Saturday, May 3, 2014

Shrunken Heads film from Full Moon

1994 film review by Wmpyr

I wanted to see this film after watching a video on Youtube where a guy said Shrunken Heads was one of his top 10 favorite films from Full Moon. The guy seemed like a huge Full Moon fan who knew what he was talking about, so I was very interested in this movie. I finally got to see it, and I have to say that while it didn't blow me away like Head of the Family, or captivate me as much as Blood Dolls, it was pretty good. About a quarter into the film, my expectations kind of died because it felt like I was watching a movie for kids. Later on it picks up with the violent revenge scenes and zombies. This film successfully brought me into this north east neighborhood in the middle of the city, surrounded by three comic book loving kids, street gang delinquents that work for a local crime boss, and the voodoo witch doctor who works at the book stand. Since I like comic books and the cult classic film White Zombie, the film is definitely interesting. The idea of super hero shrunken heads is also very unique. I have to admit the guy was in the right to recommend this underrated Full Moon film.

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