Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bloodlust: Subspecies 3 from Full Moon

1994 film review by Wmpyr

Even though part 2 immediately picks up from the end of part 1, the continuation of the story doesn't feel so smooth to me, because the story feels more like a result of having two of the main actors unable to reprise their roles for some reason. Part 3 on the other hand continues very smoothly from part 2. In part 2, Michelle was trying to cope with being a vampire on her own, but in part 3 she has given herself to Radu, and she is now trying to learn about her newly acquired vampire powers from Radu, in the meantime, her sister is trying to rescue her and by the end of the movie we have a make shift group of vampire hunters going after Radu and his mom. Radu back stabs his mom, and is betrayed by Michelle, where we get to see a spectacular death scene, and at the very-very end, the subspecies return as the story is to be continued for a 4th installment. Personally I enjoyed part 1 the most, part 3 comes in as second, even though I enjoyed all three films.

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