess Meredith did a great job doing his voice. I can still hear it today, Nemesis Enforcer take him away!

Since I really enjoyed fighting games back in the day, I think it's no coincidence that two fighting game characters made it into my top ten. Goro is awesome, even though he doesn't have the swivel waist, he has the four arms, pony tail, peg holes in the feet, and even two back pack holes. He's quite detailed and he towers over GI Joe and Cobra action figures like the menacing monster that he is.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Puppetmaster II from Full Moon

1991 film review by Wmpyr

Compared to the 1st movie, I feel that Puppetmaster 2 is all over the place. I definitely prefer the original, but the 2nd one is not without its charms. I really don't like what they did to Toulon in this one, he seemed like such a nice old man in the first one, but I do like the idea of a demented puppet master who controls the killer puppets. I'm glad that they are still on the same location, the scenic hotel on the beach side, and I do like how we get to see paranormal researchers from the 90s way before they became popular on reality TV. I think it's a good sequel, and we get to see some new puppets in action as well as some of the older ones. The story definitely seems a bit more crazy in this one, as it revolves around Toulon wanting to revive himself and Elsa as giant puppets in a creepy and memorable final scene, and once again the Puppets turn on their master just like in the original film. I'm looking forward to seeing part 3 next!

Puppetmaster from Full Moon

1989 film review by Wmpyr

I got Puppermaster 1~9 the flagship series for Full Moon pictures, and even though I have seen all of them before, I am looking forward to seeing them again and this time in order. So let me begin with the very first one that started it all. I have seen this film a few times, but it has been a good while back. Now that I just re-watched it, the budget feels a lot higher than what I had remembered. I didn't think that I was going to care for the first one that much, especially compared to the later titles, but I stand corrected this is pretty good, I like the low line camera angles for the puppets running around in the hotel, the peephole shots, the location which is a creepy hotel on a cliff overlooking the seashore is awesome, and even the story is enjoyable with the quirky characters, I also like the acting, and of course the puppets steal the show, the ending is great when the puppets turn on their master. What a great start this is to the Puppetmaster franchise.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 types of martial arts combat application

3 Types of Martial Arts Combat Application
Short essay by Wmpyr

Generally speaking we can divide martial arts combat application into 3 types. Finishing techniques, Altercation self-defense, and Fighting. All 3 can be used for various situations and can naturally occur in various situations. For example finishing techniques are not only for an assassination scenario where a person is setting up an ambush to murder someone, if there is enough rage this can occur during a street fight, domestic violence, or even a road rage incident. Even if a finishing technique doesn't kill a person, it can be useful for killing a person if the situation were different. For example in a cage fighting match in the sport of MMA, if you put someone to sleep with a RNC (rear naked choke) on the battlefield that would have lead to a kill. Even during a boxing match, there are times where a person must protect themselves and just survive the round, this is where self-defense techniques can come in, even though they will probably have to be modified for the sport of Boxing in this case. Fighting is basically when two people are in a struggle, a battle of attrition, trying to impose their will onto their opponent. I think it is important to train for all 3. For example imagine a terrible situation where a woman is getting attacked by a violent criminal. Let's say she knows some self-defense techniques so she is doing her best to protect herself and for a few minutes she succeeds, but eventually she gets beaten to a pulp. If she had trained in fighting, she could have backed up her self-defense skills and had a better result, and who knows, maybe at some point, her safety and survival may have depended on her terminating her assailant, in this case she would have needed finishing techniques.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bloodlust: Subspecies 3 from Full Moon

1994 film review by Wmpyr

Even though part 2 immediately picks up from the end of part 1, the continuation of the story doesn't feel so smooth to me, because the story feels more like a result of having two of the main actors unable to reprise their roles for some reason. Part 3 on the other hand continues very smoothly from part 2. In part 2, Michelle was trying to cope with being a vampire on her own, but in part 3 she has given herself to Radu, and she is now trying to learn about her newly acquired vampire powers from Radu, in the meantime, her sister is trying to rescue her and by the end of the movie we have a make shift group of vampire hunters going after Radu and his mom. Radu back stabs his mom, and is betrayed by Michelle, where we get to see a spectacular death scene, and at the very-very end, the subspecies return as the story is to be continued for a 4th installment. Personally I enjoyed part 1 the most, part 3 comes in as second, even though I enjoyed all three films.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bloodstone: Subspecies II from Full Moon

