Friday, October 30, 2015


*Blade Length: 2.75"

*Blade steel: MvX Stainless Steel
*Handle Material: G10
*Combo Edge
*Push Button activated Karambit Ring

Mantis Knives Snaggletooth knife review by Wmpyr

I've had my eye on this knife since the beginning of last year. What can I say, I like tactical knives designed by martial artists and I like Karambits. Plus how can you not like a knife that has a blade shape based from the tooth of a prehistoric shark the awesome Megalodon!

This knife is engineered by Mantis Knives, designed by Morgan Thomas, with input from Filipino martial arts Professor Bram Frank! Morgan Thomas is the owner of Sharkee training knives and teaches mixed martial arts.

What do I think? 

I'm very impressed with the knife, I think it's a well thought out design, the construction quality has been solid, plus I got it for a good price so I am quite satisfied.

Do I recommend this knife? 

If your just looking for the average tactical knife then I say no, since the average buyer will NOT understand the concept behind this knife. They will probably be happier with the Kershaw Emerson. However if your willing to learn the concept behind this knife, then this knife is amazing! 

The concept behind this knife is actually simple, USE THE KNIFE CLOSED, if things get worse then use the blade. It's simple, but the concept is deep.

Legally it makes sense, use a non-lethal impact tool rather than going straight to lethal. 

Using the knife in the closed position can actually enhance your martial arts techniques no matter what style you studied, Boxing, Kung Fu, Hapkido, Wrestling, or even just brawling. Using the closed knife like a Yawara stick creates more leverage in your techniques and dishes out more pain.

The over sized ramp is also used to deploy the blade by hooking and pulling on just about anything! This method of deployment is called a Kinetic Opening. I really like how your not limited to just your pants pocket.

The Snaggletooth also features a flipper which acts as a secondary ramp, like it's big brother it can be used for deployment, striking, pain compliance techniques, and as a hand guard.

The Snaggletooth has an automatic ring that can be deployed by a push of the button to instantly change it to a type of Karambit.

How good is the ring? 

The automatic ring is a nice if not unique feature. Morgan Thomas says that the ring is for retention, however I haven't had any problem flipping with it. And I also haven't had any problem doing quick short strikes with the ring either. 

I like to think of this knife as a martial arts multi-tool. Your basically getting four tools in one. Yawara stick, impact Karambit, knife, and Karambit type knife. 

The blade edge is extra short designed to be EDC friendly, and less than lethal. Buyers may feel like they are getting cheated with a short blade, but I view it as getting an extra large deluxe handle. People may misinterpret a short blade as limiting in combat, but I see it as the opposite of holding one back.

This is a hefty heavy knife. Which makes total sense for using it as a non-lethal impact tool. 

So at the end of the day I feel that the Snaggletooth is very bold in design, which I applaud. The Snaggletooth is purpose driven, and driven hard. I've been training with this knife at home, so it's been money well spent for me. If you have read all of this, a big thank you for your time and I hope that it was an interesting read for you.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

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