Thursday, May 16, 2013

RW Custom Handmade Octagon Eskrima Sticks

Octagon Eskrima Sticks
  • Octagon shaped!!!
  • 2 feet, 2.5 inches long
  • 3/4 inch diameter
  • Made of strong but light Canary Wood
$45 a pair plus shipping and handling

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Identical dimensions as Wmpyr's personal favorite Eskrima sticks (from the late Arnis Grand Master, Prof. Remy Presas). The compact size is great for indoor solo training, and solid construction for partner drills.

Octagons are commonly used on the Nunchaku, for an Eskrima stick this is extremely rare, vanguard stuff!
The Octagonal shape provides a better grip and makes your strikes harder.

"I have never seen octagonal Eskrima sticks before! I think it's brilliant, tactically it makes sense." - Wmpyr

Some tactical flash lights are octagonal, if you want it to sit still it will, but you can also roll it if you need to.

There are some techniques in Eskrima that involve using your stick to crush fingers or press against bone, it is more painful with octagonal sticks.

Wing Chun Kung Fu stylists train with Butterfly swords, and they can place two of them in a single hand, dubiously looking like a single sword. In the same light as the butterfly swords, the octagonal Eskrima sticks can be held together in one hand for deceptive single weapon practice as well.

"The best pair of Eskrima sticks I have ever trained with." -Wmpyr

For $45 a pair plus shipping and handling, this is a steal deal to own one of RW's custom hand made products. Remember these are unique, quality sticks that your not going to find anywhere else.

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