1993 film review by Wmpyr

Subspecies 2 starts off with blasphemy as they immediately get rid of the hero from the first film Stephan the good vampire. And then Michelle played by actress Laura Tate disappointingly does not reprise her role and is replaced by another actress, who has a totally different hair do. Plus she leaves the castle, running away from Radu the hideous evil vampire and enters into the city. We meet Radu's mom who is even more hideous than he is, and we are introduced to Michelle's sister actually looks more like Michelle in the first film. This sounds like it's going to be terrible but, actually you can overlook these changes because they do a great job of still keeping the look and feel from the first film. Everything is still very gloomy and creepy, the night scenes and the excellent score, and especially thanks to Radu. The vampire shadow scenes are great, and even though I'm not as crazy about the story of this one compared to the first, and I am bummed that there are no subspecies in this one, and it's all about the blood stone, it's still good, and as a fan of vampire films and Full Moon pictures, I'm so happy to own 1~3, hopefully someday I will get to add the 4th one to my collection.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Subspecies from Full Moon

1991 film review by Wmpyr

Subspecies starts off with a very cool scene where Radu the evil vampire who was banished returns to confront his father the vampire king. The king drops a cage on Radu, but Radu painfully breaks off his long disgusting fingers that turn into little demons called subspecies that release him from the cage. The authentic location is gloomy, great and perfect, and the music further sets the mood, the hideous Radu waking up from his coffin and walking around his castle is also very Nosferatu like, great stuff from this classic Full Moon flick. Besides, who doesn't like a climactic sword fight scene? I normally recommend Full Moon movies only to Full Moon and B-movie fans, because I feel it takes a certain personality to be able to appreciate Full Moon pictures, but this one I recommend to any vampire film fan. This is a vampire film done right!

Killjoy 2: Deliverance From Evil

2002 film review by Wmpyr

Killjoy 2 is really the oddball in the series because the first half of the movie doesn't even have Killjoy, you almost feel like your watching a completely different movie. The way it was going, with a bunch of delinquent inner city kids with their officers out to renovate a house for community service. On their way there they get lost in the woods, one of the kids gets shot and and the drama could have kept going like this without any Killjoy or any slasher film monster and it would have been a decent independent film you get at Walmart. I got one of those before, Ghetto Dawg 2 and Street Survival both of which I actually enjoyed. But in this film they end up in some weird home with a voodoo lady who says she could shelter them and help with the shot kid. Now we slowly start to head into Killjoy territory. Once one of the girls summons him, the movie changes because Killjoy has such a strong presence. Even though this is a B-movie, and still campy, I feel it is less of a comedy horror than 3 or 4. Overall this may not be my favorite Killjoy film, I still like it and I recommend the entire Killjoy franchise if you like B-movie horror films from Full Moon.

Killjoy 3 from Full Moon

2010 film review by Wmpyr

I heard that Killjoy 3 & 4 were the best in the Killjoy franchise, and I have to agree, even though I found Killjoy 1 to be very entertaining, and Killjoy 2 to be not too bad. Keep in mind that Killjoy 1, 2, & 3 are VERY different from each other, while 3 & 4 go together. I like Killjoy 4 the best, but Killjoy 3 was really well done. It expanded the Killjoy universe by adding his posse, consisting of Punchy the hobo clown, Freakshow the mime, and Batty Boop the succubus clown. Like a zombie or vampire film it also adds more rules to how Killjoy works, after all he is a demonic entity. Killjoy requires to be summoned for the purpose of vengeance, and the person who summons him gives his soul to Killjoy, but becomes a part of Killjoy. If you say his name you gain some power over him and he can't kill you if your laughing at him. He needs to kill you in his domain inside the mirror to get your soul. In order to get you inside the mirror he needs you to look at the mirror. With all those rules, this film could have been a disaster, but for me overall this film was well put together, it was very entertaining! I liked seeing Killjoy's giant hammer in action, I also enjoyed the other demonic clowns. I recommend the entire Killjoy series and I do hope they make more!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dollman vs Demonic Toys from Full Moon

