Thursday, May 15, 2014

Puppetmaster from Full Moon

1989 film review by Wmpyr

I got Puppermaster 1~9 the flagship series for Full Moon pictures, and even though I have seen all of them before, I am looking forward to seeing them again and this time in order. So let me begin with the very first one that started it all. I have seen this film a few times, but it has been a good while back. Now that I just re-watched it, the budget feels a lot higher than what I had remembered. I didn't think that I was going to care for the first one that much, especially compared to the later titles, but I stand corrected this is pretty good, I like the low line camera angles for the puppets running around in the hotel, the peephole shots, the location which is a creepy hotel on a cliff overlooking the seashore is awesome, and even the story is enjoyable with the quirky characters, I also like the acting, and of course the puppets steal the show, the ending is great when the puppets turn on their master. What a great start this is to the Puppetmaster franchise.

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