Sunday, May 18, 2014

Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter from Full Moon

1994 film review by Wmpyr

P5 is an excellent continuation of P4 in fact they feel very similar to each other. If I had to choose, I prefer P5 over P4 because I felt that there was more puppet action, plus it was better since we get to see the puppets go toe to toe with a pumped up totem, which is a puppet sized minion of the demon Sutek. Glad to see Torch back in this one, and the head changing puppet, Decapitron steals the show. Compared to P3, which was the prequel that covered the origins of the Puppet Master and puppets, P5 is a crazier story that has more of a comic book super hero type of feel, because the new puppet master, kid genius is nowhere near as menacing as Toulon, in more than one way he reminds me of Peter Parker. Out of the entire series, I can see why so many people like P4 and P5, I have to admit I did enjoy them too.

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