1993 film review by Wmpyr

I'm usually not too crazy about films with a ton of flashbacks because it often times feels like cheap filler to me, this film has several flashbacks but it didn't bother me for some reason. I prefer this film over Dollman, over Demonic Toys 1 & 2, and what little I remember of Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys. The colorful Demonic Toys meet their match against the ultra cool Dollman, it just really works for me. It was a bummer to see Judith (Tracy Scoggins) die, but Nurse Ginger seemed like a really good match for our no nonsense tough guy Dollman Brick Bardo so everything works out with a happy ending at the end after Brick kicks the crap out of the Demonic Toys back in the toy warehouse, which once again makes for a great location. I'm glad to see the sleazy jerk reporter take a knee to the balls, but I wish he was killed. I liked this movie back when I saw it in the mid 90s and I have to say that I still like it.

Demonic Toys: Personal Demons from Full Moon

2010 film review by Wmpyr

This film isn't listed on IMDB as Demonic Toys 2, but instead as Demonic Toys: Personal Demons, keep in mind that Dollman vs. Demonic Toys was made in 1993 way before this one. There is no flashback, it is an immediate continuation from the original, starting with someone reconstructing the Demonic Toys. The story however feels pretty unrelated to the first other than it uses the Demonic Toys. It's essentially a revision of the Demonic Toys and goes back to Full Moon roots because the story is totally like a Puppet Master film. I really like the story of this one better than the first film because this one seems less convoluted, the castle location is totally great, characters are nice and quirky, the dolls/toys steal the show as usual, the one gripe I have is that the popular Baby Oopsie Daisy, is hard to understand, an option for subtitles would have been helpful, and it's such a shame, because Baby is loaded with lots of funny lines. Last but not least, I got this movie from a 9 pack that had 3 Killjoy films, 3 Gingerdead Man films, and 3 Demonic Toys films. I own many movies from Full Moon and this is the first movie where I noticed had some minor clarity issues as if the transfer to DVD was not done well.

Demonic Toys from Full Moon

1992 film review by Wmpyr

Despite the title and concept sounding quite silly, while definitely being campy the movie does take itself quite seriously especially with the demonic possession aspect of the story. I think this film is unique and a totally solid Full Moon title, downside is that the story has a little too much going on for it's own good, the villain has to pretty much explain what is going on, through the flashbacks, and his origin story, since lots happen here, the heroin cop is pregnant, her partner gets killed, she has to chase the criminals, she gets locked up in a warehouse, survive the Demonic toys, deal with a yell only rebellious pizza boy, and a survivor a la Newt from Aliens. I have to give credit to the director for pulling it off, but at times it felt like it was a little bit too much going on, thankfully it wasn't like Secrets of the Clown where I think it got lost in it's own story. At the end of the day was this film entertaining or did it fail in story telling? My answer is that it was entertaining. I have been enjoying the ultra campy comedy horror films from Full Moon such as the Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong series, this one is not as deliberately funny, it's still good and I have to call it classic Full Moon. The Demonic Toys themselves steal the show, but the toy warehouse is a great location, and having a crawl space scene is always cool in my book. The brief fight scene that Tracy Scoggins had was well executed and I thought that it looked quite good. The gas mask wearing "specter watchers" on tricycles was nice and creepy and I like the giant killer teddy bear at the end as well. Since I also own Demonic Toys 2, and Dollman vs Demonic Toys, I am looking forward to seeing those too.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Self-defense Tips by Wmpyr

Self-defense for women or men
tips by Wmpyr

1. Awareness
The first step begins with awareness. There are some people that are way too clueless because they are not observant and so self-absorbed. I highly recommend that you carry a self-defense tool on your keychain so that your never unarmed. One more thing to consider is to see how long it takes you to get in and out of your car, and how long it takes for you to walk from one place to another, the longer you take, the more vulnerable you are.

