Monday, May 19, 2014

Puppet Master 6: Curse of the Puppet Master from Full Moon

1998 film review by Wmpyr

P6 goes back to focusing on a more serious direction and being less campy. It's almost a resetting of the franchise so that they can tell a creepy story. Because of that we see less of the puppets than P5, and the story is more involved with the human characters and the drama going on. Dr. Magrew and his daughter take in a overly shy boy named Robert to build a puppet. They quickly reveal to him the supernatural puppets from the franchise that basically act like house pets at the moment masking their murderous nature. Robert gets bullied by some jerks, and the small town police begin to harass Dr. Magrew about his previous assistant who mysteriously disappeared. It turns out that Dr. Magrew had bad intentions for Robert because he was going to turn him into a puppet. In the end the puppets lead by Blade decide to kill the mad doctor for successfully turning Robert into a new puppet a futuristic looking tank which is appropriate because Robert's nickname was tank. Sadly the movie end immediately after the daughter runs into see Tank in his new form finish off her dad after the puppets brutally attacked him. Story telling wise I have to say that P6 is done better than P4 & P5. However, you might still find P4 & P5 more entertaining. I definitely enjoyed this one, and it is definitely a nice entry into the Puppet Master franchise.

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