Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Netherworld from Full Moon

film review by Wmpyr

Scenic and moody the back drop is a fancy Louisiana estate, locations are beautiful in this film, the way it looks, it almost seems like a late night soft core movie or something. It seems like Full Moon horror films can be divided into basically 2 types, the ones that are serious, and the ones that are extremely campy. This one was serious, and I personally prefer the ones that are extremely campy, that's probably why I also like Troma films. That being said, out of the "serious" Full Moon flicks I've seen so far, this is my favorite, in fact I have to say this will go in my Full Moon top 10. The story telling is perhaps a little bit slower than I would have liked, especially since it was pretty predictable, which is a good thing because I hate movies that make you want to guess and leave you in utter confusion until the end, you know the un-elegant ones where you really feel like your being manipulated in the hands of the director. I really like the killer hand, a shame we couldn't see more of it.

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