2. Active Choices
Most people recognize danger, or notice something fishy, but they can't act upon it. You see a scary person, then do something about it, go the other way, make a detour.

3. Get fit
One of the most important self-defense technique is to run, so you need to be able to outrun your attacker. Fighting back takes a lot of physical exertion, you got to be fit.

4. Learn
Go to a martial arts studio, attend self-defense seminars, and watch videos. Don't criticize, but instead try to your best to learn and benefit from the material being presented to you. Just about anything can work, but you have to put in the time and effort to make the material work for you.

Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver from Full Moon

2011 film review by Wmpyr

You know your into some campy fun when the movie begins with a Silence of The Lambs parody. I have to admit I was a little sad to hear a different voice for the Gingerdead Man. Having the Gingerdead Man time travel to a 1976 roller skate rink thrown into a Carrie story, is absolutely wild and if that wasn't enough, we even have a quick homage scene to Porky's. The overall film isn't bad, I feel that they were trying hard to make it really outrageous campy fun, but I felt that the Gingerdead Man, the title character was pushed off to the side compared to the previous entries, so I have to rank this one last out of the 3, with Gingerdead Man 2 being the best, but I'm still happy to own all 3, and I am highly interested in eventually checking out Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong but in the mean time I still have a ton more Full Moon movies to review in my collection.

Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust from Full Moon

2008 film review by Wmpyr

This film starts with a recap from the first film, and I am normally not too crazy when they do this kind of thing, but this was well done, this is how you do a recap, nice and creative like a fairytale with rhymes and everything. This film takes place at a film studio, basically we have Full Moon pictures making a mockery of itself for some really campy hilarious fun. It was probably named Passion of the Crust because it talks about Full Moon ideology and in the end the Gingerdead Man gets crucified. Overall this film was a success for me simply because of the humor, and I have to rate it higher than the original Gingerdead Man. Don't miss the killer robot sequence it's really cool. The one bad thing about this film is that the Tommy character becomes pretty annoying towards the end. I do like the personality and voice of the Gingerdead Man which sounds like a cross between Gary Busey and Jack Nicholson.

Evil Bong II: King Bong from Full Moon

2009 film review by Wmpyr

When this film began with a recap from the previous film I was immediately worried. However as the film progressed, this stoner comedy horror from Full Moon pictures turned out to be solid, I felt an improvement in dialog compared to the first one, I thought this one was a little funnier. I've now seen Evil Bong 1~3 and I think that all 3 are overall relatively consistent with each other without one being substantially better than the other. Just beware of the noticeable budget cut in the cinematography for Evil Bong 3. I have to say that Evil Bong 2 is my favorite of the series by a small margin, because it was the funniest of the entry thanks to the King Bong who says some outrageous stuff, now go and get yourself some Tokika!

Dollman from Full Moon

1991 film review by Wmpyr

Full Moon pictures and director Albert Pyun team up to bring you this pint sized Dirty Harry from another planet. Albert Pyun is known for his B-movie martial arts sci-fi action, and even though Dollman is from Full Moon it's not a horror, this is a sci-fi action film. Because Dollman is tiny, there are some creative shots going on, and his super powerful laser gun is satisfying to watch in action. As much as I enjoyed the film, I felt like there was something a little bit lacking, perhaps the street gangs that Dollman faced were just not quite in his league. I am really looking forward to seeing Dollman vs Demonic Toys though, since the Demonic Toys are definitely much more interesting even match for Dollman.

