Wednesday, November 12, 2014

HEADS OF HORROR vending machine toy

Heads of Horror
Terror toppers for your pencils!
toy review by Wmpyr

When I trekked to a grocery store three cities away, I ended up in an extremely large grocery store, as I looked down, there it was. A vending machine with a cover poster titled Heads of Horror. For fifty cents you get a small capsule containing one mini zombie head that you put on the end of your pencil as a delightfully horrid decoration. Apparently there are eight different heads available.

1. An eye glass wearing face
2. Typical zombie face with exposed brain named Lenny Lifeless
3. Skull named Eddie Exhumed
4. A morbid doctor
5. Screaming zombie face
6. Frankenstein's monster looking one with sewed up eyes named Gary Ghoulette
7. My favorite of the bunch, an evil clown
8. A fat faced one with Rockabilly hair named Frank Frightener

They are made of a plastic material that isn't soft like rubber, but it's also not super hard and rigid. The grotesque details on these things are amazing. They remind me of the custom made action figure heads sold on eBay for twenty to thirty dollars just for the head. For fifty cents I think these Heads of Horror are a steal. I've also found that if you use a round cylindrical Lego piece they are compatible to the Lego minifigs even though it might look strange, I think it's a cool strange.

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