Monday, May 26, 2014

Puppet Master series review

9 film review by Wmpyr

At the local Walmart they had Puppet Master 9 film DVD collection for $5, so I had to get it. For a Full Moon pictures fan, it's a must have and a great deal. Nine movies is a lot but don't think that this is it, there's two Puppet Master films missing that I'm aware of, Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys, and Puppet Master X: Axis Rising.

So let me rank the films in this set from worst to best!

9. Puppet Master Legacy
This one goes last because it's not really a movie Imo, this is a loosely summarizing of the previous films, it shows some highlights of the Puppets killing, more of a dedicated to Puppet Master film that's really just filled with a ton of clips from the other Puppet Master films.

8. Puppet Master II
I have to give them props for trying, but overall, I felt that the script was a little bit all over the place. Some people like it for it's craziness, but I wouldn't mistake this for campy, 4&5 are campy, this one is a mess, but only because they were trying real hard.

7. Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
The way they tried to portray the WWII era came off as annoying for me, especially compared to 3&7, other than that, I actually thought it was solid.

6. Puppet Master 4
PM4 and PM5 are definitely the campiest of these choices. PM4 starts off like a spinoff story and PM5 concludes it.

5. Curse of the Puppet Master (6)
Basically a stand alone story and it does a good job at it. It almost feels like this was a feature length Tales from the Crypt episode.

4. Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
I chose this one because this time, the campiness works well, this one goes together with PM4, kind of like a two part mini series story or something.

3. Retro Puppet Master (7)
Being another past era flick, this one is closest to PM3, if you like PM3 then this is solid.

2. Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge
This one works for me because I felt that they did a good job depicting the WWII era and they go into the origins story so I also like that. Plus Guy Rolfe makes his debut as Toulon here, and he is awesome!

1. Puppet Master
For me the original is clearly the best, the look of the film, the location, the story, the characters, just about everything works for me. Maybe it's not super scary but it definitely has a creepy eerie feel, and I feel that it's the most horror film like out of the rest.

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