Evil Bong from Full Moon

2006 film review by Wmpyr

Another comedy horror film from Full Moon pictures. I was excited to see this one, and I had heard that 1 & 2 were much better than 3. I have to say that this one had better production and budget compared to 3 but as far as overall enjoyability goes I think I have to give it to 3 by a very narrow margin. Tommy Chong steals the show in this one, and I also really liked seeing cameo appearances such as Abbot Graves, the Gingerdead Man and Ooga Booga. I have to say that the Evil Bong series has turned out to be much better than I initially thought, and even though I am not into recreational drugs in anyway shape or form I have found the series to be enjoyable. The more you use the evil bong, the stronger she becomes, and eventually each person falls into a comatose state where their spirit is taken to a strip joint, where they are attacked by homicidal stripper boobs. Wacky campy plot but sadly I have to say this is not the way to do T&A in my opinion. Watch this not for the T&A but for the humorously far out concept.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

20 Horror Films DVD

DVD review by Wmpyr

I got this DVD at Walmart because I saw that it had some movies from Full Moon. I counted 10 Full Moon films to be exact. I looked this up online, and I see many different versions of this 20 pack horror films DVD, each pack has a totally different set of titles with some of them being repeatedly found in other packs. I like this one because it has a ton of Full Moon titles.

Star rankings (my overall experience with the film), if there is no star it means I haven't seen it yet.
* terrible
** pretty bad
*** okay
**** good
***** excellent

This is the entire list in this 20 pack:
Head of the Family *****
Lurking Fear ***
Seedpeople ***
Live! From Death Row
Sideshow ****
Nightmare At Bittercreek
No One Could Protect Her
Summer of Fear ***
The Wind
Evil Bong 3 ****
Doll Graveyard ****
Secrets of the Clown *
Netherworld *****
Another Kind *****
Behind Your Eyes
Dangerous Worry Dolls ***

These are my rankings of the 9 Full Moon titles in this pack:
9. Seedpeople
8. Sideshow
7. Dangerous Worry Dolls
6. Lurking Fear
5. Dollman
4. Evil Bong 3
3. Doll Graveyard
2. Netherworld
1. Head of the Family

Dangerous Worry Dolls

2008 film review by Wmpyr

Director Charles Band makes another interesting and enjoyable flick, however I have to rank Lurking Fear above this one, only for the fact that the story and situations in this film was a little bit too disturbing for me. The story takes place in a woman's correctional facility so there is plenty of violent behavior including rape and bullying. I do like that it does feel like a pretty standard Charles Band horror film.

Doll Graveyard from Full Moon

2005 film review by Wmpyr

This film was easy for me to enjoy because it was pretty much what I expected from a Full Moon flick. I think that some of the reviews of this film on IMDB is way too harsh. I haven't seen the 1987 film Dolls which people seem to keep mentioning when talking about this movie. The killer dolls in this film fit right along with the Puppet Master series, and for me that is cool. The plot is simple and direct, a nerdy kid named Guy finds dolls in his backyard and gets possessed by Sophia owner of the dolls who died a century ago, while his older sister and friends try to have a party while the single father is out on a date. The sister's friends get what's coming to them which was actually funny and satisfying to watch.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Netherworld from Full Moon

film review by Wmpyr

Scenic and moody the back drop is a fancy Louisiana estate, locations are beautiful in this film, the way it looks, it almost seems like a late night soft core movie or something. It seems like Full Moon horror films can be divided into basically 2 types, the ones that are serious, and the ones that are extremely campy. This one was serious, and I personally prefer the ones that are extremely campy, that's probably why I also like Troma films. That being said, out of the "serious" Full Moon flicks I've seen so far, this is my favorite, in fact I have to say this will go in my Full Moon top 10. The story telling is perhaps a little bit slower than I would have liked, especially since it was pretty predictable, which is a good thing because I hate movies that make you want to guess and leave you in utter confusion until the end, you know the un-elegant ones where you really feel like your being manipulated in the hands of the director. I really like the killer hand, a shame we couldn't see more of it.

Lurking Fear from Full Moon

1994 film review by Wmpyr
I was surprised to see Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator in this movie, but then again, since this story is also HP Lovecraft based I guess it's no surprise. I got this movie in a 20 pack that also included another Full Moon film Seedpeople, and I have to say that I liked this one better because I find the characters, and the story to be more interesting. It's quite heavy on the action which was something I didn't expect, and it fortunately helps the film, but doesn't take away from the dark atmosphere set by the creepy music and the location, a gothic church. All in all it's an action horror with some quirky characters, not too bad.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Frankenhooker film review

1990 film review by Wmpyr

Obviously a campy unique film that doesn't take itself seriously at all. The first part of the film basically consists of the construction of Shelly-Frankenhooker, while the second part consists of her ravaging around the city. I think Patty Mullen was a great choice and did an awesome job, my only gripe was that she didn't get enough screen time. With a film like this, your looking forward to seeing the title monster, and in this case the monster did not disappoint in my opinion, so they should have had her do more. Would have been great if she got to battle a Pimpula and a Lycanhooker. Overall I think it was ok for what it was, but I prefer the Re-Animator.

