Friday, August 5, 2011


There are many people who don't understand the meaning of a street fight.
First of all "street fight" is a very broad term. It basically refers to any altercation on the street.

Beating up a drunken guy is not the same as going toe to toe with a seasoned bare knuckle fighter, or pulling out a gun and shooting someone.

Types of street fights:
1. Challenge Matches
2. An ambush that has a struggle
3. An argument that turned ugly
4. Retaliation against a weapon
5. Group vs group
6. Entering into an already existing brawl

Reasons why most street fights are easier than sport competition.
1. Quality of opponent is usually much lower than in competition
2. Most street fights end prematurely compared to sport.

Reasons why most street fights are more difficult than sport competition.
1. Undefined parameters
2. No weight class
3. No rules
4. Location
5. Clothes and gear

These are the reasons why you can't underestimate a street fight, even though your opponent is probably not well trained.

The worst argument ever:
What you do is sport, what I do is street, therefore I'm better.
This is basically a poor excuse for not being able to train in sport or to be open minded enough to see the benefits of sport.

Being fit like an athlete, to have a strong competitive mind, and to have the skills and experiences from sport is beneficial no matter what you do.

The fact is, the skills, experience and conditioning developed in sports far outweigh the illegal moves, and cheap shots that a so called street fighter thinks will give him the advantage.

The best way to train is to have combat sports as a base and then add, street fighting and or martial arts moves to your arsenal.
This way you become a person that can benefit from sports, martial arts and street fighting.
Limiting yourself to just one leads to a closed mind, a closed mind sets yourself up for a rude awakening, and that's if your lucky.

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