Sunday, May 25, 2014

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil from Full Moon

2010 film review by Wmpyr

This one is the final movie in my Puppet Master 9 films set. However this one is not credited as Puppet Master 9 on IMDB. Puppet Master 9 is credited as Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys a 2004 film made for TV, which I know that I have seen, but I don't quite remember it. Anyways Axis takes place immediately after the death of Toulon from the first film and they take liberties using that same footage from the original movie that started it all, but it actually blends in much better than let's say Puppet Master Legacy which did that to the point where it just endlessly and shamelessly took advantage big time. Axis takes place in the WWII era in the USA, and while they are trying hard to depict the era, it comes across like a comic book in a bad way, the feeling I got was annoying rather than accurate. I have to say that PM III: Toulon's Revenge did a much better job depicting the WWII era for me, that being said though, I thought this film was alright. In fact it was much better than I had remembered it. Perhaps the best thing about the film is that we get to see a new puppet in the form of a Ninja puppet, complete with deadly shuriken throwing. This one isn't a comedy horror, or if it was it's really not that funny, it's not scary, and it's not that gory, I'm not sure to call this a slasher flick either, because the killings weren't that awesome or satisfying as in some of the previous Puppet Master films, case in point was the Japanese soldier who mistakes a leech for sushi and dies, it could have been pretty good, but it just wasn't all that, especially since it looked like he chewed on the leech, you think he would have killed it by biting into it, or would have spit it out.

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