Tuesday, November 23, 2010


K4S KNIFE T-shirts!

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Knife T-shirts
The following are the graphics for my knife t-shirts.
The basic concept was to design a knife t-shirt, because I love knives and I just haven't seen a whole lot of knife tees for some reason. I also wanted the knife to be a tactical knife rather than the commonly used fantasy knife.

Both tee shirts present a type of Kerambit knife which is widely popular in martial arts circles. The knife is centered on the tee like a neck tie that can look good even when some kind of jacket is worn.

Valmont Tee is a Vampire inspired t-shirt.
Featuring a tribal rose background,
Inside the handle ring is an amethyst gem like color.

Platinum Tee is a hip hop bling-bling style shirt.
The Kerambit word is presented across the shirt in a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu kimono gi style.
The platinum color knife features a sapphire like sparkle inside the handle ring.

Available exclusively at www.cafepress.com/knife34

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