Friday, May 9, 2014

Dollman from Full Moon

1991 film review by Wmpyr

Full Moon pictures and director Albert Pyun team up to bring you this pint sized Dirty Harry from another planet. Albert Pyun is known for his B-movie martial arts sci-fi action, and even though Dollman is from Full Moon it's not a horror, this is a sci-fi action film. Because Dollman is tiny, there are some creative shots going on, and his super powerful laser gun is satisfying to watch in action. As much as I enjoyed the film, I felt like there was something a little bit lacking, perhaps the street gangs that Dollman faced were just not quite in his league. I am really looking forward to seeing Dollman vs Demonic Toys though, since the Demonic Toys are definitely much more interesting even match for Dollman.

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