Monday, May 12, 2014

Bloodstone: Subspecies II from Full Moon

1993 film review by Wmpyr

Subspecies 2 starts off with blasphemy as they immediately get rid of the hero from the first film Stephan the good vampire. And then Michelle played by actress Laura Tate disappointingly does not reprise her role and is replaced by another actress, who has a totally different hair do. Plus she leaves the castle, running away from Radu the hideous evil vampire and enters into the city. We meet Radu's mom who is even more hideous than he is, and we are introduced to Michelle's sister actually looks more like Michelle in the first film. This sounds like it's going to be terrible but, actually you can overlook these changes because they do a great job of still keeping the look and feel from the first film. Everything is still very gloomy and creepy, the night scenes and the excellent score, and especially thanks to Radu. The vampire shadow scenes are great, and even though I'm not as crazy about the story of this one compared to the first, and I am bummed that there are no subspecies in this one, and it's all about the blood stone, it's still good, and as a fan of vampire films and Full Moon pictures, I'm so happy to own 1~3, hopefully someday I will get to add the 4th one to my collection.

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