Monday, May 5, 2014

House of the Dead 2 horror film review

2005 film review by Wmpyr

Alright another zombie film, and this one really felt like it, just another zombie film. I don't think this film really brings anything new, nor does it do anything that has already been done in an eye catching or stunning way. For the director I assume making this film was like a stepping stone, where they can say, yes I've made a zombie film, it was good practice. All that being said, it was fine, it wasn't excellent, but I didn't feel like it was terrible. The movie really felt like a lower budget version of Resident Evil. If you really like the Resident Evil series do not watch this, your probably going to call it a cheap rip-off. If you really like the Resident Evil series and you like lower budget films then you will probably appreciate this one. For me it was a so-so experience, which is not a bad thing, especially when there are some really terrible ones out there. I haven't seen the first one, and that didn't seem to be a problem, I was expecting this one to be like the video game, and if this was based off of the video game with the same name I feel like the game was more intense.

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