Thursday, May 8, 2014

20 Horror Films DVD

DVD review by Wmpyr

I got this DVD at Walmart because I saw that it had some movies from Full Moon. I counted 10 Full Moon films to be exact. I looked this up online, and I see many different versions of this 20 pack horror films DVD, each pack has a totally different set of titles with some of them being repeatedly found in other packs. I like this one because it has a ton of Full Moon titles.

Star rankings (my overall experience with the film), if there is no star it means I haven't seen it yet.
* terrible
** pretty bad
*** okay
**** good
***** excellent

This is the entire list in this 20 pack:
Head of the Family *****
Lurking Fear ***
Seedpeople ***
Live! From Death Row
Sideshow ****
Nightmare At Bittercreek
No One Could Protect Her
Summer of Fear ***
The Wind
Evil Bong 3 ****
Doll Graveyard ****
Secrets of the Clown *
Netherworld *****
Another Kind *****
Behind Your Eyes
Dangerous Worry Dolls ***

These are my rankings of the 9 Full Moon titles in this pack:
9. Seedpeople
8. Sideshow
7. Dangerous Worry Dolls
6. Lurking Fear
5. Dollman
4. Evil Bong 3
3. Doll Graveyard
2. Netherworld
1. Head of the Family

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