Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Small Soldiers

1998 film review by Wmpyr

After buying and watching 32 Full Moon movies, with more than half of them being about puppets and toys coming to life, or some other type of little monsters, Small Soldiers was a major treat because it actually feels like something Charles Band would have loved to have done. Small Soldiers is an all star cast with Hollywood budget but with a crazy story you would expect from Full Moon pictures. Why is this so good? Just take a look at what the director Joe Dante has done, his resume includes Gremlins 1&2, Piranha, The Howling, Innerspace, and The 'Burbs. I never would have thought that Hollywood would ever make a film like this, but they did, and too bad it was only once. I actually preferred this over Toy Story 3 which was alright for me, keep in mind I've never seen any of the other Toy Story films. This film was made for family, in particular the kids, however I was able to enjoy it because it had enough mature content in there, some people may say that it's too much for a children's film, and while I can understand that, it is a family flick, dad needs to enjoy it too!

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