Sideshow from Full Moon

2000 film review by Wmpyr

While I find freak shows to be fascinating, I also find the subject matter to be a little bit more disturbing than I would like. So I had trouble stomaching this movie from the very beginning. That being said, I think it's well done, it's creepy, the acting works for me, the sets look realistic with authentic looking memorabilia with tents and sideshow arts. The characters you can tell are doomed from the start, and if you think about it, the story is pretty much the worst nightmare you can think of, when visiting a freak show with a group of friends.

Seedpeople from Full Moon

1992 film review by Wmpyr

The original idea of Seedpeople came from Charles Band owner of Full Moon. I was really looking forward to this one because the reviews were really good on IMDB. I didn't think it was bad, but it was not what I expected. Let me just say it was quite a difference from Evil Bong 3. Now I do feel that Seedpeople was a better film than Evil Bong 3 in terms of budget and being a more conventional horror film, however I thought Killer Klowns from Outerspace covers a similar "town gets taken over" story in a more interesting and unique manner because of the clown theme. For me Evil Bong 3 was more enjoyable than Seedpeople because I think it was campier and never took itself seriously.

Head of the Family by director Charles Band

1996 film review by Wmpyr

Even though this is not a Full Moon movie, it was written and directed by Charles Band, the owner of Full Moon so I was very excited to see this film. The story is unique and I found it very entertaining, it reminded me of a Tales from the Crypt type episode made longer. Also had some similar elements to films "Blood Dolls" and "Nothing But Trouble" in my opinion. Jacqueline Lovell steals the show without a doubt, but she is surrounded by other very colorful characters that made this a very entertaining watch. Don't expect gore, don't expect a creepy atmosphere, and it's not scary, but there are "freaks", greed, revenge, love triangle, and murder. Watch it for the characters and story.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong from Full Moon

2011 film review by Wmpyr

This is the first film I have seen from the Evil Bong series. I purchased all 3 films because I am a fan of Full Moon movies, not because I am into recreational drugs. I enjoyed the crazy characters, music, and the simple but interesting story. This film seemed a little heavy on the dialog, and at times it was funny, but at other times it wasn't. The budget seemed really low in regards to props and sets but it didn't bother me too much. I don't know if I can really call this a horror film, in fact I don't even really know how to classify Evil Bong 3. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the other 2.

Blood Dolls from Full Moon

1999 film review by Wmpyr

I saw this one a while back, I was able to find this rare gem at a store so I was able to actually purchase the DVD and it was great! If your into B-movie horror films with a unique bizarre story line, then this one does a good job. In some ways it's a mix mash of very strange themes put together but the story actually works. We have an eccentric billionaire, in a corporate war, with a midget butler, killer dolls a la Puppet Master, a captive band, unexpected romance, and a tiny head. I also enjoyed the double ending, which I don't know if I had seen a special version. I don't know if I would include this in my top 10 favorite Full Moon films yet, but it was definitely unique and left a mark.

