Friday, May 9, 2014

Evil Bong II: King Bong from Full Moon

2009 film review by Wmpyr

When this film began with a recap from the previous film I was immediately worried. However as the film progressed, this stoner comedy horror from Full Moon pictures turned out to be solid, I felt an improvement in dialog compared to the first one, I thought this one was a little funnier. I've now seen Evil Bong 1~3 and I think that all 3 are overall relatively consistent with each other without one being substantially better than the other. Just beware of the noticeable budget cut in the cinematography for Evil Bong 3. I have to say that Evil Bong 2 is my favorite of the series by a small margin, because it was the funniest of the entry thanks to the King Bong who says some outrageous stuff, now go and get yourself some Tokika!

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