Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stick Fighting Instructional Videos

Home of the Heaven6 mastery program!

Welcome to our very popular and well received Stick Fighting instructional videos.
Some have called our Stick Fighting video library the most comprehensive on Youtube.

Heaven6 plus 5 Core Strikes Hybrid Form

The Bounce technique

Variations on how to do the classic Heaven6

Advanced 4 Count Drill

Chain Whip Technique

Reverse 4 Count Drill

Direct to Street 4 Count Drill

Heaven6 Roof Block Evolution

Level 2 Basic Form for Stick and Knife

Street Stick Fighting Double Strike Template

Why Twirl in Stick Fighting

Single Stick Combos

Single Stick Infinite Pattern

Stick Fighting Stance

Spear Striking technique

10 Count Drill

Warm up exercise for Full Contact

Stick Fighting for Bare Knuckle

Fake Attack Heaven6

Versatile Interactive Exercise timer video

Stick & Knife Foot Work

Art of Stick Fighting

Stick Fighting Punyo Strikes

Heaven 6 stick fighting help

Single Stick Circular Strikes Basic Momentum

New School Method of Stick Fighting

More Intermediate Stick Fighting 101

Intermediate level Stick Fighting

Basics for Single Stick Free form

Stick Fighting Questions/ideas provided by MrAceroBlanco and Mr3v0rda

CQC Heaven 6

Tactical exercise Battlefield training inspired by the Book of 5 Rings

Stick Fighting to Bare Knuckle Boxing 2/2

Double Stick to Bare knuckles 1/2

Stick Fighting Foot Work for SuperDESTROYER71

Stick Fighting 101: How to get started

Kicks and Sticks

How to Twirl your Escrima stick

Lightsaber duel advice for STAR WARS fan film makers

Hit Your Own Stick

Breaking the Taboo Hitting your own stick

Stick Skipping: Warm Up Exercise

Momentum for Stick Fighting

Learning momentum in the Heaven 6

Escrima single stick combo

Stick - Knife - Hand

More figure 8 stick fighting moves

Heaven 6 plus figure 8

Sampler of my recent you tube videos

Heaven6 using your Wrists for beginners

Topside figure 8

Martial Arts Ballad

Reasons to go double sticks

Heaven 6 plus 4 count drill

Under 10 min Kali exercise

Figure 8 Principals

6 Defenses with the Stick

2/2 How to add power to your Escrima skills

1/2 How to add power to your Escrima skills

Stick Lock Exercises

Primal Meditation for Warriors

Mallory & Katy Show many Escrima drills

Punyo Strikes (Striking with the butt-end of the stick)

Stick Fighting Exercise: Stick Passing

Combination Sinawali

Breakdown of the Reverse Sinawali, hands tied

Tactical Baton for Security Agencies in hostile areas

Tactical Tasking the Heaven 6

Heaven Six Mod for sticks & knives

Escrima applied to MMA cage fighting

Zombie Stick Fighting "Anti Grab Techniques"

Part 1 Double Stick Double Knife

Part 2 Double Sticks - Tidal Wave Principal

Heaven 6 and Heaven & Earth Trapping techniques

Steven Seagal Out for Justice bar fight scene technique, Stick Practice

Heaven & Earth with Gunting combo

Footwork for Stick & Knife

Slightly more realistic Heaven 6


How to Speed Hit for Escrima

Fake Single Stick basic exercise

Example of escrima stick solo practice

Heaven & Earth, the next level for combat

Stick Fighting for aggressive people, street fights

Stick Fighting "The 4 Sets" 1/2

Stick Fighting "Deriving to the 8 Count Drill" 2/2

Power Thrust in Stick Fighting from Kendo

Stick Combo Strikes

Stick Fighting flow

Dekiti Tirsia Siradas combo my interpretation

Escrima Stick Bayonet fighting

Martial Arts Daily Routine exercises with the Stick

Heaven 6 for hand 2 hand combat

Basic Footwork

Baton Stick Basics starting from Twirling

Torso Power

FMA Redando Technique

Double Stick forms part 2 of 2

Double Stick forms part 1 of 2

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