House of the Dead 2 horror film review

2005 film review by Wmpyr

Alright another zombie film, and this one really felt like it, just another zombie film. I don't think this film really brings anything new, nor does it do anything that has already been done in an eye catching or stunning way. For the director I assume making this film was like a stepping stone, where they can say, yes I've made a zombie film, it was good practice. All that being said, it was fine, it wasn't excellent, but I didn't feel like it was terrible. The movie really felt like a lower budget version of Resident Evil. If you really like the Resident Evil series do not watch this, your probably going to call it a cheap rip-off. If you really like the Resident Evil series and you like lower budget films then you will probably appreciate this one. For me it was a so-so experience, which is not a bad thing, especially when there are some really terrible ones out there. I haven't seen the first one, and that didn't seem to be a problem, I was expecting this one to be like the video game, and if this was based off of the video game with the same name I feel like the game was more intense.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gingerdead Man from Full Moon

2005 film review by Wmpyr

Another film from Full Moon! Full Moon has definitely been a favorite company for me, since I really enjoy so many of their titles. Gingerdead Man wasn't superb for me like Killjoy Goes to Hell, however, like Shrunken Heads I thought it was solid. The story telling in Gingerdead Man felt a little bit better done than Shrunken Heads probably because the plot sequence was less complicated. However I felt that Shrunken Heads was more unique and took you into their world. Gingerdead Man felt more like a gimmick, however they weren't able to creatively use their theme as much or as well as other slasher films like the other B-movie horror film Jack Frost which featured a killer snowman. I really did enjoy seeing Gary Busey in the beginning of the film. The rest of the actors I thought were fine, but I did find their characters to be a bit on the boring side. It wasn't bad, in fact I am looking forward to seeing the other films in the franchise since I just purchased a DVD set with three Gingerdead Man films.

Shrunken Heads film from Full Moon

1994 film review by Wmpyr

I wanted to see this film after watching a video on Youtube where a guy said Shrunken Heads was one of his top 10 favorite films from Full Moon. The guy seemed like a huge Full Moon fan who knew what he was talking about, so I was very interested in this movie. I finally got to see it, and I have to say that while it didn't blow me away like Head of the Family, or captivate me as much as Blood Dolls, it was pretty good. About a quarter into the film, my expectations kind of died because it felt like I was watching a movie for kids. Later on it picks up with the violent revenge scenes and zombies. This film successfully brought me into this north east neighborhood in the middle of the city, surrounded by three comic book loving kids, street gang delinquents that work for a local crime boss, and the voodoo witch doctor who works at the book stand. Since I like comic books and the cult classic film White Zombie, the film is definitely interesting. The idea of super hero shrunken heads is also very unique. I have to admit the guy was in the right to recommend this underrated Full Moon film.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Killjoy films movie review

horror film review
by Wmpyr

The other day I just saw KILLJOY GOES TO HELL (4th in the series), and I thought it was great. So last night I saw the first Killjoy film. I have seen the 2nd one a while back. When I first saw the Killjoy series in a pack sold at Walmart, I was immediately interested and looked them up online. Most of the reviews said the same thing, 1 and 2 are not that great, 3 and 4 are good, most people said that 4 is the best one. So I saw Killjoy 2 with my expectations very low, but it turned out to be quite enjoyable for me. If you don't like B-movie horror films then you won't like the Killjoy franchise. If your expecting it to be a Hollywood style horror film like The Exorcist, The Shining, The Ring, or anything like that, your watching the wrong movie. The first Killjoy, the one that started it all, was a pleasant surprise to be honest. I really enjoyed how it gave you a semi origins tale. When people enter the ice cream truck they are transported into Killjoy's turf, a dark smokey warehouse/alley mixed with a psycho fun house type of place. This probably made filming easier for the director, but it works out well for me, it was imaginative and allowed for some interesting deaths and fight scenes. It seems to me that basically in Killjoy 1~3 (note that I haven't seen 3 yet) Killjoy is a demonic clown from the hoods that wants to kill people left and right, like a typical slasher film formula, Jason from Friday the 13th, Michael Myers from Halloween, and Freddie Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street. However, in Killjoy 4, the demonic clown is hilariously put on trial in hell for being incompetent/not evil enough. We are introduced to the world of Killjoy as they talk about how a legendary demonic entity he is no more. His super powers are no more, his trademark hammer is powerless, but by the end of the movie, his posse help him escape trial and towards the end there is a climactic chaotic final battle. The 4th film is great because it pokes fun at itself with many humorous dialogs, a ton of colorful characters, and a simple story that doesn't betray what you want from this kind of movie. After watching the 4th one I became a fan, how could you not?