Sunday, May 11, 2014

Subspecies from Full Moon

1991 film review by Wmpyr

Subspecies starts off with a very cool scene where Radu the evil vampire who was banished returns to confront his father the vampire king. The king drops a cage on Radu, but Radu painfully breaks off his long disgusting fingers that turn into little demons called subspecies that release him from the cage. The authentic location is gloomy, great and perfect, and the music further sets the mood, the hideous Radu waking up from his coffin and walking around his castle is also very Nosferatu like, great stuff from this classic Full Moon flick. Besides, who doesn't like a climactic sword fight scene? I normally recommend Full Moon movies only to Full Moon and B-movie fans, because I feel it takes a certain personality to be able to appreciate Full Moon pictures, but this one I recommend to any vampire film fan. This is a vampire film done right!

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