Saturday, May 10, 2014

Demonic Toys: Personal Demons from Full Moon

2010 film review by Wmpyr

This film isn't listed on IMDB as Demonic Toys 2, but instead as Demonic Toys: Personal Demons, keep in mind that Dollman vs. Demonic Toys was made in 1993 way before this one. There is no flashback, it is an immediate continuation from the original, starting with someone reconstructing the Demonic Toys. The story however feels pretty unrelated to the first other than it uses the Demonic Toys. It's essentially a revision of the Demonic Toys and goes back to Full Moon roots because the story is totally like a Puppet Master film. I really like the story of this one better than the first film because this one seems less convoluted, the castle location is totally great, characters are nice and quirky, the dolls/toys steal the show as usual, the one gripe I have is that the popular Baby Oopsie Daisy, is hard to understand, an option for subtitles would have been helpful, and it's such a shame, because Baby is loaded with lots of funny lines. Last but not least, I got this movie from a 9 pack that had 3 Killjoy films, 3 Gingerdead Man films, and 3 Demonic Toys films. I own many movies from Full Moon and this is the first movie where I noticed had some minor clarity issues as if the transfer to DVD was not done well.

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